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Where's Duff?

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Izzy goes on a beer run with Erin and Slash realizes Duff is missing

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I walk silently with Izzy to the store for more beer as he sucks down cigarettes and keeps looking all around us. "There a problem?" He eventually asks me noticing I haven't uttered a word.

I just shrug and look down at the pavement.

"What?" He asks me again.

"Where is Angela?" I ask.

"Work," he exhales. He pauses a moment as silence envelops us again. "What does that have to do with why you're being so quiet?" He raises a suspicious eyebrow at me.

"N...nothing," I shake my head still focused on the cracked pavement.

I feel his hand on my arm stopping me from walking. I turn and face him finding it difficult to look at him. "So whats the problem?"

I just shrug and fidgit with my hands. " would you feel if you were on a beer run with your boyfriends ex?"

"Oh," he nods and looks down, "guess that must be a bit weird for you...maybe if you just thought of me as straight..."

"But you're not straight," I point out.

"I can pull it off," he nods and extinguishes his cigarette under his heel. "In fact we all are going to pull that off. You heard what Axl said."

I just uncomfortably shrug. "But you like guys."

He huffs, "Honey there's a couple dozen chicks over at the Cathouse that would laugh if they heard you say that. I'm not gay. I'm bi, there's a huge difference. I'm not turned on by just guys. I love chicks too," he explains.

"Still..." I uncomfortably shrug.

Then I am startled as I feel his hands snaking around my waist. His eyes look into mine as a smirk crosses his face. His lips seize mine and draw me in. Wow Izzy kisses good. He grinds his pelvis into me. I can feel him getting stiff. He pulls away and looks at me.

"Do I still seem gay? Would a gay dude get hard from kissing you?"

"We should go," I nervously say and start to walk again.


“Depends,” Axl says, how rock star are YOU willing to go?”

“Oh, I have a little wager for you if you want to make a bet!” Nikki says and waggles his eyebrowsl

“No, not another bet!” I groan, I gotta go to the bathroom and take a piss; Axl, don’t take any of his bets!

“Didn’t you just win one fucker?!” Nikki asks.

“Yeah and I don’t want to lose my money to this fucker! I slur and turn around and stumble towards the bathroom at the gas station across the street. I take a piss and clean myself off; I have a feeling that Nikki’s bet is going to involve something sexual. I wonder where Duff went with that record company guy? I try not to kill myself on the way back across the parking lot. As soon as I get there Axl and Nikki grab me and drag me towards the loft. “What are we doing?” I ask drunkenly as the two of them push me towards the ladder.

“There’s a little present waiting for you and me up there, just climb up there!” Axl says as he shoves me at the ladder.

“Why do I have to play too? I’m tired; I want to find Duff and go home,” I mutter.

“Let this girl suck your dick first and then you can go home, ok?”

“Fine, whatever,” I say lazily as I climb the ladder. I fucking know this is some sort of revenge act on Izzy and I really don’t want to have anything to do with it but I’m too tired to argue with Axl. The girl’s cute so like I said whatever. I just sit on my knees and let her do her thing while Axl goes at her from behind. I’m so drunk I have no idea how I’m able to cum again, or what the chick’s name is, or anything else. I just know that when I get off I fix my pants and look for Duff; he’s still not there, where is he? Axl’s still fucking the girl so I climb down the ladder and go to look for Duff. I know he’s not in the room because I scanned it while I was still up above it on my knees and he wasn’t there. I sway towards the door and meet Izzy and Erin on their way back in with beer. Oh shit! Axl’s girl is going to have a fit when she see’s what’s happening! Izzy sees me and walks over and hands me one of the cases of beer and I carry them to the cooler with him. “Man, do you know where Duff went? Have you seen him? I’m kind of worried about him.”

Izzy won’t meet my eyes and he shakes his head and chews on his cigarette. “Where is he Izzy?” I ask quietly.

He finally looks up at me. “I don’t know, but that record exec is a fucking perv; that’s why I didn’t want Duff to leave with him but if I outed those guys in front of everyone then word would spread through the record label community and no one would ever sign us; you have to play their game or you go nowhere no matter how good you are.”

“But you let him leave with two freaks who are going to come on to him? How could you do that?” I’ve never been angry at Izzy and I always trusted him us to be the one who kept us safe! I feel my fists clench at my sides and I look at Izzy with rage in my eyes.

“He’ll be fine kid. He’s been through it before; he’ll know what’s coming. Just if he comes back upset take care of him. I would have gone instead but I already tried to kill that one guy for touching Axl; they’re not interested in talking to me. Duff already told me that I wasn’t to allowed to send you out with anyone like this; you’re too young and he wants to keep you safe; he’d do anything to do that, he told me. Just be there for him ok?” he says softly.
I feel tears filling my eyes and I can’t answer without my voice cracking. Duff shouldn’t have done that for me; if I’d have known I would have gone with him or instead of him,

Izzy looks at me with sympathy in his eyes. “I’m sorry Curly Sue, I’m really, really sorry and he reaches out and hugs me. “Don’t cry, not here, not in front of people. Breathe kid, you’ve got to calm down darlin.” I try and breathe and manage to pull in a deep, broken breath. Then another one and I’m able to let go of Izzy’s shirt. He squeezes me for another second and then lets go. “Go home, wait for him. I’ll stay here and see if he comes back and if he does I’ll bring him to you, ok?”
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