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Anything For The Band

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What happens to duff

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I couldn't let the band down is what I kept repeating over and over to myself in my head as I found my mouth on some strange guys cock. His fucking balls smell like fucking soap on a rope. Guess it could be worse, he could have not showered at all. Slash will understand, I try to justify it. Axl and Izzy would do it. Right?

"Mmmm blondie has skill," the dude whose dick I'm sucking coos as he grabs a fist full of my hair. He twists his fist into it and I wince.

"I want to know how tight that ass is," the other says grabbing at my jeans.

Oh no the fuck he ain't!! I grab his wrist, "No, I didn't agree to that," I say wiping the spit and his nasty precum from my chin.

"I'll pay you a couple hundred," he shrugs with a smirk.

"No, no fucking way," I shake my head. I'm not a fucking whore who can be bought.

"Are you really going to tell us no?" he chuckles and continues trying to undo my fly.

I turn and shove him, "I fucking said no!" The next thing I know I'm hearing glass shattering. I smell gin. My vision goes blurry for a second as I rest my crouched weight on my hand. Fuck. Then I feel pounding start in my head. I look down and a stream of blood drips into my right eye. Fuck. That guy hit me. I touch my head and retract my hand to find a hand full of blood.

"Get his pants off," I hear one of them say.

Again I feel hands at my waist. I try to push them away but Im dazed and not struggling enough to stop them. My eye is on fire from my blood in it. I can't seem to hold my head up. Where is Izzy? Isn't he supposed to have my back too? How can I stop this from happening? How do I make them stop? How would Izzy handle this?

My upper body is slammed face first into the seat as my pants are pulled down off my ass. Two fingers jab into my ass dry. It fucking hurts. I can feel his fingernails scratching my insides. "," I try to scream but it comes out as a mere fucked up whisper. I turn my head so that my face rests on the cool leather seat. I try to focus on the door handle but I cant see it clearly.

"What a nice ass," I hear and hear someone say just before slapping my ass.

"Move, I want him first," I hear another voice. Then those dry fingers in my ass are replaced by an equally dry cock. I try to rise up from the seat but my head is shoved back down by my hair. I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to beat the fuck out of them and dump them off in Compton. But Im as defenseless as a newborn. I wish I had a weapon.I would fucking kill them both and not think twice about it!

"Oh yeah, he has a sweet tight little ass," the guy pounding me grunts.

At that point I try to focus on my Curly Sue's sweet smile. If I could just picture him I might be able to make it through this. I try to imagine that it was him behind me right now. I imagine his arms holding me and caressing the hair from my forehead.However the pain of being dry fucked won't allow me to tear my mind away long enough for that.

"Yeah, fuck him harder."

Why didn't Axl or Izzy come with me? Why would Axl send me alone to talk business? He and Izzy dealt with most of the business ends of this shit. Why does Axl all of the sudden trust me with something like this? And what was that shit with him and Izzy? Had Izzy not wanted me to come alone?

"Mmmm that ass is so pretty."

Rubber on rubber is what's going on to my ass. Fuck it burns. There is nothing but resistance back there. Pain. I wish I could retract my muscles and shove him out of me like the piece of shit he is. Again I try to focus on the door handle. I stretch my arm out toward the direction I know it's in. I still can't see it. Nor are my fingers finding it. Please god make it stop.

"Hurry up I want some of him too."

Slash. Please forgive me baby. I didn't want this. This wasn't supposed to happen. I would never in a million years do this. I would never consent! Please god make it stop. Just let them blow their loads and stop fucking me. I want to go home. I want Slash. I need him so much.

"Fuck yeah, almost there."

I blink and for a split second the door handle comes into view. I reach for it. My fingers slide off it but quickly seek it out again as my vision clouds back over. I grasp it firmly and try to find the strength to roll away to freedom. I could care less if I break my neck falling from a moving vehicle, at least I wouldn't be face down getting fucked by two dudes who tried to knock me out. The pavement could violate me all the fuck it wanted to.

"Oh...fuck yeah, tighten that ass blondie."

Slash. Find the strength Duff. Just roll and push and you're free from this shit. Then you can go home to Slash. He will be there waiting and everything will be ok. Just fucking do it. Roll!! They won't be foolish enough to come after you.

"Mmmm my turn."

Now's the only chance. Somehow I pull all of my force together and quickly roll across the seat and out the fucking door. I hit pavement and roll until I hit a bus stop sign. Please god just let me make it home. Let me make it to Slash.
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