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New Management

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The guys get Vicki Hamilton as their manager

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Some time went by, I'm not sure how long because I barely get out of bed. I haven't left my apartment since I got released from the hospital. It was taking far longer than I wanted to heal. I fucking hated it when I had to shit. Since Izzy was an expert in the matter of Opiates he knew the Percocet caused constipation. And having had this happen to him too he knew shitting was worse than anything when trying to heal from internal injuries like that. So Izzy would get me these little glass bottles of saline laxatives. They turned everything in you into water. You have no idea what a blessing that is. Izzy always knew what to do and how to take care of us. Izzy held us together. And now that he had told me about Axl and all the shit he must have had to deal with, well Izzy has reached sainthood in my eyes.

I saw Axl in a whole new light now as well. I look at him through the eyes of sympathy and understanding forgiveness. It's like for a change I could finally get into his head and understand some of the stupid and mean shit he did. His situation was far more traumatic than mine. Axl was just a kid. A kid that had to take a grown man's dick in his child sized ass. Even worse it was incest. This came from a man who was supposed to love him. I guess it explained why he and Izzy had the most fucked up relationship ever. I mean, how in the fuck could Axl not have a skewed view on love. How could he possibly really get it? And we all know how detached Izzy gets, he probably hasn't been the best teacher.

Axl had actually kept his word about going to these business people as a band. However until I recovered they went without me. But I felt safe knowing Slash was with the rest of the guys. A lot of shit has gone down recently. Firstly, Axl and Izzy got us a manager. Her name was Vicki Hamilton and Tommy and Nikki had referred us to her. I guess something good came out of Izzy fucking Tommy. Nikki said she was like a groupie and would really go the distance for us. When Izzy came home that night he made it sound as if it were he and Axl that had to go the distance. He recanted the nights events for us in that dry Izzy way of his. Good thing Angela was at the Cathouse.

Izzy seemed to have this glow to him. I think he may have even wanted to smile.

“How'd it go?” Slash anxiously asks him.

“We have a manager,” he says with nonchalance as he starts searching the fridge for something to drink.

“Really?!” I excitedly say, “She liked the tape?”

“Mmmm, not sure really, she failed to mention it,” he says uncapping a beer. He walks with that slow and lazy Izzy stride over to the couch and sits down looking at the TV. Indifferent as always, but he seems happy.

“Well how'd you guys convince he then?” Slash asks.

Izzy slightly smirks and takes a drink. “How do you think kid?”

“You fucked her to get her to be our manager?” I ask in shock.

“Well me and Axl did,” he shrugs. “Guess one of us just wasn't enough for her.”

“How did that shit even come up man?” Slash incredulously asks, “Hey if you manage us we'll both fuck you?”

Izzy shakes his head and reaches into his shirt pocket for a cigarette. “Nah...went more like, “I like your looks, if you can fuck half as good as you look then I'll manage you.”.” He lights his cigarette and exhales still focusing on the TV.

“So I take it you both apparently fuck as good as you look then?” I smirk and can see my Curly Sue blushing.

“Axl can hold his own but I'm better,” He looks at us sideways, “And you better not ever tell him that fucking shit. I get pretty good reviews on what I do.”

“Izz we hear you and Angela all the time, We've seen you in the ocean with that hippie and with Axl, Trust me we take your word for it,” I say. We had also witnessed him with some junkie in an alley and with Tommy. You had to hand it to Izzy, he was a good lay with any sex.

“Well Thanks for fucking her proper Izz,” Slash smiles.

“So when do we meet her?” I ask.

“Is she going to want to fuck all of us?” Slash quickly asks before Izzy can answer.

Izzy drags from his cigarette, “Never know, maybe, she's a freak. She wants to sit down and sign all the paperwork with us tomorrow.”

“Awesome man,” Slash gleams from behind his hair.

The second major event that had happened was that we signed our contract with Vicki. She was nice enough to come over to my place since the guys told her I had been sick lately. After we signed our names she looked us over one by one.

“So we have a band of drunks and junkies huh?” She finally asks.

I guess we don't hide our vices very well. Booze bottles were every fucking where. And the back of Izzy's hand looked like a fucking road map. None of us uttered a damn word.

“Well as long as it doesn't become a problem,” she shrugs.

“It won't be,” Axl says almost through gritting teeth as he looks us all over sternly, especially Izzy.

The third thing that happened was possibly the worst. Izzy showed up at mine and Slash's place looking frazzled. He had been at one of the parties at the rehearsal space. Axl was with Erin that night so it was all up to Steven and Izzy to keep the party going. He looks at us snuggled up on the couch and I can see the fear in his eyes.

“Something wrong Izz?” I ask him.

“Yeah,” he nods, “Slash pack some shit you've gotta go stay at Vicki's for a while.”

“What? Why?” I ask.

“The cops are looking for Axl and Slash,” he says quickly.

“What?” Slash asks sitting up, “What the fuck for?”

“Apparently that chick they tag teamed pressed fucking rape charges.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Slash asks him, “She was fucked up but she fucking wanted it.”

“I know,” Izzy nods, “Vicki is already on it. She says you two need to lay low at her place until she gets shit sorted out.”

Slash and I just stare at one another.

“I know it sucks man, but do you want him to go to jail?” Izzy asks me.

“No, of course not,” I answer.

“Then pack your shit, we don't have much time, the cops will look here soon,” Izzy says darting to the window to keep a look out for patrol cars.

So Now I had to sacrifice the loving arms of my Curly Sue. Now was when I needed him more than ever. But this was something that had to be done, not just for Axl and Slash, but for the band. We were going to make it. No matter what the cost. No matter how many dicks we had to suck. No matter how many people we had to fuck.
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