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Close Your Eyes It'll Be Over Soon

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Axl and Slash get an offer from Virgin Records

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I couldn't fucking believe that dope whore pressed rape charges on us. I would never rape anyone. I knew all too well what that shit was like. I would NEVER subject that girl to what she claims we did to her. Luckily there was no physical evidence to pin on us but witnesses had seen us with her, plenty of them. The cops were looking around and asking questions. They were following around Izzy , Steven, and Duff hoping they would lead them to us. Naturally they were looking for mainly Slash and I so we had to lay low at Vicky's till the trail ran cold. This was fucking LA, cases ran cold pretty fast.

I guess it hasn't been entirely all bad. The kid and I were bonding for a change. I think he's starting to understand just how important this band is to me. He's seeing that there is nothing I won't do to make it. I honestly don't know how he's stuck around this long. Not many people have an endurance for me. I guess it was his fondness for Izzy and his love for Duff. Or maybe he too knew we were going somewhere.

Vicky has been really cool. She kept us supplied with booze and coke. She tried to fuck me the other day but fortunately I was too stressed with the whole rape thing that my dick wasn't into it. But I have to give her an A for effort in attempting to get me hard. I think she tried with Slash too. He and Duff had finally come to see my point of looking like heterosexual red blooded males. Slash may have fucked her, I can't say because I drank myself to sleep.

But one night she came in with some stiff in a suit. “Axl, this is Mr Carson from Virgin Records. I showed him your tape and he's interested. He thinks your voice and Slash's guitar could generate millions.”

Slash and I smile and shake his hand.

“Vicki says she doesn't mind if we use her place to go over the negotiations,” he says looking me over and nipping the inside of his lip. I get it, I know what he wants from us.

“So I'll leave you guys to discuss business and if all goes well you'll hear from us tomorrow,” Vicky shakes his hand and turns to leave.

Did this bitch just pimp us out?

Slash looks at me nervously. I'm not nervous. I know just how to play this game.

“What is it you want?” I ask as I light myself a cigarette. “Should I suck your dick first or you more interested in the kid?”

Slash looks at me like some terrified little boy silently begging me to shut up and not offer him to this guy.

“No...I like to watch,” he smiles at us both.

“Watch what?” Slash skeptically asks.

“Guys getting it on. I'm not gay or anything. I just get off on watching.”

I look at Slash and he is already shaking his head.

“Mind if we have a quick meeting?” I ask and drag Slash by his arm into another room. “Look Slash, I completely understand you love Duff. And I love the shit out of Izzy. But they know kid. We've all done this shit for the band. It doesn't mean anything.”

“But those were fucking strangers. We're band mates Axl!” he exclaims.

“No one has to ever know,” I say. “And we can do it however you're more comfortable. I promise I won't hurt you. You know we have to do this.”

“Axl...I don't know if I can.”

“Trust me, I can get you into it,” I nod.

“I'm nervous,” Slash whispers looking at me. I can see tears trying to form in his eyes.

“Relax, It's gonna be ok,” I say and give him a hug because he looks like he needs it. I cup his face with my hands and gently touch my lips to his. He opens his mouth for me and as the kiss grows I hear him moan slightly. When I move away he just looks at me. “See, how hard was that? Come on and let's get this over with.”

We walk back out to the living room where the guy already has his pants around his ankles and is stroking his cock.

“What should we do?” I shrug at him.

“Kiss him and undress each other slowly.”

I step closer to Slash and see him swallow as he leans in to kiss me. I can feel his hands untying the knot tying my opened shirt on me. As I kiss him I run my hand down his chest. Slash has the softest fucking lips I've ever kissed. For a split second Izzy crosses my mind. All those times I accused him of this very thing, but it was me who was actually guilty of it now. I feel Slash shoving my shirt off my shoulders and it tumbles to the floor.

I back out of the kiss and lift Slash's T-Shirt over his head and take his lips with mine again. I'd be lying if the feel and warmth of his skin next to mine didn't turn me on. I start o fumble with Slash's jeans while he tries to master my belt. Our lips never cease in their exploration of each other's mouths. Slash kissed very good, but no one could kiss like my Izz. I really missed Izzy. It had been so long since we had been together.

“Slower,” the guy pants from the couch stroking himself still.

I look at Slash and very slowly inch his pants down of his hips going from the left side to the right. I pause as I expose his pubes and the crack of his ass. He gulps and looks down as he starts to unlace the straps to my leather pants. He completely un-strings them one hole at a time and stares at my face. He's terrified. But I try to be a good showman and give this guy what he wants to see. I slowly slide Slash's pants down his thighs and they topple to the floor. Slash lowers himself to his knees as his eyes stay locked with mine. He starts to peel the leather pants from me. Soon I'm naked with my dick in his face. I knew he didn't want this. But I soon feel those soft lips going around my already hard dick.

“Oh yeah,” the guy moans stroking himself slower.

My eyes close and I allow myself to sink my hand into those curls on the back of his head. They are much softer than I imagined they would be. Duff has taught Slash well. The kid could give great head. But he still wasn't Izzy. Izzy knew every button to push, after ten fucking years how could he not? I tried to force Izzy out of my head. Being with slash made me feel guilty. I loved Izzy to the ends of the earth and back.

“Now suck him,” the guy instructs.

I lower myself to my knees in front of Slash. I stare into his eyes and nod as I whisper, “It's ok. Just imagine I'm Duff.”

He just gives me a nod as I lower him onto his back. I hover over him and kiss him gently as my hand strokes his cock. He twines a strand of my hair around his finger with one hand and places his other over my hand on his cock. It's starting to get hard now. I trail kisses down his chest as I stick two of my fingers into his beautiful mouth for simulation. My lips make it to his fully erect dick in my hand. My mouth engulfs him, well as much as my mouth can engulf of him. Deep throating was Izzy's thing, not mine really. Quit thinking about Izzy Axl. Or maybe I should since I could never seem to get him alone or on good enough terms with me to fuck me.

Now I'm trying to decide which one of us is topping and which gets bottom. I know we both do it both ways but the kid is shy and nervous as hell. The choice should be his. I remove my fingers from his mouth and work them into his ass as I continue to stroke and suck him off. Hip hips squirm and curl as he moans in approval. I find his prostate and tease the fuck out of it. Slash is completely into this now. His nerves seem to have been replaced with lust.

I look over at the voyeuristic dick stroker, “How you want us to do it?” I ask him.

“Slow, passionate...look like you would die without each other.”

Ok, so shit just got a bit more complicated. Slash looks worried again. I crawl back to his lips and softly whisper with a kiss, “It's just an act. Someday we'll be acting in videos. This makes for good practice. You can do this.”

“Should I do you first...or...”he shyly breaks eye contact.

“However you want Slash. I'll do whatever you ask.”

“Let me go first, just for a while. I want to cum with you fucking me though. Is that ok,” he softly asks.

“Yeah,” I nod and lie flat on my back with my knees up.

Slash traces his fingertips up my thighs. They feel exactly like Izzy's, overly abused by guitar strings. He looks into my eyes and crawls between my parted legs. We kiss as his scratchy fingers explore me. My own fingers trace the curves of his ass and spine. Slash leans up on his knees and strokes a hand full of his spit over his cock.

“I'll stop if you want me to,” he says to me before he starts to aim.

I grab his ass as he slowly inches himself inside of me. His body weight presses on me as his hips grind into me. He feels really good, but then I hadn't had a mans touch in quite some time. His hands stroke the hair from my forehead. In his eyes I see regret but he kisses me deeply anyway. I start to curl my hips into his. He makes lots of little noises that show he's liking this. His eyes look into mine full of curiosity now. His thumb traces my bottom lip as we just both look at one another.

“OK,” Slash nods, “I'm ready for you now,” he pants in my ear.

He pulls out of me and lies as I had been. I kiss my way up from his stomach to his lips. I move the curls away so I can clearly see his eyes. They are so full of shame.

“I'm sorry,” is all I know to tell him.

I spit into my hand and stroke it evenly over my cock. I slowly give him my entire length and recline my weight on my elbows over him. His eyes are closed now, concentrating presumably. It's not long before I feel him working his hand between us to his dick. A few short strokes later my stomach feels a warm wetness.

“Yeah that's it, I'm so close,” the pervert on the couch moans and beats his dick like he's mad at it.

I stroke Slash's cheek and give him a soft kiss, “Can I do you a little harder?” I ask needing just a little more than this to cum.

Slash nods and rolls his hips as I start with fast paced short strokes.

“Yeah,” I pant.

“Fuck I'm cumming,” the weirdo on the couch shouts as he grabs some tissues.

And I'm there too. My dick pulsates hard as our eyes meet. We both silently vow to one another that it wou
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