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The Return

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A chauvinistic Saiyan and his army come to Earth to "correct" it to their views. How will the women of the Dragonball world survive?

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Lord Caesar sat in his throne on the command deck of his personal ship. Caesar was known to be an extreme sort of Saiyan to the rest of the galaxy, and one could see this just by looking at his throne. Unlike most kings and rulers, Caesar's throne wasn't made out of gold or silver or any other shiny, priceless material. No, his was made out of a material he despised; a disgusting, worthless material that, to him, was more of a waste of space than the dirt on the ground: Women.

Two pairs of Saiyan women sat at each side of the middle of the thrown, their hands tied, supporting the weight of not only their superior, but also the rest of the throne itself. A red woman with purple hair was elevated by the two women, her breasts acting as a pillow for the head of their dear master. A blue woman kneeled before the red one, her face buried between her legs, acting as a cushion for the massive masculine weight of Lord Caesar. And finally, another girl kneeled behind that one, so that when Lord Caesar was sitting on his meaty throne, a girl could be sucking the girthy cock of the ruler of the New Saiyan Empire, worshiping it as the sexual sign of biological superiority that she was thought it was.


Lord Caesar only started his domination and destruction of the female gender and his unification of the male gender just after Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Caesar despised women; he never saw them as equals in terms of strength, power, or intelligence. He only ever saw them as weaklings, toys and objects created for men to use and dispose of when they got tired of them. When the Saiyans were still around, he was disgusted at the amount of leaps and bounds that Saiyan men would go through to make such a laughably inferior species happy. From working more on the battlefield to covering for them when they couldn't even fight due to their pregnancy, he thought they might as well just stay home, please their husbands and shut their traps. But King Vegeta always insisted on giving those animals equal, and sometimes and superior, treatment to the men. Caesar was appalled at the race that supposedly was created to conquer and rule, only to act submissive to creatures weaker than them.

Caesar always thought this, even during his time in Frieza's army. He never saw a single woman on the battlefield, which he was glad about, but he took special pride in having his squad rape and enslave all the women in a village or tribe specifically while recruiting all the men to his cause. Caesar's special ability to alter the minds of men and women depending on their hidden animal instincts with a wide area of effect attack made for a superb addition to Frieza's ranks; in addition to making men horny, hateful, dominating monsters, the attack also essentially lobotomized any woman caught in the range, making them obedient and eager to serve in any way the men wanted. His power inspired confidence and empowerment in the planet's men, who were sick of getting ordered and treated like accessories by the planet's women. Thousands swore his allegiance to him every time he conquered a planet. Even Frieza himself was a bit intimidated at Caesar's rampant misogyny, despite his own sexism against the female gender.

When Planet Vegeta was destroyed, Caesar was on a Matriarchal tribal planet, "teaching" the rulers of the world about their true role in the universe. He heard the news from a captain of his in the midst of thousands of female cries and screams, music to his ears and his raging power-rod. The news was both a shock and a blessing to the sadist. It's not like he had any family or children on that planet anyways, and even then all the pathetic men were latched on to their wives. While he didn't have any sort of reaction aside from mild disbelief, he saw this new turn of events as a perfect way to latch off from Frieza.

Caesar flew to the top of the sky, high enough so that all the men and women on the ground could hear and see him. After yelling for their attention, he started to speak.

"Planet Vegeta has been destroyed. Your friends and family from there are no more. But, this is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves; this is the time to think of the future. The Old Saiyan Empire was ravaged by sympathy and bleed-hearts, especially to those vermin that pump out or planet's children. We were too soft, too kind and too willing to be led by those emotional, empty headed cunts with holes between their legs. For too long the Saiyan race had lost their roots to true masculinity and femininity. For too long the men of Vegeta have been at the beck-and-call of weaker creatures. But now, not anymore. From this moment forward, we will create a New Saiyan empire; one that keeps true to the Saiyan's name, one where the weak are submissive and the strong at in control. The New Saiyan Empire will have one mantra and one mantra only; Women obey, Men dominate!"

Caesar's men roared in support, with all of their cocks either in a woman's mouth or her cunt. Some were even crucifying some of the higher up women on the planet's council while throwing rocks at them.

"Go, my men. Rape them, beat them, torture them, eat them, kill them. Do as you please to these sickening rodents that we call females. Go, let loose your masculine desires! This is only the beginning!"


After just a few decades of conquering and killing, the New Saiyan Empire was well established. Taking over a third of the universes planets, recruiting billions of men to his ranks, and enslaving and killing trillions of women, the New Saiyan Empire was starting to become as large as Frieza's empire in the heyday.

Caesar heard about the death of Frieza just years ago, due to him not having any contact with him and being on the complete opposite end of the universe. Caesar only saw this as a chance to expand his operation.

"Tell me, soldier... who killed Frieza?", Caesar asked, intrigued at this turn of events.

"A Saiyan by the name of Goku, sir. He's from a planet 4032-877 in the Milky Way galaxy. The planet is also known as Earth, sir."

Caesar processed this information, interested that a Saiyan warrior existed who was even more powerful than his former emperor.

"Does this... Earth, have any women, by any chance?"

The soldier nodded his head, trying to at least temporarily ignore the licking and moans of Caesar's personal meat toilets attaching their mouths to his penis.

"Yes, sir. There are approximately 3.6424 billion women on the planet. They only marginally outnumber the men, sir."

Caesar closed his eyes, contemplating the information. He's encountered thousands of world's where the females outnumbered the males in population size. He quickly took care of that issue. On some of his planets, in fact, the male to female ratio was 1000 to 1. Seeing one tiny, insignificant cunt being raped by hundred of men at a time brought a smile to Caesar's face. He couldn't leave another one alone.

"Set a course for Earth. I want to see how truly powerful this Goku is. We can enslave the women and get some disposable toys for the men and boys back on planet Pyrax, anyways."

The soldier gave a salute to his emperor. "Yes, sir!", he replied. He then began walking away, only to have Caesar halt him for a moment.

"I saw you eyeing this cunt while we were talking, soldier.", Caesar said, with a smirk on his bearded, muscular face. He pulled the woman's head off his cock and threw her almost lifeless body to the cold, hard floor of the ship.

"Enjoy her, soldier. You did a good thing telling me about this Saiyan."

The soldier looked at the woman with sparkles in his eyes. "Thank you, sir!".

He lifted the woman up off the floor and slung her onto his shoulder, and walked away.

Caesar stared forward into space, watching the blackness of the universe consuming the endless whines and screams of all the cunt-meat on the main deck. Caesar smiled, eagerly anticipating to see what happens next as his ship goes into hyperdrive.
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