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Lord Caesar and his patriarchal empire come to Earth.

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Goku and Vegeta had just walked out of the Capsule Corp Training room, both exhausted and almost out of energy. They both grabbed a water bottle and a towel before they walked out, drinking and drying themselves off before heading back outside to the rest of their friends and family.

"Whew, that was some workout, huh Vegeta? You really almost killed me back there." Goku was drying his forehead with the towel and slowly panting from his training session with Vegeta.

Vegeta looked at Goku in mild annoyance, once again being irritated at his cluelessness.

"That's just a sign that I'm getting stronger than you are, Kakarot. What, too many five course meals and not enough training?" Vegeta laughed at his own joke.

Goku laughed along with him. "Eh, I don't think so, Vegeta. I was only going easy that time!"

Vegeta only scoffed at this, but said nothing. He was far too concerned with filling his stomach with some meaty goodness cooked by almost everyone that they knew.

Walking outside, the two Saiyans were greeted with a ray of sunlight on their eyes, followed by a bright blue sky with only a few clouds littered around. In front of them, they saw a buffet table right alongside a set of tables, with their wives and kids and friends sitting together and talking to one another, eating lunch underneath the bright sun.

Vegeta and Goku quickly got a plate and started filling them up with mountains of different foods. Bulma and Chi Chi looked at this display, silently laughing to themselves from across the isle of tables.

"Do you think they EVER get full?", Chi Chi said, sipping on a glass of wine imported straight from Italy. Bulma chuckled to herself.

"Probably not. Those are our men, all right."

The women sat together, enjoying the hot summer day while a bit tipsy.


After a few hours of casual conversation and drinking, the party was still going on.

Goku and Vegeta were training even more in the open field next to the Capsule Corp building, while everyone else was playing party games. Bulma and Chi Chi were still telling stories about their husbands.

In the midst of this, Krillin saw a huge object in the sky. He tried to get the everyone's attention.

"Hey guys, what the heck is that thing?"

Everyone looked to where Krillin was pointing to. It was a massive spaceship in the form of... a penis.

Everyone at the party started freaking out. 18 covered Maron's eyes, while Bulma and Chi Chi looked for their kids so they wouldn't be exposed to profanity like that at such a young age. Meanwhile, the ship was starting to get closer to the planet's ground.

All the mothers brought their kids inside, while all the adults stayed out and wondered who would even own such a ship.

"You think they're compensating for something?", asked Krillin, which got some snickers out of the other party goers.

"I just don't get what sort of pervert would model his ship after... THAT.", said Bulma, in awe at the sheer size of the ship.

Goku and Vegeta looked at one another, wondering who could be driving the ship.

"So what are we dealing with, Vegeta? Another alien invader or something?", asked Goku.

Vegeta shrugged. "Whatever it is, they better not try to harm Bulma or Trunks. The last time someone came here and did that, I went easy on them. This time will be different."

The ship landed, it's sheer height blocking out the sun from the Z Fighters and friends while making its presence known to the rest of the city. On goers looked by at it in amusement and disgust.

As the Z Fighters got into battle stances to get ready to fight anyone who came looking for one, a man with a cape and Saiyan battle armor came out of the tip of the ship. His jet black hair shined in the sunlight, which only radiated off of him. His scars and facial hair were visible to everyone around the ship. On his armor, an emblem of the male sex symbol with a fist inside the middle was present on the left breastplate, exactly the place where the emblem of the Saiyan empire would be. He stood on the ship in glorious fashion, showing off his pride and confidence to the citizens of Earth. He started to speak.

"I am looking for the one they call Son Goku."

The Z Fighters looked at Goku all at once, who stepped forward to show himself to the menacing figure.

"I am Goku, the protector of Earth. If you're looking for a fight, you've come to the right place."

The man smiled, and started laughing at the sheer thought of fighting another fellow man.

"Oh, I'm not here to fight you, Goku. You are far too powerful for me, what with you killing Lord Frieza and all."

Goku grimaced at the mention of Frieza, but let the man continue.

"No, Goku. I am here to recruit you and all the other men on this planet to my cause."

Goku and the others looked confused. "What do you-"

"You're about to find out.", said the intimidating man.

Two red ords of energy surrounded his hands, and in a flash, he smashed them together, producing a red wave of energy which stretched out across a huge radius, including across the entire city and all of Capsule Corp. All the men effected by the blast suddenly were shocked with red electricity, flowing through their veins and through their orifices as well. The women looked on in fear and worry, with their husbands and sons and brothers writhing on the ground in pain. After a few seconds, the electricity stopped, and the men got back up like nothing happened.

Bulma went to Vegeta to check if he were alright, only to get a painful smack in the face. Bulma was tossed to the ground by the impact of the hit, a huge red mark on her face. She looked up at Vegeta in disbelief.

"W-wha...". Bulma struggled to say anything after the sheer hatred put onto the hit.

Vegeta looked at her, with loathing, red eyes. "Did I tell you you could touch me without my permission, cunt? Don't fucking touch me again unless you're on your knees."

Bulma was about to respond when she started hearing sudden screams, all of them sounding like they were from women. Chi Chi and 18 were struggling against all the men at the party, Goku included, who were trying to rape her. They all had the same blood red eyes that Vegeta had. Yamcha, Tien, and Goku had already ripped her clothes off, smacking her around a few times in the process.

Chi Chi struggled to say something. "Goku, what the f-"

WHAM! Chi Chi was punched in the gut by her husband.

"Don't speak unless you're spoken to, you gutter whore. Did you forget your true place?"

18 also had her clothes ripped, but managed to get out of the orgy of men trying to assault her. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew it had something to do with that blast, which seemed to only effect men. The sky was a blood red color, and all around her men were hitting and raping and abusing their female counterparts. She couldn't believe what was happening. She needed to get away from all these men, and fast.

She screamed "SOLAR FLARE", activating a huge flashing light, blinding all the men temporarily. She grabbed Bulma and Chi Chi's limp, brusied bodies and flew straight into the Capsule Corp building, grabbing Maron, who was huddled in a corner by Goten and Trunks, and flew off into the distance, crashing through a wall in the building in the process.

Goku and Vegeta were about the go after them, but they were stopped by the command of their new king, standing on his ship, appreciating the screams of those worthless female creatures.

"Don't worry, my fellow men", he said, in a voice full of conviction and narcissism. "We'll get those cunts eventually. Stay here for just a moment."

The male Z Fighters obeyed, standing in anticipation for what their king wanted them to do next. The man whistled so loud that the entirety of the city could hear him over the cries of the women. The men stopped their attack on women and listened.

"My fellow men...", he started. "It's with great pleasure that I have come here today. Just by looking at the scope of this planet I can tell that your lives have been dominated by women, by these inferior insects who want to be coddled like children, who want to be respected like adults, and who want to be treated like royalty. These parasites have taken away our masculinity, our pride and our power. But no more."

The man grabbed a woman from the carnage. She had blonde hair and looked no younger than 20. He ripped her pants off and stuck his enormous cock in her snatch. She screamed in pain, impaling her fertie flesh on his meat stick, forcing it in despite her virginity. Blood poured out from the cunt of the woman and onto the man's penis. She looked at if she died then and there.

"Women are objects. They always have been, and always will be. This is their true nature, their true desire in the animal kingdom. They want to be ruled and raped, dominated and conquered, and passed around as a trophy for our violent bloodsheds. They all love it, and know that this is their true role on the inside."

With his point proven, the man pulled the women off his cock and threw her to the street, her head landing headfirst onto the concrete, with more men trying to get sloppy seconds despite her new disfigurement.

"I am King Caesar, your new ruler. For 50 years now, I have been trying to convince the men and women of this universe of their true roles, and while I have been making great progress, I require more. More men to rule, more women on their knees, and more land for our empire. This is the Empire of Men. The New Saiyan Empire!"

The men on the street cheered with thunderous applause.

"Now, enjoy these meat toilets for the time being! We'll start the enlightenment of the rest of this planet very soon."

Nearby, a group of women huddled inside of a grocery store, their clothes torn off, surrounded by their former husbands and boyfriends.

"It's time to take back what's ours. This is the end of Women."
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