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Planning Ahead

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18 and the girls escape from the men. What will they do now?

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18 landed on a nearby cliff side, slowly putting down the lifeless, limp bodies of Bulma and Chi Chi. They were still out cold after the vicious attacks by their male friends and husbands. Maron, however, was wide awake. Crying her eyes out from almost being raped, and possibly worse, by her best friends, she desperately needed the attention and comfort of her mother. 18 obliged, albeit in a worried fashion.

She didn't know what had happened. That... disgusting man on top of that ship just activated some kind of energy and then poof, all the men in the city became wild animals. How far was the blast? Did it cover the entirety of the city? The whole region? Or what about the entire world? All those women...

She didn't want to think about it. She sat up against a rock and slowly slid down till her butt hit the ground. Her tits were still hanging out, torn pieces of fabric around her chest. Her pants were ripped apart as well, the only things covering her ass and crotch were exposed for the entire world to see. She was tired, confused, and angry; angry that those awful men came to Earth, and angry that those same men brainwashed their loved ones into believing their horribly misogynistic worldviews.

18 and her fellow women couldn't stay at this barren rock for long. Those Saiyans would be sure to find them if it meant snapping a collar around their necks. They needed to find a place where they could lay low and see what's going on worldwide.

18 gasped. She thought of the perfect place: Master Roshi's house! Not only was there a live T.V. there, but there was also food, water, and it was surrounded by vast ocean so only a few people could get to them. If the Saiyan's were brainwashed, then they couldn't remember where that was... right?

They had to take the gamble. 18 tried to gently shake Chi Chi and Bulma awake.

"Girls, wake up."

Bulma slowly opened her eyes to the site of a naked 18. She had tears in her eyes.

"Eight...een...? W-what happened?"

18 could she that she was heavily bruised from the hands of her husband. She hugged her tightly, both starting to cry their eyes out at the sudden turn of events in their lives.

"I don't know", 18 replied. "But we need to find someplace safe. The Kame house should be good, for now."

Bulma nodded her head, still in pain enough that it hurts for her to speak. She looked to her black-haired friend, only now waking up.

Chi Chi staggered awake, her head in extreme pain, a black mark surrounding her eye and a red mark on her neck. She struggled to say something to the other girls.

"Don't say anything. We know how you feel", 18 said in confidence to what her friend was thinking right now.

"I'm sorry girls, but we have to go. When we get to Roshi's house, then we can get you healed up."

Bulma and Chi Chi both silently agreed. Maron was still crying, though softer than before after her mother comforted her.

18 gently held Bulma and Chi Chi by their shoulders, and put Maron on her back. The women got up on 18 and flew off into the distance.


With Bulma and Chi Chi still asleep, 18 and Maron had to pull through. They were tired and scared, but for the sake of themselves and all the women worldwide, they needed to stay awake.

In the distance, they saw a red object with a darker shade of red on top of it. They made it to the Kame house.

Gently, the landed on the warm, grainy beach in front of the house. Maron got off of her mother's back, her eyes read from her crying so much. 18 still needed to get her friends inside. She dropped them like a pillow, picked them back up by their shoulders and led them inside.

She brought them upstairs and layed them down on two mats. She went back down and got some medical supplies and bandages. She knew enough about medicine to heal these wounds on her own. She just needed time.

After patching Bulma and Chi Chi's bruises and marks up, she let them rest for a while until they were full healed up. She let Maron sleep in the back room of the house. After putting everyone to sleep, she went into the living room and turned the T.V. on.

The news channel was on an "emergency" report. There was only a male anchor, no female ones. In the background, she could hear the screams and cries of more women.

"In recent news, the King of Earth has signed a new document called "The Female Enlightenment Act". "This new set of laws is set to, and I quote, "show females their true purpose in life, and finally putting women and girls back in their rightful place; on their knees, bowing to their Male masters." About time if you ask this reporter."

The feed cut to the King of Earth signing the document on the back of a woman, on her knees and with her head down in a submissive manner. They were outside in front King Castle, with reporters, all male of course, taking photos and recording the new signing of laws. The crowd was full of men with leashes in their hands, red pupils exactly like Vegeta's and Krillin's, and women, completely naked with their heads down, on their knees, silently sobbing at the new life they were about to face. Some of the men were raping women right then and there, while others were pulling women by their hair and dragging them off to the side. In the background, a firing squad was gunning down 8 young women against the wall, and right next to that 6 women were being hung at a tree. The men cheered at both of these events.

18 was appalled that this is what happened to the Earth. What was going to happen to them? Would they have to go off planet? But what if these same men took over other nearby planets? What if they took over the entire galaxy?

The King of Earth started to speak. "My fellow men, on this glorious day, we give thanks not only to ourselves for our natural superiority over the vomit-inducing females, but also thanks to our beloved new partner in the New Saiyan Empire, Lord Caesar!"

The camera panned to show a man on stage, black and red Saiyan armor and all. The same man that caused all this was being thanked by the world. Caesar took a graceful bow to his male colleagues. 18 clenched her fist in sheer anger.

The King of Earth continued. "From this point on, all women will lose all human and personal rights to themselves, with no exceptions. Rape, murder, and domestic abuse against women is not only permitted, but also encouraged. Men are encouraged to use and sell their newly-owned women, whether it be in the stocks on the street or as a household ornament for a male friend or family member. Any and all women caught without a collar on will be apprehended by the our new Cunt Catching Force. They will then be sent to a pound for women, where they can be bought and used at any price, at any time!"

More cheers from the men of the crowd, and more murmurs from the women below them.

"On this day, the world will finally be ruled by cock, now and forever! Long live the New Saiyan Empire!"

The males roared in approval as the feed cut to a helicopter observing the organized chaos. Women were being executed and walked around like they were dogs by former male loved ones. 18 could see a man raping a woman at least every second.

She had to turn it off. She felt like she was going to vomit. Her face was as pale as a ghost, tears in her eyes and her legs in a shake. She sat on the couch, and sobbed.

She didn't know what to do. She didn't know where they could go. They were doomed.
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