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Axl tells us about the cops showing up.

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I know it's so wrong of me to be sticking my tongue down Erins throat when the taste of Izzy is probably still in my mouth. But hey I never promised to deliver her the fucking moon or anything. Apparently I must smell like Izzy too. Erin moves away from me and gives me an odd look. A look that tells me she's well aware I've been with him.

"Congratulations," she smiles at me.

I'm about to say thank you when she pulls me to her for another kiss. I'm a bit surprised actually. Maybe this is some weird dominancy thing. Maybe she has the need to remark Izzy's marked territory. Shit gets a little hot and heavy but kept at a PG13 level in front of the guests. We chat and make out for a while enjoying each other's company. Then my thoughts are interrupted by a sonic BOOM!

"What the fuck?!" I ask and jump up.

I run outside and see Izzy and Nikki laughing and high fiving one another. There's tree leaves falling with tiny sparks fizzling out on them. Two huge tree limbs are on the ground, their branches hanging onto the porch. A section of railing has been broken.

I rush over to them, "What the fuck is going on out here?"

Izzy just peers at me with bugging black eyes. His gun is in his hand at his side. He looks fucking terrified. Nikki chuckles and looks at me with eyes just as wide as Izzy's, but not an ounce of fear lie within them.

"Vision obstruction," Nikki motions to the mutilated tree, or what's left of the fucker. "We fixed it though."

I look back at Izzy. I can see his chest heaving and he keeps licking his lips and fidgiting.

"What the fuck did you give him?" I glare at Nikki.

"5 0," Izzy pants looking off into the direction of the sirens that are drawing closer. "Fuck! My stash!" he says before sprinting into the house.

Nikki chuckles to himself slightly and pulls out a couple of baggies. He sticks one in his mouth and swallows.

"Did you fucking swallow that?" I question too startled by his act to even begin with the rant that was brewing inside me.

"Yeah," he smirks and swallows the second, "Don't worry, I'm real good at puking."

"Sixx what the fuck is your damage?! Every time you're around you get Izzy all wasted and some fucking shit goes down! Now the fucking cops are coming you asshole! Did Izzy fucking fail to mention to you that he's a goddamn dealer?! And you have him waving his gun around?!"

Nikki rolls his eyes and looks at me, "And hes on top of stashing his shit as we speak. He strikes me as a resourceful dealer. I'm sure he has tons of places to stash shit. Bet it would take a dog to find Izzy's shit."

"And what if they have a dog?!"

Nikki scratches his chest, "I hate fucking German Shepards. Can't say they like me much either. But I hate fucking cops even more," His eyes turn and look as red and blue flashing lights turn onto our street.

"I can't fucking believe this," I grab my head. "What the fuck do we tell them? I swear to god if Izzy goes to jail I'm cutting the evidence out of your stomach so they take you too you demented fuck!"

He smirks and watches the cop car pull to the curb. "Just keep your fucking mouth shut and let me deal with these pigs."

A cop gets out with his hand on his gun still in it's holster. Nikki slowly raises his hands and gives them his signature smirk. "Problem officer?"

"We got reports of gunfire in the neighborhood," he says slowly approaching us and never taking a wary eye off us. Right about that time two more patrol cars show up.

"," Nikki shakes his head, "It was...lightning. Struck that tree right there," he motions with his head to the tree. Nikki sounds so fucking serious. I'd believe him too if it wasn't a perfect California night.

The cop briefly glances up into the sky. There wasn't a cloud in fucking sight. He calls over his shoulder. "Search them," he says unholstering his gun and pointing it at Nikki.

"What the fuck?" Nikki questions as two cops grab him and slam him to the ground and start frisking him. "You wont find shit down there but my dick an inch to your left you motherfucker!"

"Nikki..." I say not wanting him to make this shit any fucking worse.

"Hey you, you live here?" The cop asks turning his gun on me.

"Yeah, just moved in," I nod being completely compliant.

"Search everything," He calls out to some more cops as he puts me in hand cuffs.

"Hey what the hell? I didn't do anything."

I look over and see Nikki struggling with them as he is face down on the front lawn fighting being hand cuffed.
"Fuck you you fuck!" He screams and flays with like Superman strength. I'm assuming him and Izzy did a bit too much coke. "You can't search shit without a warrant!"

"Shut up," one snaps jabbing him in the ribs with his night stick.

"Fuck you," he winces and continues to wrangle around with them.

"Yeah, where is your fucking warrant?" I ask. I feel a night stick go across the back of my knees and I drop to the lawn.

"Were the fucking LAPD son," he says and motions the others cops to proceed into the house.

Guns drawn, I watch as they kick in our front door and storm in. I hear yelling and screaming. Windows open and people start jumping out of them and running. Nikki lays on his stomach laughing like a psychopath as they finally hand cuff him.

"Lets see you catch them all you pig fucks!" He laughs. "Run piggies run you fat fucks!"

"Nikki shut the fuck up!" I yell at him.

"Fuck these motherfuckers, they can't do shit. this is an illegal search and Electra lawyers are yoing to tear the LAPD a new asshole. Everything,s fine." he just laughs and watches the cops trying to catch people. He looks to the house laughing at the commotion inside. "Now this is a fucking party!"

I knew he was insane, but Jesus fucking Christ why do I always end up in the middle of it because of Izzy? Speaking of Izzy...where the fuck was he? Was he able to get the dope and gun out? Was he able to get out?

"Sixx dude," I hear Tommy as they drag him out the front door, "How old was that chick man?"

They throw him face down next to Nikki on the lawn. They just look at one another and start to laugh so hard they cry. I'm pretty sure I'm on Dante's third ring of hell.

"Look at those out of shape fat fucks trying to catch a bunch of coked out track stars!" Nikki laughs.

"Hey who do you think will have a heart attack first?" Tommy questions laughing.

"I hope the fucking pigs," Nikki answers.

"Dude they totally don't have my cuffs on tight enough," Tommy says wiggling his shoulder a bit and bringing up a freed hand.

Nikki laughs as Tommy raises his chest off the ground and sits on his knees.

"The dumb fucks...surprised they even know how to fucking work them at all."

"You!" A cop yells pointing his gun at Tommy, On your stomach!"

Tommy smiles, "Suck my dick."

"That's a lot of sucking," Nikki laughs hysterically.

Then I see the cop rare back and pistol whip Tommy. His head lowers and he spits blood from his mouth. He looks up at the cop and gives him a bloody smirk. "Thank you," he says as he lowers himself back down.

"Yeah man," Nikki pipes up, "Now we can prove you beat us for no fucking reason! A Our lawyers are going to have a field day!"

"Lawyers my ass, Street scum like you don't have lawyers," The cop tisks.

"Street scum?" Nikki smirks, "While you have your fucking hand down my pants why don't you pull out my wallet and check the address on my fucking ID you dumb fuck! Bet it's a better neighborhood than where you live! You fucked up piggie! But you pigs do like to wallow in your own shit!"

Please for the love of god let a stray bullet take me out now.
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