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Well Then...

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So what's Izzy doing during the bust?

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It becomes total mass hysteria inside the house as the door flies off the hinges and cops come blazing in with their guns drawn. I freeze as one of them points one right at me. I hear people screaming that the cops are here. I hear the word 'Run' come from a thousand different lips. The cops gun moves on to another target and disappears. My knees are shaking but I somehow manage to run to the back of the house and out the back door. A cop was coming around the back just as I ducked into the shadows in the alley.

I don't know where I am or where I'm going. I'm terrified. I don't know if I'm more afraid of the cops or the fact that I've ran so far in the dark that I can no longer hear the ruckus at the house. I stop and turn to look back down the alley towards the house. More flashing red and blue lights have shown up. Overhead I can hear a chopper. I can see it spot lighting the area.

Suddenly a hand clamps across my mouth and a firm arm wraps around my waist. I try to scream and fight my way free but it is no use. Whoever has me has me good. They drag me back into the shadows next to a dumpster as the choppers lights hit where I had just been standing.

I pant behind a hand that smells like cigarettes and wonder what this person is going to do to me. Mug me? Rape me? Kill me? Then I hear a gentle sound in my ear.

"Shhhh darlin."

I stop fighting and start to fell safer. There were only two guys in the whole state who called girls darlin. Axl and Izzy. The cops had Axl. Looks like I found Izzy. He lets go of me. I quickly turn and face him. Even in the dark I can see how huge his eyes are. He looks like he might soon have a heart attack.

"Izzy are you ok?" I ask genuinely worried.

He licks his lips as his eyes dart down the alley. "I got too fucking high with Sixx," he shakes his head as he reaches into his pocket. "Look I've gotta hide my shit. Put this under your tits."

"What?" I ask him in shock.

"Only a female cop can search you. They don't have female cops respond to shit like this. They call them in once shit is secured or they wanna search females. Just fucking hold the shit for like one block. I have this safe stash spot in this abandoned building. We can hide the shit and lay low." He thrusts the drugs at me. "Fucking please help me Erin."

I don't know for the life of me why but I take his drugs and shove them into my bra. Then he holds his gun out to me.

"Put this in your pants. The safety is on. It's ok. I promise."

With a shaking hand I take his gun and shove it down the waist of my pants. I barely have it in place when Izzy grabs me and pulls us into the wall as a chopper light grazes past us again.

"Come on. We gotta go. You ok?" He pants.

I nod. He nods back and I feel him taking my hand in his. And without a word needing to be spoken we take off running through the shadows. I had to run twice as hard to keep up with Izzy's long legs and cocaine intake. He finally leads me to a boarded up window in a condemned building. He slides a piece of plywood aside and motions for me to go in. I quickly climb in. Izzy is right behind me. He covers the window.

He slides down the wall panting and rests his elbows on his drawn up knees. "Fuck!" he shouts and leans his head back into the wall. "Did you see what happened with Axl?"

"They handcuffed him," I say pulling his drugs out of my bra. and his gun from my pants. I crouch down and give them to him.

"Fuck," he sighs shaking his head and staring at the dope. "I always fuck up everything behind this shit."

"Then stop," I tell him.

He just shakes his head. "Its not like I haven't tried. I have a dozen times...but I just can't leave the shit alone. It won't leave me alone. It fucking haunts my dreams. It's fucking got me. You think I like being like this? You think I like hurting Axl? Think I like waking up shaking and sick?"

"What? No mention of your girlfriend Angela who takes her clothes off for money to give you?"

His eyes cut up at me, "Be a fucking cunt why don't ya?"

"I...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I was just mad because of Axl."

Izzy smirks, "Sorry, guess it's weird when your consider he is technically both of ours."

"You think he's ok?" I ask.

"Axl?" He huffs, "Axl can handle himself with cops just fine. I'm actually more concerned with Sixx getting him in trouble."

"They had Nikki on the ground."

"Great," Izzy sighs deeply. "Axl is gonna be so fucking pissed at me. This is all my fault." He buries his face in his arms. "Today had been so fucking perfect all day. We got along really good today...but like always, I fucked it all up."

"You know Axl cant stay mad at you for long," I say and rest my hand on his arm.

"It still hurts to see the disappointment when he looks at me," he mutters.

"Come on, it never lasts," I say and wonder why I am comforting my boyfriends boyfriend. Why wasn't I more jealous. I should have been, right? That was the logical way to feel when your boyfriend tells you 'look you're just for show, I love him, but we can fuck'.

Izzy looks at my hand resting on his arm. "What's the matter darlin? Am I growing on you?"

I pull my hand back and Izzy smirks. Truth of the matter was he was right. He had grown on me. It started with a Kiss just to show me he wasn't completely just into guys. From that night on I always felt odd in his presence. But odd in a good way. I truly did like Izzy. Axl had told me that behind that addiction was a great guy. I think he might have been right. Every once in a while I catch a brief glimpse of a soul in Izzy.

"This has got to be the strangest relationship I have ever been in," I smile and shake my head.

"I just bet," he smiles slightly and takes a deep breath. "God why did I let Sixx talk me into shooting up coke? I just wanna come down. I'm scared and I don't like this shit."

"Just breathe. You have your stuff right here." I point at the drugs.

"I ditched my rigs and shit. It's Persian I can't snort it. I hope the cops don't find my last three rigs in the house."

He looks like he's about ready to crawl out of his skin. His body keeps shifting about nervously. I can see how hard he's fighting to hold it together. I lift his chin to look at me. I move in closer to him. "Just breathe," I say as my lips brush his. I move away and he just looks at me with scrunched brows.

He reaches up and twiddles a lock of my hair. "Red heads," he softly smirks before leaning in to kiss me. He asserts more effort with his kiss. He finds his way to his knees and is quickly kissing me down to the filthy floor and I don't even care. At some point he pauses and looks at me again. "This is so wrong."

I nod. It was wrong. But yet, it didn't really feel it. Is it cheating when you're a trophy girlfriend who is making out with your boyfriends boyfriend? "Don't stop," I find my lips whispering.

Izzy's lips don't hesitate to question things at all. He seems to be going along with my line of reasoning about things. I mean, what more logical choice did he have for cheating? Wasn't like I was exactly out of the loop I guess you could say. I can feel Izzy's fingers sliding under the elastic on my panties, slowly toying with them. Where is that coked out pace when I need it? His lips travel down my neck and I moan at how good he feels. Izzy was so much different than Axl. He moved slower and with more grace. He made being on a hard concrete floor in a rundown filthy building sexy.

He slowly works my panties off as his lips continue caressing my skin softly. I can feel him reaching down to unbuckle his belt. I pull my shirt off and reach for his to pull it off too. He shoves his pants down his hips and our lips meld together again. I gasp when he unexpectedly slides into me. He was a little bigger than Axl.

"I wanna fuck you so hard because of this stupid coke," he growls at my ear as he slowly thrusts his hips.

"Then fuck me hard," I say dragging my nails down his back.

He raises up a bit and cocks his eyebrow at me. "Yeah?"

I nod and pull his lips to mine.
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