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Venting His Rage

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Duff has a bad ass side

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I watch as Izzy starts scanning faces. Izz is real good with faces. I know he can spot that motherfucker if he's still here. We head down the stairs. I notice how Izzy is looking at this guy in a suit who seems to be clutching all over Nikki as he spouts something out to him with a lot of emphasis. Nikki seems to listen for a moment. But then that tell tale smirk showed and I knew he didn't give a fuck what this guy was saying.

I look again to Izzy. He glances down and nods, "That's him, the one with Nikki."

I feel the air swelling in my chest and my head starts to thump like a double kick bass drum. My blood is growing hot and my hands are balling into fists. "Start clearing the house," I nod at Izzy.

He nods with a sigh and sticks two fingers in his mouth and whistles really loud. "EVERYBODY!!! GET THE FUCK OUT!"

People look around in confusion as Izzy quickly starts to push and shove people to their nearest exit. I start for Nikki and that guy. "Hey Nikki!" I call out to him. He looks up at me. "Hold that motherfucker!"

Nikki doesn't acknowledge if he heard me but he is soon spinning the guy around and holding his arms behind his back. I fly in and punch him. A spray of blood goes across the floor. Nikki chuckles that demented chuckle he gets at other peoples misfortunes. "Damn Duff. What did he do to you?"

"He fucking tried to fuck with Slash!" I yell and back hand the guy.

"Wait wait...what do you mean? You mean like..."

"Like tried to fuck him!!" I clarify.

I notice Izzy slam the front door shut and lock it as the last of the guests leave. The only people left are us five guys, Erin, Angela, Nikki, Tommy, and this dead piece of shit. Izzy pulls his gun from his waistband. Erin and Angela draw in their breaths and scoot closer to one another.

"Get the fuck out," Izzy says to them and motions for the back door.

"No Izzy..." Erin stutters.

"Erin come on," Angela grabs her hand and drags her.

Izzy waits until the girls are outside to approach this guy. He points his gun at him. "Who the fuck is this guy?"

"Oh he's from Geffen," Nikki smirks in amusement and motions for Tommy to help him hold this guy who is now crying like a bitch and spitting blood.

"What the fuck made you think you could come down here and try to fuck Slash outside my door?" Izzy asks.

The guy just sniffles and cries and drools blood all down the front of his shirt.

Izzy move forward sharply and presses the gun to the guys head. "I am so fucking sick of the motherfuckers like you who think its ok to make us trying to get somewhere in this business your personal fuck toys! Promise us the fucking moon for one fucking blowjob or a lousy fuck?! Fuck you you piece of shit!" I can see tears in Izzy's eyes. He's furious. He cocks his gun and growls "Give me one good reason not to blow your fucking head off!!"

Nikki smirks, "Oh shit Tom, I think he might do it. I'll be sure to convey my condolences to your wife."

"Oh fuck man he's pissing all over the floor," Tommy laughs.

Izzy smirks and with his blackened pupils he looks almost as demented as Nikki. "What's the matter you pussy? Don't stand so tall when you're outnumbered? Not so pushy and brave when it's not just you against a 19 year-old kid who's so drunk he can hardly stand up?" He uncocks his gun and steps away. "Give this piece of shit to Duff," he says as he turns around and heads for the stairs.

"Yeah!" Tommy hoots. "Beat the shit out of him Duff!!"

And that's just what I do. I beat him until I knock him out. Then I beat him a little more for safe measure. Then I was so exhausted I could barely stand. Nikki rolled the guy onto his stomach. He pulled out his knife and began cutting away the back of his pants. "Here you go Tommy, fresh meat."

Tommy chuckles excitedly and starts unbuckling his belt. "Good night guys, have fun. Oh and please throw the trash in the dumpster on your way out."

"Sure thing Duff," Nikki winks at me.

I nod and turn for the stairs. I guess Tommy's huge dick woke that guy up because our living room is soon filled with screams. They are quickly muffled. I just pull my tired body up the stairs. I make it to Izzy and Axl's room and turn the knob. I open it and can see Slash laying against the headboard and Izzy sprawled out at the foot. Izzy's eyes now seem quite relaxed. Slash too for that matter. I feel my chest clench. "No...what did you do?" I utter.

Izzy starts explaining but all I can do is look at my smacked out Curly Sue.

"Duff, I'm sorry...I just couldn't take it...I..." he refuses to even look up at me.

But I actually understood. He had been through too much to not have that guy completely freak him out. And the alcoholic in me understood his need to want to kill the pain and fear. How can I be mad at him for that? I can't even be mad at Izzy because he is already mad enough.

"I'll be in the shower with Axl," he sighs and leaves us there alone.

I crawl onto the bed next to my Curly Sue and pull him into my arms.

"Please dont be mad," he whispers and buries his head in my side.

"Im not mad babe...not even at Izzy. It's ok. I get it."

We lay there and I rub his back until we both fall asleep on Izzy and Axl's bed
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