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Izzy's Had Enough Of Erin

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A fight turns into sex

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Erin's POV

It had been a whole week since Axl had so much as mentioned Izzy. I knew he missed him, but I was happy to have Axl all to myself. I felt victorious. Axl was falling in love with me. He was going to be really famous one day. I just knew it, and I would get to be right there with him when it happened.

We lived together now. It's wasn't exactly a bed of roses. Axl was moody. Sometimes i set him off if I mentioned Izzy. He was clearly not over him. Axl would run off and sulk a lot. I didn't know how to deal with his outbursts. He would just fly off into these rants. I mean they made sense and all, but they were uncalled for.

Our sex life was strange to say the least. Axl tended to get rough and ask for weird requests to get him off. I can only assume what sort of freaky shit he and Izzy did together. He always wants me to finger his ass or shove the neck of a bottle in it while he fucks me. Sometimes I get off, but mostly I'm too distracted by the strange requests which just do not do it for me.

I was at the apartment alone one afternoon when Izzy showed up unexpectedly. He rolled his eyes at me. "Where's Axe?"

I huff, "Nice to see you too Izzy."

"He sighs and runs a hand through his greasy hair. "I need to talk to him."

"I don't think he wants to talk to you Izzy. I think you just need to give him some space right now."

His eyes narrow at me in anger, "Don't pretend you know what the fuck he needs. You don't know shit about him or his past. You think just because he's fucking you and being all sweet that he gives a flying fuck about you? Face it, you're a fucking distraction. He loves me."

"That's why he left you and moved in with me huh?" I smirk.

"What the fuck do you want from him? What girl in her right mind would get involved with a guy who point blank told you I came first and you were nothing more than an ornament to hang from his arm?"

"Fuck you."

"No. Fuck you you bitch. You want something and it's not his heart. If you really cared about him you wouldn't have fucked me on a fucking concrete floor."

"You wanted it too," she rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, I was horny, so fucking what?" He shrugs.

"So you fucking cheated on him too! And not just with me!"

"Me and Axe have had a long understanding that girls are cool, we just don't cheat with other guys."

"So Tommy Lee is actually a girl?" I huff.

Izzy moves for me and backs me in the wall. He points his finger in my face, "You don;t know shit about what me and Axe have been through. He loves me. He will never fucking care about you like that."

"You're just jealous because you have to share him with me. You want to drive a wedge between us so you can sweet talk you and your addiction back into his life. Haven't you figured it out yet? No body wants a fucking junkie.

Izzy presses me further into the wall with his body pressed to me, "Made you want me..."Oh god Izzy harder. Don't stop. Fuck me Izzy. Oh god Izzy you fuck so good. You're so much better than Axl." He smirks at me with a condescending look on his face. He was mocking me.

I reach up and slap him as hard as I can. He quickly grabs me by my wrists and slams my back into the wall. He gives me a diabolical grin. "Don't be mad darlin cause you liked it."

"I can't stand you!" I shout at him.

"Good," he smiles as his eyes prowl down to my chest, "I could give a fuck about you too you gold digging tramp."

"At least I'm not a junkie!" I shout in his face.

Before I know what happens he back hands me and grabs my chin. "You don't get to judge me you whore. You call me junkie one more time and I'll show you what I'm capable of."


His eyes narrow as he stoops down and scoops me into hos arms. He carries me to the bedroom. He throws me to the bed and straddles me and quickly begins ripping away my clothes. I can feel myself getting wet. He undresses himself and jerks me to him with his arms hooked under my knees. He thrusts into me hard. "This is all you're good for," he says to me as he holds my hips elevated by my ass as he thrusts in and out of me like a rabid dog.

I know it's twisted but Izzy turns me on so fucking much. Fighting with him turns me on. The sex is meant as punishments and degredation. But it drives me crazy. "This is all you're good for you fucking loser."

Again he grips my chin and growls at me. "I fucking hate you. When Axl finds out you fucked me behind hid back twice...yeah he's gonna just fall in love with you."

Izzy collapses on top of me staring at me with anger in his eyes and fucking is rage out on me."I thought you hated me," I taunt, "Where's that hate. Give me that rage. Harder."

He shakes his head at me, "You twisted bitch."

"Yeah, you would know, wouldn't you? You're just as sick as me. Look at you, fucking me just so you can worm your way back into Axl's life again. Leave him alone."

I yelp as Izzy rares up on his palms and fucks me like he wants to stab me to death with a dick.

"You stay out of our shit bitch, you understand me?" He looks down at me menacingly. "Axl is mine and he always will be."

"Harder," I moan as my eyes roll back. Izzy slows down and just looks at me befuddled.

"What the fuck make you think I care about getting you off? I'm about to bust a nut right now."

I wrap him up in my legs as he tries to pull out. "You're not leaving me hanging you asshole!"

But it's too late, his body goes rigid and I can feel his dick pulsing inside me. "Please," I beg, "just a tiny bit more.

Izzy huffs and pulls out of me, "Get yourself off," he says getting up and getting re dressed. "I'm good, I got mine. And you better be on the pill I ain't looking to make no fucking babies with a gold digging whore like you."

"Fuck you you son of a bitch! Get the hell out of my apartment!"

"Gladly," He says zipping his pants. "I'll be back later when Axl gets here."

"No the fuck you won't! You stay the fuck away from here."

He scowls down at me. "You have no power over me bitch. You may have Axl wrapped around you finger, but you won't get me there. This is how I treat whores. Get used to it or get the fuck out of our lives."

"What if I tell Axl?" I taunt him.

Izzy picks up his gun and looks at it before stuffing it down the front of his pants. "It'll be the last words you ever utter."

"Are you threatening me?"

He gives me an evil sideways smirk as he slides into his shirt. "I don't make idle threats sweetheart. You better take those words to fucking heart. You say one word to Axl and I will stick this gun down your fucking throat and pull the trigger. Try me if you dare you fucking cunt
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