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Izzy and Erin fight

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I didn’t make it to the city the band was playing until after the gig. I went straight to the hotel and asked for Axl’s room number. They call his room and ask for his permission before divulging such information to me. He allows them to tell me his room number so I guess he’s cooled off since this morning. I go to the elevator and step inside and push the button for the 11th floor. On the 6th flor the elevator door opens and I have a classic Casablanca moment, ‘of all the gin joints in the world she walks into mine’…

I look up and see Izzy. When he lifts his eyes and sees me standing there I can see smoke start boiling out of his ears. He steps in the elevator with me and the doors close. Izzy reaches over and pushes a button on the control panel. The elevator jolts to an abrupt halt. Izzy turns to me. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He asks me.

“I don’t have time for this,” I sigh and reach out to press a button. Izzy quickly blocks the control panel with his body preventing me from making the elevator go again.

“Why are you here?” he asks me again.

I allow my eyes to take him in. He’s in tight leather pants a red shirt and that fucked up hat he wears all the time. I hate it but for some reason I’m finding that he looks quite attractive tonight. He’s completely drunk however, he reeks of whiskey and beer.

“Are you fucking deaf or something?” He asks growing frustrated with my not answering.

I watch as his jaw clenches and releases and my breath hitches with excitement. I stare into his eyes that at the moment have no soul. They look so dark. Around his eyes the skin is turning black from too much junk or from being awake far too long. But for the life of me I can’t tell you why he looked good to me. It’s like every time I’m around him I just get sucked into this black hole of lust for him. I’m not saying that Izzy is necessary better in bed than Axl, but when I’m with him there’s this fire inside of me. There is no fire with Axl. With Izzy the element of hatred for each other seems to morph into this thing I just can’t control. I want him even when I hate him. It must be the same for Axl too since he can never seem to completely sever his link to Izzy. Sexually, Izzy just delivered better for what I personally desired. I liked his assertion. I liked the way he used his body to punish me and pleasure me at the same time. I liked the rage he would have on his face as he just takes what he wants from me. I like the way he moves inside of me. Jesus, I want him right now, right here in the elevator.

I feel his palm press to my chest and shove me into the railing on the wall. “Answer,” he says dryly as his body closes in on mine. My heart skips in time. I draw in a breath in pleasure. Izzy’s brows crease as he looks at me strangely.

I have no answer to give him. I bring my arms up and wrap them around his neck and tip toe to kiss his beautiful lips. He allows me to but does not seem to be responding to the kiss. I soon feel his hands under my armpits. HE lifts me off my feet and throws me back into the wall. His eyes narrow at me. “Don’t you for one second think I don’t get this little game you’re playing. I get it sweetheart because I’m playing the same fucking game. The game where we fuck each other and pray Axl finds out and thinks one of us is a lying whore. You really think you stand a chance against me Erin? Do you think you’re really the first little cunt who has tried to come between us? No, you one in a hundred honey. And I will get rid of you just the same as I did all of them.” His voice is low and level and his tone never changes.

So I suppose Izzy fucking me was no accident. He had calculated on it. He had apparently done this to any girlfriend Axl tried to have. That’s funny, no one would ever assume Izzy was so jealous. They would be inclined to believe it with Axl, but Izzy? I smirk at him, “Well I guess you had better get started then,” I say as I try to snake my hand down the front of his pants.

He grabs my wrist so tight I know it’s going to bruise.

“Come on Izzy, isn’t it your master plan to show Axl what a whore I am? Huh? Aren’t you supposed to throw me against the wall and take me right here? Maybe you want to be more risky and sneak in once Axl’s gone to sleep? Huh? Isn’t this how you play this game?”

“Fuck you,” he hisses through his teeth as he squeezes my wrist even tighter. His eyes travel down to my lips for a moment, then to my chest as I breathe deeply. About that time the hotel staff has manually overridden the elevator and the door opens. Izzy still has me pinned in the corner and can’t see who’s behind him. But I can.

Axl just looks at us a long moment and watches Izzy very closely as his eyes seem to be checking me out splayed against the wall. I can see anger flush Axl’s face red. “What the fuck is this shit?”

I quickly spring into action. “Axl, thank god! Get this lunatic off me!”

Izzy’s eyes go wide when he looks over his shoulder to see Axl staring at us. He quickly turns back to me and lets me go with a stare that suggests death.

“She’s fucking playing you Fireball,” Izzy says backing away from me.

“Oh really?!” I shout at Izzy.

“Darlin don’t listen to her,” Izzy says turning to Axl, “she’s just fucking with your head and trying to turn you against me.”

Axl just stands there silently. He seems to be frozen in shock. Izzy lightly places his hands on his arms trying to get his attention. Axl’s eyes suspiciously go back and forth between us. His lips part as if he is about to say something but he shuts his mouth almost as quickly as he has opened it. He shifts away from Izzy and grabs my arm. He pulls me out of the elevator and drags me down the hall.

“Axl wait!” Izzy calls out as he follows us two steps behind.

Axl opens his door and shoves me inside. He turns and shoves Izzy out of the way long enough for him to get inside his room and lock the door. Izzy starts pounding on the door and groveling through it. But Axl can’t seem to hear. He turns to me and comes for me with fierce eyes. He pushes me down on the bed. He grabs my wrists and pins them above my head with one hand while his other starts going down my pants.

“Axl! What are you doing?! STOP!!”

The pounding on the door continues to grow louder as Axl’s finger slips inside me. “Why are you wet?” He growls at me as he jerks his hand out of my pants. “You wet for Izzy now?”

“No,” I shake my head and tremble from the look in his eyes.

“Bullshit! I fucking know Izzy! He’ll fuck you the first chance you give him just so he can break us up! Did he do it already? Is that why your fucking pussy is dripping wet? If he was being, what was it you said, a fucking lunatic, why would you get wet over that? I personally would be as dry as Death Valley, but you’re not, why is that sugar?” He asks as he holds me down and ignores the yelling and pounding at the door that only grows louder and louder.

“No, you have it all wrong,” I almost stutter.

He smirks and holds up his index finger that had just been inside of me, “Do I now?” he asks as he glances at it, rubbing the moisture between his fingers. “I think it’s time you went back home.”

“Axl I just got here. I’ve been on a bus all day. I’m tired. I swear to you nothing happened. How could it in the matter of two minutes?” I question.

“Oh it’s quite possible when you get Izzy worked up,” he answers casually.

“Well I didn’t!” I shout.

The pounding at the door now sounds as if Izzy is trying to kick the door in with his boot heel. After about the fifth repetition the door flies open and the door facing splinters away. Izzy rushes in and pulls Axl off me. “Don’t do something stupid,” he pants in his ear as he holds him tightly from behind.

“Did you fuck her?” Axl asks as his eyes still glare at me.

“No darlin, I didn’t,” he answers softly.

“Axl…” I utter.

“Shut the fuck up!” Izzy yells at me before turning Axl to face him. “I love you and I’m trying to help you. Please just listen to me..”

“How the fuck am I supposed to objectively do that Izzy? You do tend to have a habit of fucking any girl I try to date.”

“I haven’t,” Izzy shakes his head.

“But you would, admit it!” He shouts in Izzy’s face.

“Can’t you see how she’s trying to twist your fucking head up? She wants you to think the worst of me!”

Axl huffs, “Like I need her to point out your fucking flaws to me!”

“Please Axe, just send her back to LA. She’s going to cause too many problems. She hasn’t been here ten minutes and look!” Izzy exclaims.

“I did look Izzy! Her pussy is so wet right now from whatever you did to her in the elevator!”

“I didn’t do anything darlin,” Izzy calmly shakes his head.

Axl throws his hands up, “You know what, save it. Why don’t you both get the fuck out of my room,” he points to the door, “I’m sure you can both find ways to amuse yourself.” He again points at the door as he glares over at me. “I mean it! Both of you!! Get the fuck out!! NOW!!!”
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