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No Bitches On The Bus

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Izzy does NOT want Erin with them

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I walk out of the bathroom at the wrong goddamn time. By some fucked up miracle something has sobered up Izzy enough for a moment to stand. He's yelling at Axl for having Erin behind him on the steps. But then he stumbles. Slash catches him but for some reason his reaction time is slow.

"Get this fucking cunt off this bus or I will!" Izzy shouts as he takes a step closer to Axl.

"What are you going to do you junkie! You're so high you can't even stand up!" Erin shouts over Axl's shoulder at Izzy.

Axl closes his eyes with a sigh as Izzy slurs out something to Erin I don't think any of us can understand. He calmly raises his hands to Izzy. "At this point I don't care what you two do to each other." He squeezes past Izzy and goes straight to the back lounge and shuts the door.

I watch as Izzy grabs a hold of something and moves himself even closer to Erin who is taking another step onto the bus.

"Get the fuck off, He doesn't want you here," Izzy snarls.

"And you think he would have you here if you weren't in the goddamn band?" She asks trying to push him aside.

It's this moment I decide to intercede since Slash doesn't seem to be doing a thing. Let's be clear on something, I have really long legs, therefore I have a long stride. But not even my long legs can reach the two of them in time. Izzy shoves her hard and her back hits the front window. Izzy is then resting his hands on the dashboard and pinning Erin to that spot. His face is right in hers. Their eyes are locked. Erins lips part to speak but Izzy speaks first. It's low and I only catch the tail end.

"I won't be as nice as I was the last time," is what I hear.

I grab Izzy by his arm and start to pull him away. "Alright Izz, that's enough man, back off of her, she's just a chick."

Izzy jerks away from me and glares at me, "Let go of me Duff."

"Just leave her alone," I sigh and give him his space.

"Fuck off, this doesn't involve you," he snaps at me and turns for Erin again.

"Izzy," I say more firmly and grab his arm with more force.

He looks at my hand on his arm. "You have two seconds to get your goddamn hand off me."

"Come on Izz, listen to you," I say calmly, "Just leave her alone. You're a guy and you're pissed off at her. You're wasted. You're drunk too and when you drink you don't fucking think. You're gonna hurt her and then Axl's gonna be pissed and she'll probably call the cops on you. Fuck man, she's Axl's problem, let him deal with her."

"Yeah, well Axl happens to be my problem, so let me deal with it," he tries to pull away from me.

"No Izzy! I'll deal with this one," I say firmly. "Slash?"
I look over and he just sits there seemingly dazed. "Slash!?"

"Huh?" he jerks.

"You think you can keep Axl and Izzy from getting locked in the same room together while I talk to Erin outside?" I ask.

"Sure thing babe," he nods softly.

"Izzy...just sit the fuck down and enjoy your fucking high," I point sternly to the seat next to Curly Sue. To my sheer dismay Izzy complies without one fucking word in disagreement.

Izzy flops down next to Slash and points his finger up at me, “If she gets on this bus I’m taking it out on you, we clear?”

I roll my eyes and don’t even validate him with an answer. “Come on honey,” I motion for Erin to step down the stairs.

“Duff I’m going with you guys. Axl invited me. He’s just having one of his mood swings because he’s nervous being around Izzy and I in the same small confined space,” Erin explains as I follow her down off the bus. “I’m not threatened by Izzy. But he obviously is by me.”

I can’t help but chuckle, “Erin, to be honest with you it’s a miracle you’re actually still breathing. You have no clue who Izzy is or what he’s capable of.”

“I’ve hid out in an abandoned building hiding from cops with him. I’ve stashed his dope in my bra and his gun in my pants. I saw him pull a gun on that guy the night you guys moved into your place. I watched that wrestling match between him and Axl in the back yard. I had to call the cops on him when he shot off our door knob. Hell the first time I met him he shoved me. Yes, I know what Izzy is capable of. I’m not scared of Izzy. Izzy can go fuck himself.”

My eyes dart to the bus, “I wouldn’t say that shit too loud right now. Look when Izzy gets loaded and drunk like this he goes crazy and shit so please, for everyone, just ride a bus to our gig tonight. It’ll give Axl time to cool off and calm down. Izzy will sober up hopefully and shit will maybe go smoother.”

“So Izzy controls you too?” She asks me in a smirk as she folds her arms over her chest.

Ok, now even I want this bitch gone. “See you later Erin,” I say through gritting teeth and turn to get back on the bus.

When I get on board I see Slash lounged out with his head rested on Izzy’s shoulder. Izzy’s head is rested on top of Slash’s soft curls. My brows furrow as I cross over to them and just stare for a moment. I don’t know what comes over me but I find myself kicking Slash in the leg.

“Huh?” he drowsily asks lifting his head. Him doing so causes Izzy’s head to drop forward but he never wakes up.
“Are you fucking wasted?” I ask angrily.

“No baby, just tired,” he says in a soft raspy voice.

I reach down and jerk the shades off his eyes. One look in them and I can tell he’s smacked out. He’s had more than what I gave him. “Don’t you try to fucking lie to me you little shit. Izzy got you high, didn’t he?!” I shout.

“It’s not his fault Duff, I asked for it,” he says hanging his head in shame.

“WHY!? You were doing so fucking good baby! We were getting you cleaned up. I cut back my drinking. We were doing good you asshole!”

“Baby, I’m sorry…”

“Sorry?!” I shout. I sigh and shake my head, “You’re always sorry…like that fixes everything. I can’t believe you did this shit.” I stand with my hands on my hips just shaking my head. What the fuck could I say? My words were too late. “Fuck this, I’m going to the non-junkie section of the bus,” I say and storm off to the back lounge. Slash is babbling his sorry bullshit but I just tune him out and slam the door.
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