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Tour bus Take off

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It's time to start touring.

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There is no way I am letting Axl bring that fucking bitch on our bus. He’s mad at me because I’m completely loaded this morning getting on the tour bus but I’m nervous and pissed off; he ought to be grateful I’m fucked up right now or I’d physically throw that bitch off the bus. Fortunately she hasn’t gotten on yet, no idea where the fuck she is or Axl for that matter; they’re a half an hour late already. I stumble onto the bus with my duffel bag, my ratty suitcase being stowed in the storage compartment underneath. Duff is already there exploring everything with Steven but Slash…well…let’s just say Duff isn’t going to be very happy when he sees him. He’s outside getting loaded; I stocked us both up really well for the next few days. Fucker had better not tell on me either.

“Izz look I got the top bunk!” Steven tells me excitedly. Duff has claimed one of the bottom ones which is good because I don’t want to hear any fucking above my head. I take the other top bunk across from Steven. That leaves Axl in either one of the middle or other lower bunks. I throw my bad up onto my bed but I almost fall over doing it and Duff catches me. He takes one look at me and shakes his head.

“Go sit down Izzy, you’ll kill yourself if you try and climb up there by yourself. Front or back lounge?”

“Front, I want to make sure that bitch of Axl’s isn’t getting on the fucking bus,” I growl.

“Ok, back it is then,” Duff says but I push past him and stomp up towards the front of the bus. I sit in the seat right across from the door and pull my hat down over my eyes so I can ignore my angry 6 ‘ 3 bassist.

“Where’s Slash?” Steven asks Duff.

“He was outside smoking, then he was going to go harass Adam about making sure his guitars are loaded the way he wants. You know god forbid his babies aren’t stored right; I’m surprised he’s not sleeping with the things in his bunk!” Duff laughs.

“Yeah, I’m not sure who he’s more attached to; you or his guitars,” I snipe at Duff.

“Izzy, you’re really testing my patience right now. I know you’re pissed off at Axl and loaded but you don’t have to take it out on me,” Duff replies and I can tell he’s getting mad. He’s gonna be even madder when Slash manages to get onto the bus.
I hope Duff doesn’t kill me when I get on the bus. Izzy hooked me up really well this morning and I can’t resist shooting up with him behind the bus while Duff is busy exploring the inside. I tell him I’m smoking and checking on my guitars which is true; I just didn’t add that I was shooting up too. I know I’m blowing all of the work he’s done weaning me down to only two doses per day but I can’t fight the urge when I see Izzy cooking it. We’re all still waiting on Axl so I’ll have a chance for initial rush to wear off before I have to face Duff; maybe if I leave my sunglasses on he won’t notice.
I finish up talking to Adam and checking on my guitars when I see a cab drive up and let Axl and Erin out. Axl pays the guy and gets their bags out of the trunk handing Erin hers. I can’t hear what they’re saying but it looks like Erin is whining about having to carry her bags. I can’t even believe Axl’s bringing her on tour with us; at least not on the bus, Izzy’s pissed as hell about it and it isn’t going to make for a very fun traveling environment. They get closer and I can hear their conversation which is actually an argument about Izzy.

“Well what do you want me to do Erin? Izzy’s part of the band he’s going with us on the bus live with it or don’t fucking go!” Axl snarls at her and I’m surprised to see how angry he is with her; usually it’s all sweetness and making out.

“Just keep him away from me!” she huffs.

“Yeah real easy to do in a tour bus Erin,” he says and rolls his eyes. Neither one of them see me perched on the back of the cargo van so I get to listen in on everything. There’s more arguing about Izzy and Axl fucking him two nights ago; shit, I guess he did go and get laid. Apparently got busted by Erin though and it sounds like that didn’t go over very well. Finally Axl gets really pissed and starts yelling at her. “Erin; I don’t fucking care if you go or not; at this point I don’t want you to; just stay at home and get over yourself! Izzy’s not going fucking anywhere so get the fuck over it!”

“Axl if you gave a shit about me you’d fire him!” she screeches and stomps her foot.
He raises his arm like he’s going to backhand her so I decide that now might be a good time to reveal myself and I guess I’m going to have to stop this shit between them. “Axl!” I call out. He pauses and looks up and lowers his hand. “Come on man, you’re late we want to get moving! Is she going?” I ask motioning to Erin.

“No, she isn’t,” Axl hisses towards her.

“Yes I am,” she says in a low angry voice.

“Ok, whatever, can the two of you either get on the bus or not so we can go?” I ask shaking my head. “Oh, and no, we’re not firing Izzy,” I say as I walk towards the bus. There’s more arguing behind me but I don’t listen to it; I just ignore it and climb up the stairs of the bus. I immediately see Izzy slumped on the couch close to the door. He’s leaning against Duff who looks annoyed as fuck. Great; he’s already pissed at Izzy for being high; I don’t take my sunglasses off, my pinpointed pupils would be a dead giveaway.

“Axl’s here,” I say as I walk past the other two towards the bunks. Izzy just grunts and mumbles about how it’s about fucking time. I take the bunk across from where Duff’s bag is sitting and then Steven appears from the back of the bus and calls for me to come see the back lounge! I walk back with him and check out what looks like a miniature living room. He’s amped on coke and his pupils are huge; guess all of us have a case of nerves today or something. I really don’t want to hear shit from Duff since he’s been drinking since we got up. Stevie and I play with the TV and check out all of the little cabinets and bins of snacks and are thrilled to discover one fully stocked with liquor; remind me to thank somebody for that!

We walk back into the front and Duff asks “Slash can you hold Izzy up for a minute? I need to take a piss.”

“Yeah sure,” I answer. I trade Duff seats and Izzy slumps over into me. “Dude, you did waaayyy too much shit,” I whisper.

“I know but I needed it,” Izzy slurs, unable to control his voice. He nods off on my shoulder and I look over at him. At least he managed to shower and shave this morning which was one of the bus stipulations-everyone bathed. It’s a small space and no one wants to smell Izzy or anyone else after days of not showering. Axl of course picks the second I’m looking at Izzy to stomp onto the bus.

“What the fuck?” he asks. His voice makes Izzy jerk awake and he looks up at Axl with smacked-out eyes. Duff walks out of the bathroom and Erin steps in behind Axl, or tries to but he blocks the stairwell so she can’t get all the way up.

“Get that bitch off this bus,” Izzy snarls at Axl and stands up; obviously ready for a fight. What is it with this bitch that she would even want on this bus at this point?
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