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Izzy the savior

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I stomp out of Axl’s room and into my own and it’s not five minutes before there’s a knock on my door. I open it and find a downtrodden looking Slash with his suitcase and duffel bag. “Dude what’s up?” I ask him.

“Duff’s still pissed; we had a fight, can I sleep in your other bed and send Stevie over to Duff’s room?”

“Ask him, he’s right there,” I answer.

Please please, please, stay in my room Curly Sue”” I think. God I’d love a night alone with him in my room.

“Stevie, will you trade me rooms for the night man?” Slash asks.

“You and Duff on the outs?” Steven asks, doesn’t sound surprised though, he heard the fight on the bus earlier.

“Yeah,” Slash sighs quietly.

“Alright, no problem Slasher, Steven says and grabs his bags. Slash comes in and drops his shit on the floor and flops down on the bed that’s not mine.

“Izzy, I’m fucking shooting up, you want some?” he asks pulling stuff out of his duffel bag and mixing it up in a spoon. He cooks it up and sucks it into a syringe and uses the phone cord to tie his arm off. In a matter of seconds he’s sprawled across the bed on his back, completely relaxed. Admittedly watching him do it I have to do it myself and I crawl onto his bed and lay next to him after I do. I roll over onto my stomach and let my hand spread out across his chest and stroke his skin with my thumb. He doesn’t say anything but I let my hand move down to the edge of his shirt and softly pull it up a little and run my fingers up under it. Still no response, no indication that he likes it, no indication that he doesn’t want it; nothing. I stroke up and down his stomach; he’s so warm and soft with this layer of hard muscle under his skin that tenses when I brush over his left side, tickelish huh?

I push myself up on my elbow and look at him and realize he’s crying. “Hey, it’ll be alright, he’ll come around, I promise,” I try and soothe him but he just shakes his head.

“No Izzy, he’s really mad; I really fucked up this time,” Slash sniffles. I stroke the tears off his cheeks with my thumb and then lean over and kiss his face where they had been. Again he doesn’t stop me. I take this for consent and move myself over him a little more and kiss those soft lips. Immediately his hands move into my hair and he kisses me back slowly. He’s so high that slowly is the only way he can move but I’ll take it; his full lips feel like heaven. Like I said, I like to lose myself in him. I move so that I’m straddling him and begin kissing him in earnest and I grind down against him. He gasps but moves his hips back into mine. We move against each other like this for a while before I reach down and unbutton his jeans and slowly ease the zipper down. I slide my hand down into his pants; no underwear (!) and ease his cock out. Despite the smack both of us are hard.

I pull the jeans down to his knees and look up at him. “Do you want me to stop?” I ask him.

“No,” he sighs and bucks towards my hand as I lightly massage his cock. I stroke him a few more times and he practically purrs. I lower my mouth down and suck him in and he chokes on a scream and I cover his mouth.

“Shh kid; Axl’s next door.

“Mmmm,” he quietly moans as I begin to suck him slowly. I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and then start to take him down my throat. He thrusts up, choking me and I pin his hips to the bed and look up at him “Hey, you’re way too big for that, be still now.”

“Sorry,” he says apologetically, “You feel good Izzy.”

I smirk up at him and start again; careful to keep him pinned down this time. I move my mouth down over him again and increase the suction taking him even deeper down my throat and I keep it up until his moans start to get more needy and then I stop, spit on my hand, and slide a finger into his ass and press on his prostate just as I suck him in again. He cums almost instantly shrieking which I again stifle with a hand over his mouth. When he calms down and I let go of his mouth he pulls me up to his lips and gives me one of the most passionate, amazing kisses I’ve ever had in my life.

He flips us over and in seconds my jeans are around my ankles and those beautiful lips are wrapped around my cock. Holy fucking shit they feel every bit as good as I knew they would. His tongue wraps around and around me and when he goes down he sucks me in and when he comes up this tongue darts out and gives these tiny licks up the back of my cock that make me squeak in pleasure. His teeth bite up and down my cock padded by his plush lips and I groan out load when he moves his lips and scrapes his teeth over my cock on the way up; catching them on the edge of my cockhead.

Fuck Duff has him well trained. “Please Slash, please kid, just a little more, you’ve almost got me there,” I pant shamelessly. He grins and sucks me in again using those soft, sweet lips to pad his teeth and slides me down into his throat that contracts around my dick and I slap my hand over my own mouth as I moan and blow my load down his throat. He doesn’t let up until he’s milked me dry and I’m quietly whimpering. He sits up and looks at me with a little smile on his face. “I always knew I could make you feel good.”

“I don’t think either of us doubted it; looked and sounded like you felt pretty good there yourself kid. Come on, lets get you cleaned up in case Duff comes looking for you.” We both shower up and Slash shoots up again and passes out in his bed. I cook up my own shot and shoot it into my arm and am about to turn off the light when I get a good look at Slash’s face: his lips are fucking blue!

I jump up and throw our door open and run back to the bed grabbing the phone off the table. I call Duff’s room 1126 and smack Slash in the face a little. Duff answers and I start babbling. “Duff! Slash isn’t breathing, he’s blue get over here now!” I hear Duff drop the phone and I immediately start rescue breathing on Slash. He has a pulse but barely. Come on buddy breathe! I yell at him. I hit him in the chest right over his heart trying to get his pulse rate to pick up and breathe for him again. His chest rises and falls but he still doesn’t breathe on his own. Duff and Steven burst into the room.

“Is his heart beating?” Duff asks.

“Yeah but barely. He’s just not breathing on his own, we need to get him to suck in one big breath!” I tell Duff, tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Cold shower, now!” Duff orders and we pick up Slash’s boxer clad body and carry him into the tub. Steven turns the shower on full blast and ice cold. For a second nothing happens then all of a sudden Slash gasps and cries out “What the fuck?!” Duff lets out a full on sob and pulls him as tight as he can against his body and cries. Slash pushes back, or tries to, confused. “What’s going on?” he asks.

“You overdosed you idiot; you stopped breathing! I almost had somebody else die in my arms. It was like the nightmare repeated; somebody I loved more than anything dying right in my arms! Please! Not again! Not again baby boy I can’t do it!” Duff hauls his wet, cold, dripping body out of the tub and up into his arms so that he’s carrying him bridal style; cradling his head on his chest. Slash shivers and his teeth chatter and Steven and I grab towels and pile them on top of him to try and warm him up. Duff carries him out to the bed and sits down with Slash on his lap and wraps him in towels and holds onto him tightly sobbing like a baby into Slash’s neck. I’m worried Duff’s going to have a nervous breakdown.

We all kind of look at each other not knowing what to do. Steven approaches first and wraps an arm around Duff’s shoulders and pats one of Slash’s. “Hey Duff, it’s ok, he’s gonna be ok man; he’s there in your arms alive. Freezing to death but alive. He’s there, and it’s gonna be ok.”

I approached from the other side with a blanket and wrapped it around them both. “It’s ok you two, you made it. He’s alright Duff, you saved him, feels good doesn’t it? To be able to save someone you love when there was a time before when you couldn’t? You did it and you’re holding him and he’s yours Duff. He’s all yours to love for the rest of your life with all your heart if you want t,; just hold onto him tight. Get him warm; he’s still blue but now it’s just because he’s cold.”

I loop my arm around Duff’s other shoulder and he just sobs like a baby. “Baby boy, my sweet Curly Sue, I thought you were really dead baby, I was afraid I was going to lose you too, I was afraid you were gone; like it was happening again, the way it happened with my girl or my friend Eric; I thought you were gone, I thought you were gone, my baby. I watch as Slash’s arms rise up around Duff’s neck and he nuzzles his face into his neck.

“I’m here Duff, I’m right here Duffy , it’s ok, I’m sorry Duff, I’m soo sorry,” Slash tries to sooth him through chattering teeth. He’s still woozy and high as hell but at least he’s talking and breathing. “I’m just so sorry I put you though that. They sit there and hold and comfort each other for a few more minutes.

“Give me all of your dope, now, don’t argue with me, just give it to me,” Duff demands. Slash doesn’t argue he just gets up and gets it out of his suitcase and hands it to his boyfriend.

“Here,” he says meekly. “This is all of it.”

“I’d flush this shit down the toilet,” Duff growls and glances up at me, I don’t look away, I’m not a coward, “but I’m not dealing with you dope sick on tour either. But I’m in charge of this again, not you. Two shots, no more. Got it? Don’t you dare let me catch you high or with your hands on any dope period, got it?” he asks Slash.

“Got it, I’m sorry Duff,” he whispers.

“Sorry doesn’t help when you’re dead you idiot. I love you too much for you to be dead,” Duff says and pulls him tight against him again. He stuffs all of Slash’s gear in his pocket and picks him up again. Come on; you’re going to bed where I can watch you. You’re just lucky Izzy saw your blue lips you idiot. Slash just sighs and lays his head on Duff’s shoulders. Again I’m confronted by how much I want what they have. Slash just almost killed himself but Duff’s holding him anyway and will sit up watching him until he’s sure he’s safe. “Thanks man,” Duff says on the way out the door.

“Yeah, sure,” I answer quietly. I sigh and walk down the hall towards Axl’s room where it’s quiet and open the door since I smashed the frame earlier. The room is destroyed and it’s quiet. I walk in the bathroom and he’s passed out on the floor; blackened foil in his hand and the familiar smell of burnt heroin in the air. Huh, looks like I’m not the only one who gives into temptation once in a while; this is almost too good to be true. I bend over and check his breathing but he’s just asleep. He can’t stay here in this trashed room so I pick him up and carry him back to my own bed.

He wakes up once on the way there. “Izzy?” he asks in a slurred, quiet voice.

“Yeah fireball, I’ve got you; just sleep baby.

“Ok,” he mumbles. I lay him down on the bed and pull his jeans and socks off and put him under the covers. Steven asks if I want him to leave and I tell him no, don’t bother. I cut the light off and slide in bed beside by fireball and slide my arm around his waist. He doesn’t stay that way though, he rolls over and snuggles into my chest and I put both arms around him. “I love you Angel,” he whispers.

“I love you too, just rest honey. So he does and for once I’m not the only one passing out high.
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