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Sprinklers Suck

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Nikki doesn't like pranks

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I'm looking down into Izzy's hazel eyes as I lie on top of him and slowly move up and down along his shaft. My fingertips lightly explore his bare chest. His hands lightly glide my hips as he looks back up at me. In his eyes I see the boy I once knew who always looked at me so enamored and infatuated by love.

"I love you," he whispers up at me and I can see how much he means it. I answer with a smile because I know it's enough.

I finally feel like I have my heart back again. I wished it could stay like this forever. But I knew the world would never allow it. In this perfect moment though, the world doesn't matter.

We are lovingly gazing into one another's eyes, lost in heaven between us. Lost in the touch of our flesh rubbing together softly. Lost in our passion...but the the world comes fucking calling...

Suddenly a rainstorm starts right inside our hotel room. I jump off Izzy and land on the floor. Izzy shields his eyes to the water. "Man, somebody set off the fucking sprinklers!"

He gets off the bed and tries to slide into his pants. They are leather and drenched, they weren't going on without soap being this fucking drenched. He eventually grabs a soaked towel and makes his way to the door. When he opens the door it is on fire.

"FUCK!" I shout and try to get dressed, "The hotel is on fire!"

But I soon hear a demented chuckle in the doorway. I turn and look holding my shirt over my junk. I see a soaked wet figure that was once Nikki Sixx standing there in flattened hair and running makeup. In one hand he has a can of hairspray, the other a lighter. In his armpit is a bottle of Jack.

"Goddamnit Sixx," Izzy sighs and runs his hand through his hair, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry Stradlin, was I interrupting anything?" He asks looking over Izzy's shoulder and winking at me. They say this guy is straight, but sometimes I really wonder.

"What the fuck is your problem man?!" I shout at him.

"Ooops...looks like Fireball is upset Izz," he chuckles in that psychotically manic way of his.

By now others are in the hallway. There's screaming and yelling and people wanting to know if the hotel is burning down. Nikki's laughter gives him away. Doug appears before hotel security to handle the matter.

"What the fuck are you doing here Nikki?" Izzy almost hisses at him. "Crue isn't even playing here!"

"Really?" He slurs and seems to be befuddled. "Wait...I remember, I was bored. I have all this smack I scored and nobody will play with me. I came to see my GNR buddies. Let's party. Come on Izzy, this shit is so good."

"Well you came to the wrong place Sixx, I'm clean," Izzy tells him.

Nikki almost literally falls down laughing, "Yeah, keep telling yourself that one...Where is Slash," he says looking at the wet people in the hall. He finds him safely tucked in Duffs arms.

"Sorry Nikki, I cut back," Slash shakes his wet curls, I already had my shot tonight."

Nikki gives Duff a snide sneer, "And you think controlling him will cure him Blondie?"

"Please don't call me that,"Duff almost whispers and looks to the ground.

"You guys are nothing but a bunch of fucking posers! Rolling Stone says youre the next Crue. What bullshit! Where's the groupies? Where's the dope!! Soon they'll figure out your little secret you know. Just wait until the goddamn photographers are suspending down buildings to get shots of you in your rooms! It's coming! But you're too busy with your dicks up each other's asses to fucking see it!"

Izzy grabs Sixx by the shirt and jerks him into our room and slams the door shut.

"He's out of his fucking mind," I say lifting Nikkis chin for a better look at his face. His eyes were rolling back and he could barely hold them open.

"Is somebody ever going to cut off the goddamn sprinklers?!" Izzy snaps as he forces Nikki down onto the bed.

"I thought you Indiana boys would like the rain," Nikki giggles.

"Sixx, what all did you take?" Nikki smacks the side of his face.

"I'm not too fucked up to kick your ass if you slap me again," he mutters.

"Nikki, what all did you do?" I repeat Izzy's question.

Nikki turns his barely there eyes to me and smiles his biggest smile, "Everything."

"Did you tell anyone where you were going?" Izzy asks.

"Why? So they could send me fucking baby sitters?"

"But why the fuck did you come here?" I ask him.

"Cause everyone treats me like I have plague...nobody wants to hang out with me anymore but groupies or fans...they just wanna fuck and steal shit...Why doesn't anybody wanna hang out with me anymore?" He slurs almost inaudibly.

"Do you want those reasons in alphabetical order or ranked by relevance?" I huff.

"Axl," Izzy furrows his brows at me and jabs my arms.

"We better call his people before they put out an APB on his ass," I scratch my head and watch Sixx falling asleep on our bed.

"Maybe we should call Tommy instead," Izzy says.

My blood boils, "Yeah, you'd like for him to show up wouldn't you?" I growl as the sprinklers finally go off.

"Don't start with that shit right now. We can't just leave him to wander the city unattended. We have to get him back where he belongs."

"He belongs in a nuthouse," I roll my eyes.

"Maybe you could be room mates," Izzy snidely smirks at me.

"Ha ha," I roll my eyes, "Well, what the fuck do we do with him then?"

Izzy rests his hands at his hips. "They're going to move everyone on this floor to dry rooms. We have to get him to one. We just let him sleep it off. We call somebody from Crue and let them know where they can come to collect him," he sighs.

"I say leave his junkie ass there and let hotel security deal with him," I shrug.

"Grow up get his legs, I'll get his arms. We can take him to the Tour managers room and leave him there. That guy is passed out on the crew bus."

I shake my head and grab Nikki's wet legs.

I draw in my breath feeling my guts start to tighten. It's the junkie alarm clock going off. I know i'ts going to kill me, but I slightly part open one eyelid. Luckily the curtains are drawn and the room is dimmed from the sun blazing outside. My eyes catch a few things in the room. This wasn't my fucking room. The hotel Crue was staying in was way nicer than this shit hole. Where the fuck am I?

I raise my head and beside me I see a tangle of bodies under the covers. Red and black hair splashes across the pillows. I guess some chicks brought me back to their room last night. I think nothing of it and sit up on the edge of the bed in search of a cigarette. Found those. Now, where was my shit? Clothes, where are my clothes? I don't see anything that belongs to me.

I reach back to the huddled whores behind me and shove one of their bony hips. "Hey, where the fuck is my shit?"

"Go back to sleep," says a voice far to gruff to be a chicks. Holy fucking shit.

"Hey you! Wake up and tell me where all my shit is!"

"Izz, deal with your friend," the voice moans from under a pillow.

That's when I see Izzy lift his head with puffy eyes that were barely open. He gives me a faint smile, "Sleep good?"

"Where the fuck am I?" I ask lifting the sheet again to verify that I was in fact completely naked. Yep, as the day I was born, more, I'm minus a foreskin now.

"Uh...Memphis...or is it Nashville?" Izzy softly ponders as he runs his fingertips across Axl curled into him. "One of those notoriously Country cities."

"Tennessee? I'm supposed to be in fucking the fuck did I get here?" I ask and notice that when he sits up on the edge of the bed for his own cigarette that he too is butt ass naked. Oh holy shit, Axl must be too. I don't see the outline of any underwear under that thin sheet.

"Beats me?" Izzy shrugs and stands up.

"Shit put on your clothes," I cover my eyes.

"Not like you haven't seen it before," I hear Axl lift the pillow and huff.

A smirk plays on Izzy's lips, "Last night you rush me to undress, this morning you rush me to redress..."

Axl throws back the pillow and sits up reaching for the cigarette in Izzy's hand. Izzy takes a drag and hands it over. He looks at me as he takes a drag. "Questions questions," he tisks. "Don't you hate it when you get so trashed you black out and don't remember shit? How did you end up naked with the two of us? Who's got the biggest dick? Who kisses the best?"

Being the Nikki Sixx bastard that I am I snort, "Well I already know the answer to two of those questions. Biggest dick, fucking easy, Tommy. Best kisser? Me. Hands fucking down."

"Cocky ain't he?" Axl smiles up at Izzy.

"Well, except the Tommy part, everybody knows that one," Izzy shrugs and steals the cigarette away from Axl.

Axl gives Izzy an evil glare.

"Just saying, chill out, you brought it up," Izzy sighs. He turns and looks at me. "You showed up here on your own last night with a lighter, a can of hairspray, and a bottle of Jack."

I sigh and run my hand over my neck. "How many doors are they charging me with?"

"Sorry Sixx," Axl chimes in, "I forgot to count how many were on that floor...but you shouldn't even trip on the doors man, they're not even charging you for the doors."

I drag from my...maybe their cigarette...and ask, "So what are they charging me for?"

"The eleventh floor," Izzy says wrapping a towel around his waist.

"The eleventh floor? Like the entire eleventh fucking floor? The whole goddamn thing?!" I ask in shock.

"Unless the water seeped down to the tenth floor too," Axl sees fit to add.

"Water?" I ask.

Izzy whirls his index finger in circles above his head, "Sprinklers fucker."

I swallow the lump in my throat and ask the real question on my mind. "So did shit go down? You know...the three of us?"

"I dunno, you were pretty insistent," Axl exhales. "Bored, I believe is how you described how you felt."

"I started it?" I ask in shock.

"Oh yeah," Izzy cooly drags from his cigarette, "You were very, what's another word for curious?"

"I think interested would fit best," Axl smiles.

"Yeah," Izzy smirks, "You were real interested."

"I think Im gonna be sick," I heave.

Axl laughs a deep chuckle, "You would puke if you knew the sick shit we had you doing last night."

Yeah, sick by even our fucking standards," Izzy nods. "But don't worry Sixx, we were very gentle with you. We made sure not to hurt you, it being your first time and all."

"Uh Izz I think he sobered up and got pissed," Axl comments.

"You have no idea," I snarl and feel tears of anger stinging my eyes. "Which of you motherfuckers went first?" I demand.

They both point a finger at one another and say the others name.

I hurt too much to attack, but oh how I fucking want to kill them. After I get a fix I'm definately doing that. "Where the fuck are my clothes?"

"Drying in the bathroom," Axl motions with his head.

"Mind turning your backs?" I ask in annoyance as I'm about to stand.

"Now you wanna be shy?" Izzy chuckles but turns around. Axl covers his eyes with a sigh.

I start for the bathroom.

"How's the ass feel?" Axl asks.

"Fine actually," I shrug.

"That might have something to do with the fact that you didnt get fucked last night, well not by us anyhow," Izzy dryly remarks.

I turn and look at them and they are fucking rolling.

"You deserved that shit motherfucker! You set our floor on fire and sprinklers came on right as I was about to cum on Izzy and your bullshit left me with blue balls!" Axl says adamantly.
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