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Meet Mandy

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Nikki introduces Duff to his first wife

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I feel fidgety as I slide into my still damp clothes. I was starting to get dope sick. I was AWOL from my crew. I was pissed off because those two fags let me think they fucked me. I’m sober, and nothing sucks worse. I need a fucking fix. I walk back into the bedroom where Izzy is dressed now and Axl is still naked in bed.

“Come on Stradlin, you’re a fucking dealer, get me straight fucker,” I snap sounding short.

“No man,” He says in that damn calm monotone of his, “I’m straight. I’m not selling, I’m out of the game.”

“You gotta help me score, please,” I pace their floor trying to keep from pulling my hair out.

“Sixx, I don’t think I can subject myself to the temptation. But Duff holds Slash’s shit, he might can get you straight,” Izzy offers.

“What about your people?” Axl asks, “They are on the way for you.”

“Who the fuck called them?!” I ask feeling anger flood me.
“I did,” Axl shrugs showing no fear of me. “Figured they needed their bassist.”

“No they want their fucking cash cow. Without me there is no fucking Crue! I write those songs! I get us out there! I put forth every concept and thought! They need me to live their greedy fucking pockets!” I rant as I pace and talk emphatically with my hands.

“Well, not my problem. You can expect then around six. They’re picking you up in the Motley Jet.”

I growl, “Where the fuck is Duff?”

“His room or Slash’s,” Izzy shrugs.

“I’m so fucking pissed because I’m sober. “Yeah, that shit is just going to keep going over. Where the fuck are the groupies? O you ever fucking fuck them? I suggest you start before word gets out…or pictures…Where’s my fucking cash and wallet?!” I look around.

“You didn’t have shit on you! What are you implying, we fucking robbed you?!” Axl asks siting up a bit.

“Fuck his, I don’t have time for this bullshit,” I hiss and storm from their room slamming the door behind me.

I start knocking on doors until a tall blonde or a frizzy headed Slash answer the door. It’s Duff who finally does.

“Nikki, what are you still doing here? I thought they were sending a chopper or jet or some shit for you,” he draws from a cigarette.

“Fuck, why is everybody so ready to see me go?!” I snap and storm into their room. I hear Slash in the shower. “Look can you just get me straight. I’ll be out of everyone’s precious way soon enough.”

Duff looks at me a moment, he finally nods. He starts breaking out works to fix me up.

“I’m not fucking chipping, add more shit to that,” I demand.

Duff cuts his eyes over at me but complies. He fixes me a heaping dose and hands it to me. I quickly spike my vein and regain my sense of normality. A groan escapes me as I feel so much better. I pull out the needle and look to Duff.

“Want to head down to the bar for some drinks? I’m buying. It would look good if you hung out with some chicks down there too.”

Duff sighs and looks to the bathroom door. “Slash is zoned out from the smack, he’s probably gonna be a while. I’ll just leave him a note and he can join up when he gets out.”

“Good, lets fucking go. I’ve gotta get smashed before fucking Doc comes sniffing me out like a hound in heat,” I smirk.


So I go downstairs to the hotel bar to have some drinks with Sixx. Within two minutes he has a crowd of trampy groupies surrounding us. He flirts and gropes them.

“Who’s your friend Nikki, he’s hot,” A big busted brunette says as she strokes my bare chest.

I gulp my shot of Vodka. “Nikki jabs me in the ribs and leans in to whisper to me, you remember what I said about chicks…you’re in the business of selling sex bro, not records.”

I smile at the brunette from behind my cigarette, “I’m Duff.”

“Oh hell no Connie,” Nikki shakes his head, you’re mine sweetheart, where’s Mandy?” Nikki asks looking around the girls. “Ah there she is,” he smiles pulling her to him by her and. She was an attractive blonde bit big blue eyes. “Mandy, say hello to Duff, show him a good time.”

Mandy saunters over to me and works her body between my thighs as I sat on a bar stool. “You seem like you sort of have a punk feel to you Duff.”

“I love punk,” I admit not knowing how she could have a clue about that by just taking one look at me?

“So you play bass like Nikki, right? Guns N Roses isn’t it?” She asks me as her hands rest on my thighs.

“Yeah,” I swallow the lump in my throat.

“You guys are like impossible to get passes out of,” she comments.

“Because they’re still green behind the ears and stupid as shit,” Nikki chimes in and gulps a shot.

“I’ll see what I can do about that,” I smile at her as her hands move further up my thighs. “So do you have a day job or do you just tag along with bands?”

“Tag along,” she huffs, “Hon, I do much more than just tag along.”

“She can get you anything you want in any major city in the states,” Nikki gulps another shot as he gropes the brunette’s ass. “You have plenty of room for an entourage, take her and a couple of her friends with you. Stevie will appreciate them at least.”

Mandy leans into me, hovering her lips over mine, “I’ll do anything you want baby,” she whispers the words onto my lips before she in subtly kissing me.

I don’t know why, but I kiss her back. My tongue is down her throat. Her hand is stroking my semi rigid cock over my pants. I knew Nikki was right. Axl and Izzy had been preaching the same bullshit for months. They even had their poser girlfriends to pull off the charade, the illusion that was nothing more than a delusion. As our lips part I see Slash standing there with water dripping from the tips of his hair. He just stare at me blankly. I haven’t a clue what he is thinking.

“Bout time you showed up,” Nikki huffs, “Duff was just procuring you some girls to go on the road with you.”

“S…Slash, this is Mandy,” I stammer and try to move her away from me, but she won’t budge, she just smiles and runs her hand all over me.

I can see Slash’s eyes go down to my dick. He looks up with me with a smirk. “Yeah, whatever,” he shrugs just before turning and storming off.

Beside me Nikki drunkenly chuckles, “What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on your wall tonight.”

“So,” Mandy says, “I’ve heard rumors about your band, they true?”

“Rumors?” I play dumb.

“Yeah, that you guys are gay?” She asks.

I smirk, “Honey you have you hand on my cock, does it feel like I’m fucking gay?”

She licks her lips. “Good, that’s real good.”
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