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Fucking Groupie Whores

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Slash is jealous

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The phone rings at 8:30; either someone is dead or Doug is pissed. It turns out to be the latter of the two and he yells at me to be at a band meeting in his room in an hour and to tell Duff that too.

"What the fuck does Doug want this early in the morning?" Duff growls and pulls me onto his chest and strokes my hair and tickles my side. "I love you baby boy!" he chuckles as I squirm under him.

“Shit I love you too," I smile and finally give in and return his caresses. “Band meeting in an hour. Come on, I’ll help you get ready?” I ask him with a naughty look.
“Help me get ready huh? Now how are you going to do that?” he asks.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” I laugh as I get out of bed and get the water started.
He steps into the shower and I pull him into my arms and kiss his lips lazily and he smiles and kisses me back. I move down his body until I’m on my knees in front of him. I take his cock between by lips and suck him until he’s hard and he surprises me by pulling me to my feet. “Mmmmm, please let me have you beautiful boy, I want you so bad…..” he begs.”

“Since you’re begging…” I laugh.

“I’ll have you begging in a few minutes,” he promises. He pours conditioner on his fingers and turns me so that my back is to him and begins to stretch me out. His fingers alternately dance over and stroke my prostate hard. He’s right, I’m begging by the time he pushes into me. I let out a little cry and then moan quietly each time he thrusts into me.

“I love it when you’re so vocal; you make me so hot,” he growls. He thrusts and I groan until I cum against the shower wall and he cums in me.

We get dressed and go to the band meeting totally not expecting what’s coming. As soon as we’re all in the room and the door’s shut Doug turns around and growls “Get your hands off of each other, all of you. We all look at each other confused; but we all stop touching each other. “Duff, what the fuck are you thinking picking Slash up and carrying him into the elevator last night kissing him? Then Axl and Izzy, you both turned down groupies last night and went to bed with Nikki Sixx in your room after he set off the sprinklers on the 11th floor? After that even more reporters were here and you’d better believe they had their cameras everywhere! I got a great picture of Duff with his arms wrapped around Slash with his tongue down his throat! I had to pay them not to publish it! Bring some girls back to your rooms and fuck them, fuck them in public I don’t care but goddamnit keep your hands off of each other in public do you understand?! Your job is to sell sex just as much as it is records! Do we understand each other?”

We all just stare at him and sort of nod and when he doesn’t say anything else we just get up and walk out. Izzy stops in the doorway, flips Doug off, and pulls Axl against his groin and kisses him hard. Duff reaches over and puts his arm around my waist and kisses the side of my face. “Here we go again huh?” I sigh.

“Yep, guess we’re gonna have tto fuck some girls. You still gonna love me after we have to do that?” Duff says quietly.x

“Of course I am, I just thought we were sort of past the point where I was gonna have to share you with people but I guess not,” I answer him sadly.

“Me too,” he answers and kisses me softly right in the middle of the hallway. “You’ll never lose my heart though, never worry about that.” I try not to until later that night after I get my shit from Duff and come out of the bathroom to find out that he’s gone down to the bar with Nikki, he left me a not on the bed.

I go down and there’s a girl all over Duff and I mean all over him and she won’t get off either. Nikki says her name is Mandy and that she and a couple of her friends are going on the road with us. Duff tries to squirm away from her but she literally pushes him back and cups his dick and looks at me challengingly. Seriously? I look at Duff and raise my eyebrows. “Whatever,” I say and give Duff somewhere between a blank and a pissed off/hurt look. He had better not bang that whore after she almost openly challenged me. He knows I’ll be pissed and hurt if he fucks her and Nikki had better not be serious about that bitch going on tour with us. I break the rules and go take a second shot and knock myself the fuck out because I don’t want to think about what my baby’s doing right now and what I’ll have to be doing soon enough. I wake up hours later and he’s still not back. Duff should be done with that bitch by now; what the fuck? I get up and throw on some jeans and my leather jacket and go out looking for him. I bang on Steven’s door but he’s not there. He’s not in Axl’s room; Axl and Izzy are busy in there but they tell me to check Nikki’s which is next to theirs. I pound on the door and Nikki opens it.

“Looking for Blondie? That why you’re here Curly Sue?

“Don’t call him that Nikki; he really hates it. Izzy said he’s in here, is that true or not? Nikki backs away from the door and gestures for me to come in. Of course Nikki’s rented a suite so I step into a living room and Nikki gestures to the door to my left. I walk over and open the door and see Duff on his back; guiding the girl up and down his cock. She’s moaning and groaning and Duff’s huffing and puffing underneath her “Oh yeah, ride me baby, I’m almost there”

“So,” I ask from the door, “how long have you guys been doing it? Has he cum even once yet because I can make him cum about 3 times in a half an hour but then, I know what he likes and you’re just a junkie groupie whore.

The girl glares up at me. “You think you can make him cum? He’s too wasted to even stay hard! I heard you guys were all gay, I thought he was just drunk but please, give it your best shot.

“Hey! “ Duff objects when he feels the tight warmth and wetness leave his cock. I strip down in seconds and move on top of Duff.”Slash what are you doing? We’re supposed to be fucking groupies!”

“Yeah only she wasn’t doing a very good job so I told I would show her how it was done.” He just sort of giggles. I lean down and capture his lips with mine and he returns that kiss passionately. I pull my lips away from his and replace them with three fingers which he sucks and licks at eagerly. When they’re wet enough I start kissing him again and stretch him open with the fingers she slicked up for me. He groans like a whore and spreads his legs wider and curls his hips towards my hand. I let my fingers dance across his prostate and then push down and rub hard and he blows his load right then; yelling my name. I remove my fingers and stroke his dick a little to keep him hard and push into him quickly knowing it will hurt a little but that he’ll like pain. He curses like a sailor at the pain but growls about how big my dick is when I start to slowly thrust; setting up a steady rhythm that lets the head of my cock skim his prostate lightly each time it moves in or out. “Fuck Slash, nobody should be allowed to have a dick that good or that big, it should be illegal!” he groans.

“You like my dick? Does it feel good in your tight little ass?”

“I do, it’s way better than pussy too…he trails off. Make me cum again, I’m almost there and I can feel you twitching inside me; cum with me. I smile and lift his hips; changing the angle of my thrusts and he arches his back hard and jets of cum shoot out between us as I seal our lips together and my own climax hits and I groan into Duff’s mouth as my hips slam into him. When we’re done I look over at the girl sitting on the couch watching and smile at her under my hair.

“Come on Duffy, come back to our room where all your stuff is and shower with me and then sleep. I slide my clothes on, grab Duff’s wrap him in a towel and leave Nikki with Mandi and Connie or whoever. I get Duff showered up and snuggled into my body. “I love you, I’m sure some major shit will go down tomorrow but I don’t want you with whores; I want you in my arms."

"I never want to be anywhere else, I love you too Curly Sue." Duff drawls as he falls asleep.
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