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Nikki's Surprise

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Nikki blackmails duff

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Too bad Slash and Duff didn’t know I had a video camera hidden in my room so I could film Duff and I having sex with those two chicks; I got quite a nice tape of Slash fucking the hell out of Duff with his gigantic dick. Nice shots of Duff getting off in about 15 seconds just from the kid fingering him too. If I wasn’t so straight I’d be after that fucking kid; he’s packing and he’s fucking talented apparently since Duff blew two loads for him in under 15 minutes. Slash can’t help it; he just oozes sex. Too bad he doesn’t really want much to do with women; he could make money selling himself to the highest bidding groupie.

This video is a great piece of blackmail and it’s going to get me so many things that I want. Guns is going to open for us after their Iron Maiden leg of their current tour. People are really starting to love their music and their look and they’ll pull in good money. I’ll also be doing them a double favor in the end even though they won’t see it that way. Hiring them to tour with us will make them a lot of money. Forcing them to have women around them quells the rumors of being gay and attracts more girls which means more money, free booze, free drugs, free sex any time you want it; terrible derelict lifestyle we live.

They’ll be the biggest band in the world; next to us of course. Duff’s new wife, yep, I said wife, is going to keep us supplied with dope; have it delivered to us the minute we walked into the hotel. I do wish I didn’t have to hurt the kid though to get what I wanted but he and Duff need to learn to hide their relationship better and a little forced separation might remind them of that.

I’m also going to force Geffen to pay me a hefty amount of money to keep my mouth shut! There has to be something for me in this whole deal right? I pound on Doug’s door and he opens it and sneers at me. “I would have thought Doc would have sent someone for you by now,” he snorts, “before you destroy another floor of a hotel!”

“Eh, who knows, maybe they’ll send Ninjas after me or something, or maybe they decided I’m not worth the trouble, although it would be a pain in the ass to find someone who’s more of a bad ass than me! Anyway; got something here you might be interested in and a little business proposition to go along with it.”

“Why would I be interested in it? What is it?”

“Well it’s a great piece of porn featuring your bass player and a hot chick who gets pushed aside for your lead guitarist; that’s the best part of the whole thing. The public would love to see it!" I hiss, licking my lips.

“Get the fuck in here Sixx and show me the tape, I know it’s not your only copy,” Doug growls.

“Of course it isn’t, that would be stupid of me; to leave you the only copy I have. Do you want to watch it with me? Should we call Alan too?” I ask, smirking. “We could have a porn party.

“Come in here Sixx and yes, we’re calling Alan to come over too; we need to assess the potential damages of your little night of fun with the video camera. Did they know that you had a camera?”

“Mandy did, the other two didn’t. It was hidden.” I follow Doug into his room and he calls Alan who comes rushing over from across the hall. I plug the camera into the TV and push play and we get a great view of Duff’s ass between Mandy’s legs fucking her and her talking dirty to her. She’s panting and groaning. Duff flips her over and she has to stroke him to get his dick a little harder before she could sit down on it but he groaned when she finally did slide down onto his dick. This girl was a pro too; she ground her hips into his as she moved senuously up and down his cock. “You gonna cum for me big boy?” she asked at one point.

“Yeah, eventually,” he sighed. You could tell he was totally not into it.

Just then the door burst open and Slash stumbled in. He took one look at the scene and asked the girl how long they’ve been doing it and if Duff came for her because he could make him cum 3 times in a half an hour because he knew what Duff liked and that she was just a junkie whore. Mandy tells him to take his best shot because Duff’s drunk and hasn’t been able to keep it hard all night. Slash is undressed in seconds and Mandy climbs off of Duff.

Slash leans down and kisses his lover and immediately you can see the change in Duff. He lights up, his dick really hardens up, it’s like somebody charged up his battery. The passion you can see in that kiss, even on a shitty video is mind blowing. You can tell how in love those fuckers are just from that one kiss! Slash pulls back and puts three of his fingers in Duff’s mouth while he strokes his dick and then when his fingers are wet he takes them out of Duff’s mouth and puts them into Duff’s ass. Duff acts like a groupie whore and spreads his legs more and moans and rides his boyfriend’s hand and whatever Slash does to him makes him get off in under 15 seconds. He gets off hard too and yells Slash’s name. Slash doesn’t’ waste any time either, he spits in his hand, slicks up his cock and pushes into Duff fast and hard causing Duff to cry out in pain or pleasure or both.

“Fuck!” Alan Niven says and squirms around in his seat. “That had to hurt that kid has got the biggest fucking dick I’ve ever seen!”
“You should see Tommy’s. Tommy’s is bigger, we measured them side by side. The other two give me a look like I’m nuts and I just shrug and laugh.

Duff’s dick never even goes down on the screen and soon he’s fisting Slash’s hair and telling him how good his cock feels. He tells Slash that he’s going to cum again soon and that he can feel Slash’s dick twitching inside of him. Slash brings their lips together again and Duff explodes all over his and Slash’s stomachs and Slash groans into Duff’s mouth and thrusts into him hard a couple of times before going rigid and then rides out the rest of his orgasm. Duff says something about Slash’s cock being so much better than pussy and then they get dressed and leave.

“That’ll sell for at least $100,000 don’t you think?” I ask evily.

Doug just sits with his head in his hands and Alan looks at the ceiling and sighs. “What do you want Sixx?” Doug finally asks.

“Oh, just a few things,” I chuckle darkly. First thing I want is Guns opening for us this summer, the whole three month summer leg around the U.S. Second thing I want is for Duff to make Mandy his arm candy only she’s probably not going to settle for just that; she wants the attention from the press for being Mrs. Duff McKagan. She's in a punk band and she wants the press so she can pitch her own band. So I say we pack em up and send 'em off to Vegas, say they eloped; press will eat it up, it will quell some of the gay rumors.

I want her on tour with us, she’s one of my best connections and can hook us up anywhere anytime. She’ll keep your guitarist nice and numb. This works for both of us: Guns will attract people to our shows, it hushes up some of the homo rumors. Your guys are selling sex as much as they are music so they need to appeal to girls and guys but mostly girls; that’s your audience. They should be fucking in dressing rooms before the show and after, girls everywhere. Motley has awesome after show parties; your boys need to come. By the time the tour’s done your band will be the biggest band in the U.S.; next to ours of course. Oh, and I also want a brand new Harley with my name painted on it; courtesy of Geffen records.”

“We’ll discuss it with the guys,” Alan says and escorts me to the door.

That talk didn’t go very well because about an hour after I left I heard a lot of yelling and door slamming and when management leaves and I press my ear to the wall I can hear the kid outright sobbing and Duff trying to comfort him. Even I have to feel guilty about that. But really, it’ll be better for them in the long run even if they don’t know it now. On another note Izzy and his Fireball are the outs too; apparently Erin's coming for a visit.
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