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A Big Mistake?

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Duff and Axl should never leave Slash and Izzy alone!!!

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After Duff leaves for the airport with Mandy I’m totally lost. I go down to the lobby to buy some smokes from the cigarette machine hiding my blotchy face and swollen eyes with my hair. When I turned around to go back to the elevators I almost smack into Izzy who looked like he’s wearing some sort of chauffer’s outfit. “Izz what the fuck are you wearing?” I ask him looking him up and down.

“Never mind let’s get to the elevators before some fans recognize us. We make a beeline for the elevators and as soon as the doors close he loses the cool attitude and asks me “How are you doing kid, you’ve got be a wreck.”

“Not very good. I shot up twice this morning before he left. He was so drunk he could hardly stand up. Izzy what the fuck is this shit? What’s happening? Why and how in the fuck did they make Duff get married to this girl? He hates her. I,..I just want him to come back. I love him Izzy, I really, really love him. I don’t know what to do when he comes back in a couple of days; do we just go back to normal or ignore each other or if we’re allowed to share a room; I don’t know anything!” I blurt out.

“ I don’t know either kid but I’m here for you. You want to come back to my room and watch TV so you don’t have to be alone? Nothing else, just watching TV.”

“Sure, I say softly. “I don’t really want to be alone.”

I followed Izzy back to his room and kicked off my shoes and laid down on one side of the king size bed in his room. He and Axl weren’t sharing on this stop because Erin was here. Izzy laid down on the other side and we eventually found a movie to watch. It was awkward though; the silence between us. Finally I turned to look at him. “What? He finally asked. I just looked at him with pleading eyes and he looked back at me said “You know we’ve got to stop doing this or we’ll end up doing something we regret. I don’t know what comes over with me when I’m with you but I don’t think I’d be able to stop if I started fooling around with you right now. I’d also feel like I was taking advantage of you when you’re this vulnerable and honestly so am I because Axl’s got Erin here. I’ll hold you though if you want.”

“Ok,” I say softly and Izzy opens his arms to me. I move over and cuddle up to him and he puts his arms around me and I loop one across his chest and stomach. His t-shirt is soft under my face and his arms around me are comforting and he gently rubs my back. The sound of his heartbeat and the way he softly strokes my hair and back lulls me into sleep. When I wake up I think I’m in Duff’s arms but then I remember; Duff’s in Vegas getting married to that groupie whore and that it’s Izzy I’m snuggled up to. I try and quietly slip out of his arms so I can get in the shower and he moves around a little but I pillow in his arms and he settles back down.

When I get out of the shower I realize I don’t have any clean clothes in Izzy’s room so I quietly open the door to slip out and go back to my own room but he wakes up and rolls over to look at me “You leaving darlin? It’s awful lonely here without you.”

“I’m just going down the hall to grab some clothes and my toothbrush and I’ll be right back ok? I don’t want to be alone,” I tell him looking at the floor.

Izzy smirks at me with that one sided smirk of his and said “I don’t either. Here, take the room key, I’ll be in the shower when you come back.”

I took the key from his hand and walked down the hall to my own room in my dirty clothes and quickly changed into something cleaner, sprayed some deodorant on, and brushed my teeth before grabbing another set of clothes and my toothbrush and other cosmetic things and headed back to Izzy’s room. When I opened the door he was coming out of the bathroom in a towel and I had to turn around and put my stuff on the couch so I could avert my eyes. But it’s too late now I’ve got a freaking boner just from seeing him in a towel. God damnit!

“Feeling any better kid?” Izzy asks as I pretend to arrange my stuff into a neat pile instead of just dropping it like I normally would.

“No,” I answer, “not really. I miss him Izz. “ Suddenly I get really angry and just ball my extra pants and shirt up and throw them on the couch in frustration. Almost instantly strong arms are wrapped around me and Izzy’s nuzzling into my neck, his wet hair dripping on my shoulder. God please tell me he’s not naked because I can’t resist him right now. I told you it’s gonna be ok Darlin and it will be. He’ll be back and he’ll still love you just as much as he ever did.”

“Yeah but he’ll be married to someone else and be obligated to spend time with her for press hoots and shit and most importantly probably have sex with her, if he popped out a baby the press would be thrilled. “And…”a lump rises in my throat, “What if he really falls for her Izz? I mean he’s going to be married to her for Christsakes!

“C’mere kid, it’s gonna be fine, I promise. Duff doesn’t want anything to do with that chick; he couldn’t even get off after fucking her for an hour. You came in and got him off in like 15 seconds! You think he’s going to trade sex with you for sex with her? I don’t think so. Besides Slash, you hold his heart in your hands. I’ve never seen the guy cry til you had to get in the car with those guys from Virgin records. He loves you and only you. Izzy leads me over to the bed to sit down and rubs my back comfortingly. I look over him and he looks back at me; I can’t look away, what is it about Izzy? “Stop giving me that look kid! You know we can’t…” but I cut him off with a kiss. Instantly his hands are in my hair and the base of my neck pulling me closer. I moan into his mouth and he breaks away panting. “Why do I want you so bad?

“I, I don’t know, why do I want you? I’ve always wanted you. I love Duff more than anything but I’ve always wanted you. Even just once; there’s just, I don’t know Izzy.”

“Kid, I’ve always wanted you too, but there’s Axl and you and Duff are so in love I didn’t want to do anything to mess that up; I mean shit, I already have; Duff would pound my face in if he knew I’d kissed you. If I did anything else with you and he found out he’d kill both of us!” Izzy said with a deadly serious look on his face.

“I know Izzy, but he’s hurting me right now. I mean we could have just said fuck it to management and just let the world know we’re gay. It would probably turn on some girls, they’d love a three or four way! I’m just mad he went along with the whole thing! He won’t find out though, how would he? We’re not going to tell and he’s honeymooning in Vegas! Plus Izzy I just feel so safe with you; when you kiss me it’s always been when Duff’s hurt me and it’s comforting and no matter what you say Stradlin there’s always a little piece of our hearts in it when we kiss. I don’t know what it is Izzy, it’s not like what I feel for Duff but it’s something and it feels good; not just physically, kissing you makes something in my heart feel good.”

Izzy sighs deeply. “I know what you mean kid, you don’t know how many times I’ve had to stop myself from kissing or touching you that night you and Duff had that big fight and I was I your room talking to you I really had to hold myself back; it was hard, it is hard. Having sex with you wouldn’t be just sex kid; it would be making love. Not like with Axl or like with you and Duff but it would be…something. I don’t make you want to feel something that you don’t want to feel; I mean like Axl did. I saw in the car on the way to Mexico how freaked out you were about the fact that you two had sex and that you were ashamed. I don’t want you to feel that way about something you do with me. I’m afraid you’d look at Duff and be ashamed because we were together.”

“I wouldn’t be ashamed Izzy; being with you wouldn’t be like being with Axl. With Axl I was afraid and that guy was watching us and I felt almost like Axl sold me. I mean Vicki really sold me but Axl was the one who talked me into it. He was also the first person I had sex with that I didn’t really want to and I can’t forget how bad it made me feel. He wasn’t even rough with me or anything and I got off from it but Izzy with you, I’ve wanted you from the second I saw you in the club, even though I wanted Duff too; I just liked it that you thought my mouth was pretty. Then in the car when you called me out on checking out your junk I was embarrassed but I liked that you seemed to like it. Then we got to be really good friends when you started spending the day at our apartment and I saw how shitty Axl treated you I wanted you to have something better, for somebody to treat you good because you deserve that, to be treated good,” I blurted out.

“You always treated me good Slash; you never acted like I was a junkie piece of shit. You treated me like I was a good person, a person you like being around. It was really good to have someone who didn’t act like I had a disease or something. You and Duff were both really good to me. Just Slash I don’t want you to regret me,” Izzy sighed.

“Izzy, I would never regret you, I whisper and lean in and kiss him again and this time he doesn’t pull away he pulls me closer to him so that we’re chest to chest, skin to skin. Izzy’s hands run over my back and chest and I gasp as he runs his hand up my thigh and palms my crotch. He pops the button on my jeans and slowly pulls the zipper down.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asks.
I pull him into a deep but gentle kiss and brush his blue black hair out of his face, “Does that answer your question?” I ask. “Please Izzy, unless it’s gonna make you feel guilty in some way then please.”
Izzy doesn’t say anything he just stares into my eyes for a few minutes and then finally whispers “Ok, I want you so bad kid and not just a one and done, I want to make love to you all night. I told you it’s sex but not just sex; I don’t know what’s there but something, you get me?”

“I get you Izzy, I feel exactly the same way. I don’t know what it is but you fill in some sort of empty space in me and I need it filled,” I tell him.

“Exactly, you do get it. So you’re sure this is what you want?” he asks one more time.

“Izzy I want you, all of you even if it’s just for tonight. It’s ok, I want it too.” He smiles then, well, as much as Izzy smiles about things like sex. He quickly takes over and kisses me back down onto the bed; straddling me and grinding our crotches together and I could feel how hard he was through the two layers of denim covering us. I couldn’t help it and I let out a moan. Izzy smiled into the kiss and sat up. I reached up and ran my hands down his chest and he sighed and closed his eyes.
“Your fingers feel so different from Axl’s; guitar player’s fingers,” Izzy says.

“Is that a bad thing?” I ask.

“No and you know it isn’t, Duff’s fingers must feel like this, I like the extra friction.” Izzy grins coyly. He slowly backs up and lowers my zipper all the way and reaches down into my boxers to release my straining erection. I gasped at his touch and he grinned, pumping his and up and down a couple of times and I closed my eyes in pleasure. I reached up and quickly had Izzy’s jeans opened as well.

“Let me see you,” I ask him quietly.

“You too,” he says as he stands up and quickly stripped his pants and boxers off and I wriggled out of mine. It wasn’t like we hadn’t seen each other naked before but this was different. “You’re so beautiful,” he says.

“So are you, now get down here so I can touch you,” I tell him. He lays down on the bed beside me and our hands run over each other’s bodies. Our lips meet again and then Izzy climbs over me and he licks down my neck and nibbles on my collar bone and then kisses and licks his way down my body; stopping where my pubic hair begins and placing soft kisses on both sides of my dick but not touching it. I squirm a little in frustration and he smiles and then licks my dick from the bottom all the way to the top swirling his tongue around the head and I arch toward him and groan. Suddenly my cock is enveloped by his hot, wet, mouth, his tongue pressing down in all the right places. “Fuck Izzy” I hissed and grabbed at his hair and tried not to pull too hard; I wasn’t trying to remind him of the time those guys forced his head down on their cocks. He sucks at my cock for a few minutes and then licks a trail back up my chest to my mouth and gives me one of the softest but most passionate kisses I’ve ever had.

“Your lips feel so good kid,” Izzy whispers as he continues to kiss me. He sees the bottle of lube on the nightstand and reaches for it. He squirts it on his fingers and rubs some over my opening. Without breaking the kiss Izzy reaches down and teases me by running his finger around my opening. I curled my hips up towards his and he carefully slid one finger into me. When I didn’t complain he slid in a second finger and I gasped quietly. “Are you ok?” Izzy asks. I nod. “Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” Izzy asks, “because you’re really tight and your face says it hurts a little.”

“It does hurt a little but it always does, it’s ok. Izzy keeps my mouth busy with his kisses as he slowly slides his two fingers in and out of me scissoring the back and forth to stretch me open and finally puts in the third one and starts to play with my prostate and I gasp and cry out softly. “Do you like that?” he laughs softly as his fingers continue their teasing and I continue panting and curling my hips into his touch. I cum without even expecting it, almost no buildup but suddenly one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had rips through me and thick ropes of cum are exploding onto mine and Izzy’s chests and stomachs.

Izzy sat up and grinned reaching for a towel he had thrown on the floor next to the bed while getting dressed. “I’m just getting started with you kid; I’m gonna make you cum so many times tonight I’m gonna leave you so exhausted you won’t even remember your name. He kisses me again, a little harder and suddenly I feel him line himself up with my opening and without a word he just pushes in. He’s average as far as thickness goes but he surprised me with his length and it felt really good. I moaned and raised my hips towards his every thrust. Izzy whispered sexy, filthy things in my ear as he fucked me, things about how big my own cock was and how he couldn’t wait to feel me inside of him how he betted I was even better than Tommy, and every now and then he made little noises that showed he was having as good of a time as I was. The way he moved was sensuous and the way he made me feel inside was incredible; maybe because I had wanted this for long. His hands stroked my hair out of my eyes and held them. He didn’t look away unless I was kissing his neck or he was doing the same. I came three times before he let up and finally blew his load inside of me the last time I came.

We laid there and smoked a cigarette for a while, staring at the ceiling when I finally rolled over and kissed him again and this time I made love to his body, touching every single part of it, kissing him in places that I knew sometimes made Duff whimper. I took a long time stretching him out but I wouldn’t let him cum much to his frustration I just teased the hell out of him. When I finally entered him I did it slowly, he wasn’t used to me and hell I still had to work my way into Duff so I didn’t hurt him. Izzy moaned out loud when I was fully inside him and began to move. “Holy shit Slash you are better than Tommy, he’s too rough. I just left things at an easy steady pace and ran my tongue around Izzy’s ear and down his neck and he fucking keened because I pushed in at the same time and intentionally pushed on his sweet spot. He came hard, moaning my name and gripping my back hard. I held on and gritted my teeth but the second time he came it was too much; he was so tight and squeezing me so hard I had to let go too. By then it was almost four o’clock in the morning and we were both completely satiated and exhausted and covered in sweat and cum.

I pulled Izzy up for a shower and then we both shot up before we went back to our separate rooms. “You can’t stay here kid or I’ll want you in my arms all the time,” he sighed. I knew what he meant so I just made my way back to my room and slept curled around a pillow trying to ignore the fact that I was in a cold bed
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