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Memories Of The First Time

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I waited almost an hour for Axl to come back from Nikki’s room. I was just about to go looking for him when he pounded on the door. He looked pissed and there are marks on his neck. “Ax what happened?” I asked trying to brush his hair back so I could see the bruises on his neck. He pushes my hand away and starts pacing around the room.

“ We fought and he held me up against the wall by neck. But he had some good points which I hated,” Axl fumed.

“What did he say?” I ask genuinely curious as to what Nikki could have said that Axl would listen to while being pinned up against the wall.

“He said I need to get control of my band; that I’m the leader. He said we had the potential to be the next big band, bigger than Crue even. He said Slash is going to go down as a guitar god; that he’s that good. He said we all need to cultivate an image, something iconic. He said you’ve got an image, those loose shirts and that hat. He said Slash needs to always have that top hat, he can take it off but he needs to wear it at least for a while during every show. Duff has his punk image and his padlock necklace and that bright blonde hair and Slash has so many curls you can’t see his face. He said I need to wear the bandanna every night and that Steven needs to come up with something but that we all need to have a unique look. He also said I need to get control of everyone’s drug habits before one of us died and that we need to show off the girls to the press more and that he did us a favor by having Duff marry Mandy; that it was a good move as far as image goes; never mind it broke both his and Slash’s hearts. I just hate that he’s such a motherfucker!”

I sigh. “Yeah, he really fucked with Slash and Duff’s heads. They’ll be ok but it’s just one more thing you know? Something else to drive them to drink or shoot up.”
Axl sits down on the bed with his head in his hands . I sit next to him and put my arms around him and pull him into my shoulder. “It’s gonna be ok Fireball; Duff’s already back and I could hear the two of them through the wall, trust me they’re fine. Erin’s out for the night; I gave her a little smack. Whatcha say you stay here with me tonight Darlin? We could make some sounds of our own, it’s been a while and I miss you.”
He looks up at me and smiles a little, his eyes glittering. “Yeah?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I reply.

He grins. “ I missed you Izzy, I’m tired of pussy, I want your cock.”

“Well it’s ready for you,” I tell him and lift his chin and kiss him gently on the lips. He responded to the kiss and I could feel him smiling. “Did you miss me?” I asked him.

“I always miss you Angel, that fucking cunt is driving me up the wall, she’s outta here tomorrow or the next day, as soon as I can get rid of her.”

“I bet Duff wants to send Mandy away too but I’m betting Nikki won’t let him because of the drugs; I mean that is the whole point of her being on tour with us,” I speculated.

“Well yeah, and to get Duff to appear to be more heterosexual. After the photos of Duff carrying Slash into an elevator kissing him were taken there were rumors everywhere. Something had to be done; that’s what Nikki said anyway,” Axl huffed.

“What else did Nikki say? You’re not all beat up so it musn’t have been all bad,” I ask brushing his hair back and placing small kisses up the side of his neck. He shuddered slightly.

“He said we each need to develop an iconic image. Like you have your page boy hats and loose blouses and scarves and Slash has his top hat; Nikki said he needs to wear it at least part of every show. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“How about always wear that red bandana that’s your favorite, wear t-shirts that are as offensive as Slash’s, wear some of those leather jackets that you have, oh, and I think you should play in spandex boxers, make the girls swoon over your junk,” I suggest half joking but I can see that he’s considering it.

“It does get fucking hot up there under the lights, being in my underwear would be fucking great to tell you the truth; plus I could rub my junk on you every now and then. Would you like that?” he asks.

“I never turn down your dick touching me babe; have I ever said no Fireball?” I ask him.

“Not very often; not unless you’re really mad at me,” he says and pouts at me.

“Well I’m not mad at you right now; how about you show me your junk and let me make you feel good?”

“I think I could live with that,” he says and I lean in and kiss him again. I keep it soft and gentle and slowly unbutton his worn flannel shirt. I ran my hands down his smooth chest and pulled at his nipple ring
and he groaned softly.

“I miss the way your fingers feel izzy,” Axl whispers.

“I miss seeing your red hair across my chest when you’re sleeping . I love you so much Fireball, it’s been lonely in my bed without ya darlin. Axl smiles and kisses me back down onto the bed, he’s totally dominant tonight, still fired up from his fight with Nikki. He kisses and nips and sometimes downright bites at my neck and collarbone leaving me groaning underneath him.

“Izzy, you’re so pale, you need some sun, but you’re so beautiful, so much better that cunt I’m sending home.” Axl growled when he remembered Erin.

“Well I should hope so; otherwise what would be the point of liking guys if we’re the same as girls?

“Well I’m glad you’re not. I like to feel your beard stubble scratching against my face your coarse chest hair under my fingers and then there’s you know….”;Axl got flustered for a second. “Your man parts, “ he stammered.

“These man parts?” I ask and bring his hand down to palm my crotch through my boxers.

“Yep those are the ones,” he says and squeezes me softly. I suck in my breath slightly and he grins and leans over and pulls me to him by the back of my neck. His kisses are eager and I return them with equal vigor. His tongue eases my lips apart and then he plunders my mouth, exploring every square inch of it. I relish in the feeling of his lips touching mine, his tongue massaging mine, the way he tastes; god I’ve missed him. This is one of the things I love best about our relationship-we can be estranged or angry at each other for weeks or months on end but when we come back together things are just as magical and intense as they were when we were younger and first fooling around; it’s like those teenage hormones reappear and we can hardly control ourselves.

The first time we actually had sex Axl was afraid. I could see it in his eyes and the hesitant way he touched me. We had decided earlier in the day at school that tonight would be the night we were going to all the way. When we were making out and fooling around and exchanging blowjobs we were hot and eager for each other and he had been hesitant but gradually he realized I wouldn’t hurt him and his hormones took over and our make-out sessions were intense and lasted for hours. Some nights we would lay on a blanket down by the river looking at the stars all alone in each other’s arms and he would let me stroke his hair and run my fingers up and down his naked back and he would tell me that I made him feel safe and then he’d let me kiss my way down his body and take him into my mouth. His quiet moans and panting were music to my ears. When he came he would moan my name and then we would kiss some more and then he would return the favor and suck me off too. I would cum so hard; my hands gripping the blanket, my back arching towards his hot, wet mouth and his hands would grip my ass and squeeze to make me moan even more. Then we would fix our pants and lay there under the stars and kiss and kiss until our lips were bruised and tell each other over and over how much we loved each other until we had to go home before we broke curfew and Axl got the fuck beaten out of him by his step dad. At times like this, when we’d been arguing and hadn’t been together for a while we became those two 17 year-old boys again, raging hormones and hard dicks; hearts racing with fear and love and excitement.

But the first time, the very first time we planned everything out. My parents were out of town and Axl just said he was sleeping over at my house which was pretty normal. My brothers were spending the night at other friend’s houses so we were completely alone in the house. I draped scarves over the two lamps in my room so that the light was dim and I had Aerosmith on the record player and Axl and I were making out on the bed. But when it got to the point of actually doing it I could tell he was scared. He looked up at me, his beautiful green eyes wide with fear mixed with lust mixed with love and curiosity. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked him and kissed his cheek. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to Billy.”

“Yeah, I want to, I,…I just don’t know what to do and how to make it feel good; I don’t want it to hurt like when…you know, all the other times.

“Do you want to be on top? I asked.

He shook his head. “I don’t know what to do; do you?”

“I think so, I mean I read about it, we have a sort of g-spot like girls and so I know where to aim and I’m supposed to stretch you out first and make sure there’s enough lube and stuff so I think I know what to do more or less. Are you scared? You know I’d never force you to do anything and I’ll do my best not to hurt you and make you feel good. I’d like to make you feel good; I’d like for you know sex with me would always make you feel good, I’d never hurt you. You know I…you know I love you right Billy?”

He looked up into my eyes for a long time before he whispered “I love you too Jeff, Izzy, whatever name you wanna go by I love you. I want to do this; I want to try anyway, I trust you.” I felt a huge smile spreading across my face; he trusted me and he loved me too and I knew he meant it if he was willing to let me make love to him. I felt my heart fill up to nearly bursting. He smiled back and stroked my hair back out of my face and said “Izzy, you’re so beautiful when you smile like that, You should do it more often.”

“Maybe I will now that I know you love me as much as I love you and I can’t even really tell you how much it means to me that you trust me enough to let me touch you and make love to you; I know how big that is for you.” I lean down and kiss him again, slowly and softly; gradually deepening the kiss, finally moving my hand between our bodies and stroking his hard cock. He softly groaned into my mouth and I swirled my thumb over the head of his dick; smearing the precum into his skin making his dick twitch. “You ready to try this baby?” I asked him quietly.
He looked into my eyes for a long time without saying anything and I was afraid he was going to say no; that he didn’t want it but he finally nodded and said “I’m ready Izzy, I’m ready for anything with you.”
I kissed him softly and chuckled. “Anything huh? What to hike the Pacific Northwest Trail with me? Hundreds of miles of desert and mountains.”

“Ok, let’s not go that far, let’s just have sex, we can talk about your disgusting love of the desert later,” he said with a smile, the mood lightning a bit. I reached over to the bedside table and picked up the bottle of strawberry lube I swiped from the 7-11 and flipped it open. “Strawberry Izzy?” he asked with a laugh.

“It was all they had in a bottle small enough to steal!” I laughed as I coated my fingers in it. I squirted a little extra on my middle finger and ran it up the crack of his ass and around his opening.

He yelped “Jesus Izzy that shit’s cold!”

“You won’t be thinking about that soon Darlin,” I said quietly and brought our lips together as I slipped my middle finger into him up to my first knuckle and he gasped. “You ok?” I asked. He nodded. “I’m going to push in some more; It’ll probably feel weird alright? Just relax.” He nods and I push my finger all the way in. His eyes widen and I’m still for a second and when he relaxes I kiss him again and start to slide my finger in and out of him, searching for his prostate which I heard felt amazing when touched from the inside. I knew more or less where to find it but it took about 30 seconds of searching around to actually locate it; I jumped a little when he cried out.

“Jesus Izzy what was that?” I stroked my finger over it again and he keened.

“It’s your prostate, does it feel good?

“Holy shit yeah it feels good!” he almost squeals as I circle the gland with my finger again. I kiss him some more continuing to tease him and graze over that spot as I work a second finger into him and he tenses up and scrunches up his face but I circle both fingers over that magic spot inside of him and he relaxes, no more whining. I start scissoring my fingers back and forth to open him up some and he’s so tight I was still worried about hurting him. I added a third finger and Axl yelped and I stilled for a second,

“You ok Billy? I didn’t mean to hurt you honey I just want to make sure you’re open enough and you’re really tight and…”
“Shh Izzy, don’t worry so much; I’m ready, make love to me, just tell me what I need to do.”

“Well, raise your hips up,” I tell him and slide a pillow under them. “Spread your legs a little bit.” He does and I lean down over him and kiss him again before positioning myself to enter him. “You ready?” I ask him quietly.

He bites his lip but whispers “Yeah.”

I gently push against him and slide in and his eyes widen but he doesn’t tell me to stop. “Does it hurt baby?” I ask him.

“Just a little but don’t stop; I want to feel you,” he pleads. I inch my way in, careful not to hurt him until I’m buried to the hilt. I sit still for a bit so he can get used to the feeling of me inside of him and I can get my dick under control. I’d fucked a few girls, I was sixteen after all, but never a guy and this was Billy, Billy who I loved, lusted after, wanted more than anything and I needed to get myself under control or I was going to explode the first time I moved. Since I’d never fucked a guy before the sensations were all new. Billy’s body felt AMAZING, hot wand warm and tighter than a girl; not as wet but the lube kept me from hurting Billy and slicked things up enough to feel good but there was just the perfect amount of tightness and friction.

When I felt Billy’s body relax I slowly pulled back and thrust back in. “Oh,” I softly cried out and a half gasp/half moan came out of Billy.

“Izzy,” he whispered, “You feel, this feels good, it’s never felt good before. “Keep going, just slow.”

“Well the idea is that it feels good. But I’m glad I make you feel good; I was afraid I would hurt you and you wouldn’t want to do it,” I confess as I thrust into him again and he moans quietly.

“I wanted you so bad Izzy but I was afraid it was going to hurt too but it doesn’t. “Oh Izzy,” he whimpers as I move in and out of him again.

The movement pulls a groan out of me too. “Billy this is way better than with a girl, I’ve wanted you for a long time, I’ve loved you forever, I’ve wanted to make love to you and make you feel good, show you that every touch doesn’t have to hurt.” My dick twitches and I groan a little. “You feel incredible; so warm and tight, Jesus baby…” I pant.

“Izzy, touch my dick too,” he panted, So I did, I wrapped my hand around him and started to stroke him and he growled “fuuuuckkk” and arched towards me. I was gonna cum soon so I wished he would. As if my wish was magically granted he frantically blurted out “Do it a little harder Izzy, I’m gonna cum!” I did as he asked and he sure did cum, hard and there was lots of it and he cried out his pleasure beneath me and pulled on my hair hard.
The increased speed and feeling Billy’s body contracting around my cock push me over the edge too and I moan Billy’s name into his ear as I held him as close to me as I could as I came deep inside of his body. As we came down I planted kisses on his face and neck and whispered to him how much I loved him and he softly kissed my lips and looked right into my eyes and said “Izzy, I want to love you for the rest of my life.”

“Me too,” I whispered back. I thought he would let go of me so I could move over beside him but he clung to me; one arm tightly gripping my waist and his other hand gripping my hair tightly. “Darlin you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, I just don’t ever want to let you go,” he murmured.

“I could live with that,” I sighed contentedly and buried my face in his neck and flame colored hair and peppered his skin with kisses.
My mind moves back to the present, away from thinking about that night we were first together almost 10 years ago. Thinking about that night always makes me happy. Things were just so much simpler then, we were just young and in love and learning the ropes of how to express that physically. Eventually we learned how to please each other in so many different ways. I knew every inch of Axl’s body and he knew mine. We knew each other’s sensitive spots and how and to make each other scream in pleasure and a look from him could make my heart race and I could make him blush from across the room. I still loved him after all this time, after all the shit we’d been through, all the other people we’d had to fuck to get where we were sometimes I still look at him and see that scared,

“Izzy what are you thinking about?” he asks me, his eyes amused and glinting above me.

“The first time we made love, how sometimes I still see that scared, innocent, kid who was so in love in your eyes.”

He smiles. “Izzy, when we’re making love I am that kid again, only I’m not scared, I’m just totally and completely in love and lost in you.,” he whispers.

“I could stay lost in you Fireball, lost in those green eyes forever. I want to feel you Inside of me; c’mon, please?"

”Let me get you stretched out first,” chides but I just shake my head.

“No, just fuck me, I want to straight up feel you, we don’t d!o that very often.”

“Yeah because we don’t want to hurt each other you idiot!” he scolds me.

“No, I want to feel you Axl, all of you; just lube up your dick and stick it in there!”
“But Izz, it’s been a long time, it could hurt you!” Axl protests.

I shut him up with a kiss and grind my hips up into him hard. He doesn’t protest anymore he just grabs the lube from the nightstand, slicks himself and me up and aligns himself with my hole. He looks at me hesitatingly and I pull his hips down so that his cock is pressing hard against my entrance and he gives in and pushes the rest of the way inside of me. His eyes never left my face looking for any signs of pain. I could feel his body relax when I don’t show any. Not that it didn’t hurt a little, it did but I wanted the pain a little to go with the pleasure; maybe I’m castigating myself for sleeping with Slash, I don’t know but I do know that Axl moaned in pleasure at the extra tightness. “God I needed you now,” I sigh into his ear.”

He twines his hands through mine and stares into my eyes while he rides me; gently at first then he gets a little bolder and picks up the pace. We stare into each other’s eyes, searching for some shred of who we used to be and somewhere, deep inside of us, we find at least a glimmer of it because after a few minutes I can see Billy looking at me and a few minutes after Axl grabs my hands, during his first slow, initial thrusts something in me becomes completely vulnerable but he just smiles and says “There you are my Angel, I’ve missed you.” Sometimes sex is the only way that the two of us can find each other again.

He rides to completion twice before coming inside me with a deep groan and the words “I love you Izzy,” on his lips.

“I love you too Billy,” I tell him and we get up and quickly shower and I wrap him up in my arms and damnit if he doesn’t fine Murder she wrote on the TV! But whatever, for one night at least, several I hope, I have Billy, my Fireball back in my arms and everything else just floats away.
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