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Raccoon Eyes

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Nikki notices his blackmail is gone. He's also having withdrawals

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Neither of us looked forward to going back. We wanted to stay in the desert forever…well maybe not for fucking ever, but longer than this. Izzy and I had reconnected on so many levels. I felt like he had finally let me back inside that head of his. I felt our love renew and grow stronger. I couldn’t believe how far away my dark angel had slipped. He was willing to welcome death if he couldn’t have me. I’ve never felt so many conflicting emotions before. I was scared. I was touched. I was angry. And I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Izzy love me above all others.

I watch as he sits next to me and nervously spins the ring on his finger around and around. I know he’s stressing on what kind of hell will await us as soon as we get out of this limo back at the hotel. When he notices me watching him he stops. He smiles at me warmly. His eyes radiate more love than I have seen in years.

“You know,” he says to me, “To me this ring means we’re married, right?”

I nod with a smile.

“I’m gonna do my best to do all that shit a preacher has you vow to one another. Honor, cherish, love…though I’m not entirely sure about the obeying part,” he cuts a smirk at me.

“That’s ok, I’m controlling enough to keep you in line…and if not…well I know where you sleep fucker.”

He slightly chuckles and looks back out the window, “I really mean it. I’m going to try to abide by your god’s idea of marriage. We belong to one another now.”

“We can still share a chick occasionally though right?” I ask.

He smirks, still staring out the window, “Guess that fits into the obeying part, huh?”

“No,” I answer, “That falls into the, we’re both bi and need pussy once in a while, part.”

“Good point there darlin,” he nods.

The limo arrives and there is a throng of fans, some ours, but most of them were here for fucking Nikki. Izzy and I casually make our way through them and inside. Doug meets us in the lobby. He is holding paper work in his hand. Great, more shit for us to sign.

“Hey guys, hope you enjoyed your little vacation. An offer you simply can’t refuse arose while you were gone.”

“What I shrug?”

“Aerosmith wants you to open for them,” he states looking to the papers in his hand.

“No shit?” Izzy asks perking up.

“Yeah, just need your signatures,” he smiles and flips to the back. He extends a pen to Izzy who quickly scribbles out his name. He hands me the pen and I do the same.

“Duff and Slash made it back yet?” I ask Doug.

“Tomorrow afternoon. Oh…and guys…” His tone immediately changes.

“What?” Izzy asks knowing bad news was coming.

“Umm Sixx is kind of gunning for you guys, no pun intended.”

“How so?” I ask.

“Well he had about a dozen reporters come by the other day. Word is he talked about you guys. He told about you um…relationship.”
“Fuck,” Izzy says and runs his hand through his hair. “We better warn Duff and Slash.”

“Yeah,” I nod, “Would you get the front desk to send a telegram? I’m gonna go up to the room and take a shower,” I say to Izzy who nods. Doug follows Izzy and I make my way to the elevator. I press the button for our floor and wait until the door opens.

The bell dings and I step out of the elevator. The second I’m out I’m grabbed and slung into the wall. My back hits hard and almost knocks the air out of me. I see Nikki. He’s pressing the button in the elevator to keep the door open, and to keep anyone from being able to use the elevator. He quickly rushes up on me with a fucking knife to my throat. He pins me to the wall with his weight. He’s sweating profusely. His nose is running. His eyes look like a raccoon. I know this look all too fucking well. Nikki’s dope sick.

“Where the fuck is the goddamn tape? I know your fucking boyfriend broke in my room and took it,” he hisses.

“Fuck you,” I say showing him no fear. Though I admit, I’m fucking scared.

“Not my type,” he quickly comes back, “But you’re Tommy’s type. Maybe I should get him to get the information I want out of you. I’m sure Izzy’s already told you how Tommy likes to play,” he smirks.

“I’m not telling you shit.”

“Is that right?” He asks and slides the knife across my throat, not deep enough to kill me, but deep enough to make blood trickle down my throat. “Where the fuck is Mandy?”

“Duff sent her away,” I say with wide eyes and praying like hell he didn’t hurt me.

“FUCKING WHERE!!!???” He yells in my face pressing harder with the knife, but not moving it.

“I-I don’t know, you’d have to ask Duff.”

“Oh bullshit, Duff isn’t clever enough to pull a stunt like this. This has Izzy’s name all over it!”

I see the door to the stairs open. Izzy comes out and immediately sees Sixx with the knife to my throat. He grabs the door and eases it shut. He starts walking quietly to us as his hand goes to his waist band.

“Where the fuck is Izzy?!” Nikki yells in my face.

Izzy raises his gun and points it right at the back of Nikki’s head. He cocks it and presses it into the back of Nikki’s head. “I’m right here motherfucker.”

Nikki smirks. “Always right there when you need him huh? Your perfectly trained little toy.”

“That works both ways,” I say feeling ten fet tall since Izzy’s here and Sixx brought a knife to a gun fight.

“Give me the fucking knife Nikki,” Izzy demands pushing the barrel of his gun even harder into the back of Nikki’s head.

“Tell me where Mandy is, I’m fucking sick!” He snaps but doesn’t move an inch.

“I’ll get you straight if you put the fucking knife down,” Izzy reasons. I can see the different emotions swirling together in his eyes, fear, anger, honesty, and sheer will to save me.

Nikki blinks and slowly backs away from me with his hands up. Izzy quickly takes the knife from his hand.

“Darlin, you ok?” Izzy quickly asks me keeping his eyes and his gun on Nikki.

I put my hand to my throat and pull it back to see it covered in blood. “He cut me, but not bad,” I answer. “What the fuck are you going to do with this piece of shit?” I ask him.

“I should take this knife and show him how that shit feels…down the shaft of his dick.”

Believe me, right now, I don’t even know if Izzy is serious or not.

“You stole the fucking tape,” Nikki says, still frozen, “And just to be a fucking prick you sent Mandy away.”

“Something like that, yeah,” Izzy admits.

“Where’s the fucking tape?” Nikki demands.

“Cut up into tiny little pieces and sprinkled from the roof of this hotel like fucking confetti. Why do you ask? Thought you had copies.”

“Where the fuck did you send Mandy?” He then asks.

“Not sure where Duff sent his wife, guess you’ll have to ask him that. And I suggest you ask him a little nicer than you did Axl.”

“Think you might take the gun away from my fucking head anytime soon?” Nikki sniffles.

“I don’t know, do you have any more fucking tricks up your sleeve?” Izzy asks. “Somebody waiting around the corner to jump us?”

“No,” Nikki sighs.

“Don’t take your gun off him Izz, you heard what Doug told us downstairs,” I remind Izzy.

“Oh yeah. Why’d you go to the press Sixx? Is that because I took your little piece of blackmail or because your Drug dealer isn’t around? You look like you’re in a pretty sick. Sucks being dope sick. I outta know after all.”

“Both,” he almost growls, “Are you gonna get me straight or what?”

“What are you going to do for us if I do?” Izzy asks.

“What the fuck do you want?” Nikki snaps impatiently.

“I want you to fuck Erin and Mandy and keep them off of Axl and Duff…not a big favor to ask seeing as to how you’re fucking them anyway.”

Nikki snorts, “Yeah, whatever.”

“And he retracts what the fuck ever he told the press,” I add.

“Too late for that, you shouldn’t have stayed gone so long,” he smirks at me, “The stories have already run.”

Then Izzy whacks Nikki in the back of the head with the handle of his gun. Nikki drops to his knees dazed. Izzy presses the gun to his temple. “It was your idea for us to have fucking girls on our arms! Now you want to tell the press the truth? I thought you wanted this big retirement conspiracy.”

“Like you said…sucks being dope sick.”

Izzy pulls his gun away and uncocks it. He pulls a syringe from his boot.

“Oh come on Izz, you’re not really going to get him straight are you?” I ask.

Izzy smirks at me, “I should make him suck me off for it. Not like you’ve never sucked a dick before. You’re lucky I’m already taken Sixx.”

Nikki just looks furious.

Izzy chuckles. He drops the syringe in front of Nikki. He walks past him and takes the gun away from his head. "Go to fucking bed Sixx and if you try and pull any shit on Duff and the kid tomorrow I will kill you; they've had enough of your bullshit."

"Fuck you Izzy," Nikki hisses.

"Nah, I prefer redheads," Izzy laughs and we walk away leaving him there to get high. Fuck him.
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