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The boys have gotten on Nikki's bad side

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We gave Duff and Slash a few hours before calling a band meeting. Me and Izzy simultaneously pace the floor of our suite while Duff and Slash sit posture perfect on our beds looking at us chain smoking in worry. Izzy's already made them aware that Nikki is out to get us. Slash finds it hard to believe that someone he was so fond of would drag him through shit like this. Ah, the joys of becoming jaded.

"He's gonna hit us when we aren't expecting it," Izzy says dragging from his cigarette, eyes concentrating on the carpet.

"So then we stay on our toes," Duff nods.

"Nikki's too smart and to patient," I sigh.

"Well he's the most pissed at Izzy, right?" Slash shrugs.

"Yeah," Izzy sighs, "I pulled my fucking gun on him. I'm actually surprised I'm still standing here."

"So we just all watch Izzy's back,simple," Steven says while twirling a drumstick.

In annoyance with his stupidity I slap his sticks from his hands. "Would you just shut up with that shit."

"Stevie, Nikki's got Hell's Angels and security and pretty much whoever he wants on his side," Slash tries to explain to his dumb friend.

"Yeah Nikki is gonna be fucking sneaky," Duff agrees.

"Sneakier than Izzy?" Steven quickly asks. It earns him eye rolling from Izzy. "No offense Izz."

"Sixx ain't fucking dumb and neither is Izzy but..." I stop when Izzy eyes me with furrowed brows because I said but.

"I did manage to unarmed the motherfucker," he huffs at me.

"Nikki doesn't need the traditional weapons and you know it," I shake my head at him.

"So...what do we do?" Slash softly asks as he slides his hand into Duffs.

"I don't know," I sigh.

"Hey what if..." Steven starts bit is soon cut off by the phone ringing.

I walk over and pick up the receiver. It was probably Doug or Erin or some shit. "Hello?" I answer.

I can hear the distinct sound of someone inhaling from a cigarette. "Afternoon Fireball," the voice calmly days. Its fucking Nikki. I turn to Izzy and mouth 'its him'. He quickly silences the other guys and everyone just states at me as I hold the phone.

"What the fuck do you want Sixx?" I dryly ask.

I can hear him lightly huff, "Just to watch you squirm."

"Is that right? And just how do you think you're gonna do that?" Izzy quickly presses his head to the receiver with me.

"You know, you really ought to have learned to read shit before you sign it. Might do good to give that advice to Izz too, I'm sure he's listening anyway."

"What are you talking about? I haven't signed..." Izzy and I both look to one another. We did sign something. The contract for Aerosmith that Doug had us sign.

"There's so much paperwork involved," Nikki begins softly in our ear, "so many little hidden loopholes to look out for."

"Nikki what the fuck did you do?" I ask.

"Me? Nothing, you and Izzy signed the dotted line, not me."

"You motherfucker! What did you do?" I yell at him.

Duff and Slash quickly join our huddle straining to hear Nikki's words. We get a demented chuckle and a long coughing spell. "You know, those record company freaks aren't the only ones who will come after you. In fact management can be far more tricky. Its them who have to answer for you to the record company after all. Do you think the pay is enough for the bullshit they go through? Not hardly."

"What do you mean?" I try not to growl.

"Well for instance, the 11th floor of that hotel in Kansas...I'm going to have to suck cock for that because my management has to smooth shit put with Neglectra. And since I disappeared on them I probably have to let somebody fuck me too."

"Is there a point to this little story?" I snap.

"Indeed there is, a very valid one."" Then fucking make it!"

"OK...since you insist. Seems word has Made its way through the ranks as to what a desirable piece of ass Slash is. Seems he's caught the attention of Aerosmiths manager."

"So?" I ask.

"So your little Curly Sue was part of the contract you and Izzy were so anxiously happy to sign."

Silence falls on us as Nikki's cackle rings in all of our ears. Outraged I slam the phone down. We all just look around at each other a minute.

"I'm going to go kill Doug," Duff says and makes a bee line for the door.

"Duff," Slash calls out and follows.

I look to Izzy.

"So does this mean the meetings over?" Steven asks. When neither of us respond he gets up and leaves.

I nod at Izzy. "I'm gonna go kill that motherfucker Sixx, you hang back and keep your ears sharp."

He nods and I storm for the elevator. When I reach Nikki's room I day fuck all and just lick the fucking door in. But the room is empty. Lobby. He must have called from there and made a quick get away. I head downstairs and see no trace of him. I ask the guy at the desk if he had seen him, but he hasn't. I get back into the elevator and ascend to our floor.

When I get to my door I find it wide open. Izzy is nowhere in sight. On the bed I see a piece of paper. I go over and pick it up. My heart sinks as I read the few short words.

'You get Izzy when I get Mandy. Nikki.'
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