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Duff assaults management

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I storm straight up to Doug's door and pound on it hard with the side of my fist. I couldn't believe that he did something so shitty and shady to my Curly Sue. Why was it always my baby boy they wanted to fuck?! Believe me, I know how sweet and desired his ass is, but it's fucking mine and I'm done sharing it. I'm done justifying it for the betterment of the band. I'm done letting this shit happen. I was DONE!

"Duff please don't do something stupid," Slash tugs at my arm.

I just jerk away and proceed to pound on his door. Slash wanted me to jump up and be his savior, well this was it. When the door opens I push it hard. Doug goes flying backwards.

"What the...?"

But before he could finish his sentence I cold cock his ass.

"DUFF!" Slash says in shock.

I bend down and grab Doug by the shoulders of his shirt. I pull him to his feet and to my eye level as his toes dangle the ground.

"How the fuck could you?" I growl through clenched teeth in his face.

"Duff...Duff what are you talking about!?!?" He begs as I shake him like a ragdoll.

" You know exactly what the fuck I'm talking about!"

" I don't, I swear!"

"The fucking contract you sick fuck!" I say just before hurling him into the wall.

"What? I thought you all liked Aerosmith...I thought you'd be thrilled at the opportunity..."

"Thrilled?" I seethe. "So thrilled I'd just sign Slash's ass over to their goddamn manager?!"

"Yeah man I never agreed to do that shit," Slash jumps in drawing closer to Doug as I did as well. Me must have looked like two wolves with blood stained teeth gnashing at him, drawing in for the kill.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" He throws his hands up in defense. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about!"

"Yeah I just fucking bet," I say drawing my fist back.

"I swear to god Duff...I fucking swear to god...t...the contract is right there...on...on the table..." He shakes a finger at it.

Without needing to be told Slash walks over and picks it up. "Fuck man, I don't know what you he fuck I'm reading." He says flipping through pages.

" look for your Name in fine print." I say keeping doug frozen to the the wall.

Slash carefully takes his time and scans the entire contract front to back. "We're not allowed to come in contact with the band..." Slash huffs.

"Slash..." I try to rush him.

"I see my name twice in this whole thing... Once when name of the band and again under a line for me to sign."

"You sure??"

"Yeah, I think he's telling the truth."

Doug sighs in relief. I turn to Slash with befuddled look. "Nikki," I smirk, " he was fucking with our heads."

Slash shrugs.

I turn back to Doug whose jaw is swollen. Now I feel really bad. " Doug... I'm so sorry. Can I get you some ice or anything?"

"Pain relief?" Slash meekly smiles.

Doug softly shakes his head. "I'd like to finish my dinner if you don't mind."

"Sure...again... Fuck man...I'm real sorry I hit you."

"Come on Duff," Slash tugs at my hand.

We leave and head back to Axl and Izzy's room. The door is already open. Axl stands next to the bed staring blankly at a piece of paper in his hand. I just immediately know something is wrong. Where did Izzy go?

'What is it?" I ask not even bothering to tell him that Nikki had bullshit us. I tape the paper from his trembling fingers. Axl sinks down by the bed. His hands grab the comforter so tight his knuckles go white.

I quickly read the words aloud as Slash watches. "You get Izzy back when I get Mandy back. Nikki."

"What? He fucking kidnapped Izzy?" Slash shrugs.

"It was a diversion," I mutter.

"He knew exactly how we would react," Axl's shaky voice says from behind his bowed head. His red hair shielded his tears, but he couldn't hide them in his voice. "He knew. Knew you'd storm off to Doug. Knew Slash would follow you. And he knew I'd come looking for him. It was all to get us out of the room. He knew Izzy would be here..."

"He wants Mandy, right?" Slash says. "So we just go get her, bring her back and he'll give us Izz."

My stomach turns. " might not be that easy baby boy," I say.

Axl's head snaps up at me, beet red and covered with tears. "Why?" He asks and I hear his broken desperation as clear as day. do I explain it to that face. I was so drunk...and so ready to get rid of her...I bought a ticket for the first bus out of town...literally. I actually asked for the first bus out of town. And then daid end of the line. The bus was pointed out and I put her on it. I never looked at the ticket. I don't know where the fuck I sent her. Even if I did...she would already be on her way to tracking down Nikki.

"I don't know where she is...I mean she would try to get back to Nikki...she...she could be any fucking where," I shrug.

"What!?" Axl asks coming up off the floor.

"I didn't expect to have to go track her down!" I shout.

"So what the fuck do we do?" Slash asks sounding panicked.

We all look at each other with no answers. It was always Izzy who had them. It had always been Izzy who dealt with shit like this. What the fuck were we going to do?

"Do you think he'll hurt him?" Axl asks softly.

And neither of us have an answer.
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