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Tommy's Little Gift

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What Nikki does to izzy

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Nikki and Tommy had me in their limo with my duct taped behind me; at least they had taken the tape off from over my mouth even if it did burn like hell where it had been jerked away. I couldn’t breathe though because I was in tears over what he had said about Axl, it had all been right on the money and I’m guessing the same thing happened to him too which was why he was being so nasty about it. My gun was in his hand and aimed at me. I was fucking terrified but I wasn’t going to let him know that, I just glared at him across the seat. “What the fuck Sixx? What do you want?” I asked him. “ How did you even get me in here?” I didn’t remember anything but Duff storming out ready to kill Doug and dragging Slash by the wrist behind him.
“Oh I have my ways, don’t you worry about it” Nikki smirked, “I have shit that will knock you the fuck out and make you not remember it. I spiked the drink you had on the nightstand and then whacked you in the head for good measure after everyone left Stradlin; you were out in about five minutes.”

“So you roofied me?” I ask angrily.

“Yep,” he responded.

“Well he had to get me my little gift somehow; Nikki promised it would be a good one, one that I would like,” he said evilly.
“What the fuck do you mean by that?” I asked, my heart racing and already knowing the answer.

“You know exactly what I mean,” he answered with an evil, menacing look on his face. “Nikki, it’s an hour’s ride to the airport and I’m betting you bribed the driver to keep his mouth shut about whatever he knows.”

“Fucking take him, I can’t wait to watch this shit. Stradlin needs to be taken down a peg or two. Get his pants down, I’ll hold his arms after you untie them.

Tommy smiled and grabbed me off the seat and flipped me over so that I was bent over it with my face shoved down in it. Tommy quickly undid my pants and shoved them down. “God I’ve been waiting to do this forever. I haven’t had this sweet little ass since that night in the alley but I’m going to now.”

“No Tommy, please don’t! I don’t wan’t this!” I cried out loudly.

“We don’t fucking care what you want Stradlin,” Nikki hissed. I want to watch Tommy make you his bitch, I want to hear you scream because he’s going to fuck you hard with none of that shit prep time either. I hope he rips you fucking open!” I cringed because I knew he would too.

Tommy was already hard and if I looked back over my shoulders I could see him looking eagerly at my body and then his hands were running over my ass. Tommy cut the duct tape around my hands and Nikki ripped the tape off of my mouth and then moved onto the seat putting his knees and hands onto my arms holding me down. “I want to hear you scream so badly Stradlin,” Nikki laughs. I’d like to not give him the satisfaction but the first time Tommy fucked me it hurt so bad that it actually made me cry so without prepping me at all I’m sure this is going to be even worse.

I hear Tommy spit on his cock and I then I feel him lining himself up against me and I brace myself for what I know is coming. Of course the fucker isn’t easy on me either; he fucking likes it rough. He fucking shoves himself into me as hard as he can and I scream loudly; I can feel my skin tearing and then blood start running down my legs; a fucking lot of blood. Nikki starts cackling above me and leans back onto his heels crushing my wrists with his boots and slaps the living hell out of me. My lip splits open and I spit more blood onto the seat. You know what Stradlin? Every time you scream I’m going to fuck your face up even more and then I’m going to let you get good and dope sick and I don’t care if you’re puking your guts out and dying I’m still going to let Tommy fuck you! The thought of the hell of dope sickness overwhelms me for a second and a cold sweat breaks out over me because honestly it won’t be that long. It’s quickly replaced though by Tommy’s groaning loudly behind me and thrusting into me again. I shriek like a fucking girl as I feel myself tearing more and I just keep screaming and Nikki just keeps hitting me.

“Fuck Nikki, I’ve never seen so much blood except for that Zutaut guy I fucked at that party, you know the one who was going after Slash? Damn, I bet the only thing tighter and sweeter than Stradlin would actually be Slash. Maybe we should take him too, let me at him, it will crush their fucking band, I know you’re thinking about retiring but there’s no way that some asshole who held a knife to your throat or who sent our dealer away is going to make it bigger in this business than us! We own this fucking scene Nikki and they’re not going to be bigger than us no matter what batshit ideas you have planned. We’re almost to the airport. We can’t take the Motley Jet but you rented another private plane right? When we get back to LA walk down to 7-11 and send those fuckers a telegram, tell them their little curly haired baby is next. Be explicit, tell them exactly what’s going to happen to him if that bitch Mandy isn’t back here in 3 days. Tell them Stradlin’s having fun too!” Tommy rambles.

Nikki looks up at him with a sadistic gleam in his eyes. “When the fuck did you become the evil genius? You’re supposed to be the idiot drummer!” Nikki laughs. “Finish up so I can see what the fuck you did to him. I glare up at Nikki. “Aww is this what it felt like the first time some stranger shoved a dry cock in your ass Stradlin? Did you tear and scream like this or was Axl with you so you kept quiet so he wouldn’t be so afraid? That’s what you’d do isn’t it? Stay strong for that red headed nut job? I heard Slash screamed when that that fucker from Virgin ripped his ass open and that Duff was there holding his hand the whole time. Didn’t do anything about it though did he? What does that say about those two? To me it says they’re both bitches, Duff’s not even man enough to fuck up the guy who made his little boy toy bleed and scream; your whole band is a bunch of bitches Stradlin, and now you’re the biggest one of them all!” Nikki starts laughing maniacally.

Tommy keeps fucking me and it hurts so goddamn bad that eventually I just pass out in the seat. Nikki won’t even let me have the relief of unconsciousness though; he throws a bottle of water from the bar in the limo on me waking me up to the excruciating pain in my ass again. Finally I near Tommy start to pant behind me and he digs his nails into my hip bones as he pounds in and out of me. “Stradlin, you’ve got one of the sweetest asses I’ve ever fucked and I’ve fucked plenty,” he chuckles. His pants soon turn to groans and he suddenly starts slamming into me faster and faster and I start to howl; my fingers desperately scrabbling to find something to hold onto but there is nothing but the plush, black seats of the limo. I can’t think; my mind and body are consumed with the horrible, tearing pain that feels likes it’s both inside and outside of body. Tommy finally comes with a yell and groaning “Fuck yeah!” every now and then. Nikki laughs and spits in my face. I can’t even be bothered to move my eyes to look at him, I just keep them closed and trying to breathe in a way that doesn’t hurt too much. I don’t know what’s going on but I think Tommy tore something inside of me too because my belly is throbbing along with my ass.
Nikki climbs off of my arms since he knows I won’t be moving any time soon and they too ache as the blood flows back into my lower arms and hands. That fucker Sixx moves around behind me next to Tommy who’s pulling his massive cock out of me and he gets a clear view of whatever damage is done plus the blood covering my thighs and pooling around my knees along with Tommy’s cum. “Oh Stradlin, I don’t think you’re ever going to be the same for that red-headed little volcano of yours, not for a long fucking time; Tommy practically ripped you a new asshole!” Nikki laughs. He has to be a psychopath.

Tommy hauls me up off the seat to pull my pants back up over my hips and I groan and collapse back against his chest. “It …hurts inside Tommy, hurts a lot,” I whimper.

“Where?” he asks looking slightly concerned.

”Here,” I answer raising my shaking hand to my lower belly. Tommy looks at Nikki with a concerned look on his face.

“He’s fine! Well, except for his asshole,” Nikki snaps.

“Nikki, I was really rough with him, he could be bleeding inside, I’m not fucking going to jail for him dying!” Tommy yells.
“Well, do you want to go to jail for raping him? We’ll both go to jail for kidnapping and assault, no fucking way! I’m not done with him and I’m not dumping him at a hospital. He’s not fucking going anywhere until I get my little dope whore back!

“It hurts Tommy, please!,” I plead.

“Shit Nikki, something happened, the whole back of his pants is wet with blood down to his knees, it’s getting all over me too! At least give him a hit so that he’ll keep quiet on the plane so we can get him to LA without him squawking!”

Nikki sighs and I pray he’s going to agree because if Tommy weren’t holding me up I’d have collapsed already. Nothing has ever hurt this bad. Not getting raped over conference tables while I watched Axl cry beside me, not having some guy’s dry dick shoved into me, the beating that Duff gave me is really the only thing that’s ever come close.

“Fine,” Nikki grumbles, “but only so he’ll shut up until we get him on the plane and to Jason’s house back in LA then I don’t give a fucking shit. I plan to let him puke and shit himself until Mandy shows up. This is your last hit Stradlin, enjoy it!” Nikki hisses.

“Make it a big one Nikki,” Tommy says. “We need him to pass out,” Tommy tells him and Nikki adds more shit to the spoon. He cooks it up and uses the seatbelt to tie my arm off. He somehow manages to find a vein and shoots the brown liquid mixed with my blood into my upper arm. The sight of my blood mixing with the golden nectar of the gods in the needle is the last thing I remember before passing out.
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