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Puddles Of Blood

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Nikki taunts izzy

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Fuck Izzy. All that little bitch has done is leave a puddle of blood wherever we drag him. First the limo, then the plane, then another limo, and now my fucking dealers bed in LA. And when he's somewhat conscious all he does is mumble incoherent bullshit about fucking Axl. I don't care enough to try to decipher his code. So I just smack the shit out of him every time he opens his fucking mouth. Fuck him.

I sent a very convincing and threatening telegram to GNRs hotel. I gave them 48hrs to produce Mandy or I would fucking take Slash next. I knew that was the best place to hit them when they were down. My hope is that it pisses them off so bad that it makes them careless. Just a strategic move on my behalf to weaken my enemy. Those little fucks were not going to ruin my plans. They were going to play into my fucking hand the way I want them too. Everything I do, everything I've done since I have met them has been carefully calculated. I've come too fucking far to throw the towel in now. I wasn't a goddamn quitter! I was going to win, like I always do.

And since I'm a man of my word, I've made the necessary arrangements to grab Slash if I fucking need to. I had somebody following all of them. I knew exactly where Duff and Slash were. I knew where Doug and Axl were. Fuck I even know where Mandy is. She called yesterday. I could have flown her to me but we already had Stradlin and I owed him one anyway. So I'm basically waiting just for shits and giggles. I'm in no dire need of dope so I'm pretty pacified with things. I'm getting everything I want.and a little entertainment to boot. A win win situation for me. Stradlin, well he's not so lucky.

He's been without a fix now for almost 18 hrs. He's drenched in sweat, hàir, clothes, even the bed we threw him on. Admittedly, a lot of it is blood too. Tommy fucked him up in the limo. Then when we got him here Tommy took advantage of the bed and got himself seconds. All that did was rip back open the damage he had already done. Stradlin screamed and begged like a little bitch. But you know what, it was music to my fucking ears. In fact, that shit might have got me hard at one point. Does that make me gay? Fuck it if it does. Oh yeah, I forgot, I was talking about Stradlin...he twitches every so often. His teeth are starting to chatter when he tries to talk. To which I always hit him. He's already thrown up once or twice. Yeah, he's getting pretty sick, his little friends had best hurry.

I'm also pretty sure he's lost a fair amount of blood, and he's still bleeding. Tommy hasn't fucked him in almost 18 hours, but the bloods not stopping. I don't know, I'm not a doctor, but he probably is in need of some stitches or some shit. If I knew how to give stitches I would personally do it just for the satisfaction of doing it. But, sadly I don't know how. But I'm not completely inhuman, 99.9% but still...I figured it would be best to lay him on his stomach before we strapped him down. Maybe that'll keep some of the blood from running out.

I have to give him credit, he's doing his best to contain his moans of discomfort. Every do often I can see his muscles tense up with contractions of sheer pain. And I can't help but gleam when I think of it. A part of me wishes it were me who ripped him open. Unfortunately, Tommy gets that satisfaction. But I get the satisfaction of pouring salt in all his old wounds that would never heal. Now I knew exactly why him and his little Fireball are so fucking...detached. They had played into the industry, into the fucked up underbelly of it. Now I knew they did it together. If one dropped to his knees the other bent over. And if it wasn't traumatic enough, they not only had to live the personal experience of it, but also the person they love suffering through it. Those two had more guts than I thought. And ambition, enough to peddle out their bands asses too. Now that's cold and selfish. My band was always behind me and knew what had up be done, and they knew from day one. I somehow doubt Slash and Duff were prepared, but Axl and Izzy were. They knew and I bet they didn't even warn them. Just a matter of time before they turn on them. What I won't give to be there when it happens.

My thoughts are momentarily interrupted by Izzy dry heaving. I smirk, "Not feeling well Izz?"

His swollen eyes part just enough to look at me. "Nikki...please," he whispers as a tear cascades across his nose.

I kneel down next to the bed and give him a tender smile. I reach out and gently tuck his hair behind his ear. "The worst is over now sweetheart." He whimpers softly as more tears spill from his eyes. He's broken, both mentally and physically. I fucking feel victorious. I smile and wipe a tear away, "Shhh, shhh, shhh, no more tears. They're useless. All they do is tell me I've won, you have more pride than that. Do you want your little fireball to see you like this? He's looking all over for you you know? Been to my house, the office, everywhere he knows to try. Of course I'll have to reveal your location eventually...but not until I know Duff and Slash safely returned Mandy. Then you get to walk right out of here. But don't think this frees your band of its obligations to me. Three months with Aerosmith, then your mine. Do you fucking understand? Any deviations on your behalf and I will be forced to take it as a threat...and you see how I react to threats..."

"Something's wrong," he pants.

"I know, shhh," and I wipe away the new tears that come.


"Shhh...don't talk," I say as I soothingly stroke his head, "you don't have the energy to spare, you've lost quite a bit of blood, and to just stay quiet now. Dont fight it."

"It's different than every over time Nikki...please..." He begs in a moan as his body stiffens in agony again.

"Every other time?" I smile, "how many times has it been? Can you remember?"


"Oh come on, tell me how many times, I really really want to know. Give me a number."

"Five," he whispers.

"Five, wow, only happened to me one fucking time, that was enough. Tell me, foes bring bi make it any easier? You know, since you're used to Dick in your ass anyway?"


I place my index finger to his lips, "Shhh. Tell me Izzy, is that why you didn't beg Tommy to stop? Because after five times you know no one is going to stop? I imagine if I gad hone through this five times I would have probably bitten a bullet. I have to commend you and Axl on your determined ness. I wish I could tell you the shit gets better, but it doesn't. There's always some sick fuck looking you over with hungry eyes. There's always someone with a power to hold over your head. And they never fucking stop coming for you. My advice to you would be to get more guns and knives, maybe learn karate or some shit. Because if I was able to do this to you...well, what's to stop somebody else from it? Or your precious Fireball...Slash...such pressure for the protector. Tell me...who protects you?"

"Axl," he softly groans.

"Well, where is he then? Maybe he's letting you sweat, you know, for all those times you've let him down. He probably only stays with you because he doesn't know how to get rid of you. It must really suck being with someone like you, never here, even when you are. And I bet you lie to him, yourself, everyone about how much dope you shoot. I'd say you're running of borrowed time my friend."
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