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The Telegram

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Nikki just loves making people squirm

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We got down to Texas and after a day long search tracked down Mandy in a Houston studio with ZZ Top. Of course she was supplying the party. She was pretty surprised when me and Slash drug her out screaming. I'm sure she wasn't expecting that.

I explained the situation to her on the way to the Airport. I guess she was cooperative after that point. She was kind enough to wake us up with some coke on the way to the airport.

Once at the airport I put in a call to Steven to see if he had heard anything from Axl yet.

"No man, I...I haven't... But..." His voice stammered and I knew it wasn't good news

"Spit it out Stevie, I don't have a lot of time here man, I sigh.

" Um...Nikki sent us a telegram," he barely manages to say.

"And...what's it say?" I ask.

"Well, it was to you specifically..." Steven continues.

"Would you just fucking read it!" I snap into the receiver. In the he back ground I can hear the paper in his hand crinkle.

Stevie clears his throat, "Dearest, Dearest Duff, As you can see it wasn't very hard to control you like predictable little idiots. You see how effortless it was for me to get your sharpest guy. You have exactly 48 hours to get Mandy to me. Otherwise I will be forced to take your little lover, Slash. I promise to show him the same good time I have Stradlin. I'll make sure Tommy shows him very special attention. Oh, and just to keep it fair for me, your every move is being watched. Look forward to seeing you soon. I'm sure Axl will be able to tell you my whereabouts. Enjoy Texas. Sixx."

"Stevie, I need you to track down Axl."

"I'm on it,* he complies.

I hang up and turn to Slash. I guess the look on my face tells him some things wrong.

"What," he gulps, "what is it Duffy?"

"We have to get to LA and get Mandy to Nikki in the next 8 hours. Axl hasn't been able to find him yet."

"Its a four and a half hour flight," Mandy throws in.

"Why do we have only 8 hours?" Slash shrugs.

"He's having us followed Slash," I sigh and look down, "And if we're not there in 8 hours...he says you're next."

"Oh shit," Slash says softly with wide eyes.

I grab his shoulders, "Baby boy you don't fucking worry about that, do you hear me? I'll find a way to buy us some time. I promise. You trust me don't you?"

Slash nods.

"Alright then, let's get to LA."

Aboard the Flight to LA

I was peering out the window of the plane and chewing at my fingernails trying to cone up with some form of a plan. I needed insurance to protect my Curly Sue. I needed something to stop Nikki dead in his tracks. But what the fuck could do that? What mattered at all to Nikki? Everybody fucking hated him except probably dealers. Where do I hit him where it hurts? Or is at least impactful?

"Duff," Slash whispers to me.

I turn to look at him. His eyes look scared. *What is it baby boy? "

"Duff...if...if something should happen to me..."

"No, you stop that right now! Nothing's going to happen to you. You hear me? Fucking nothing!"

"Nikki's smart Duff."

"I swear to god Slash, if HE takes you, I'll find you. Then ill fucking kill him. But he's not going to take you baby. I've got you," and I wrap my arms around him.

"You guys might think about doing that shit in private," Mandy huffs under her breath.

When we landed in LA I had a fucking plan. The first thing I grabbed was a taxi to take us to where they sold Star maps. I bought one. Scanned it over and found just what I was looking for. I fold it and stuff it in my pocket and go for a pay phone. I call Stevie.


"You heard from Axl?"

"He's in LA. Said you could reach him over at Erin's place."

"Thanks man," and I hang up.

I return to the taxi and instruct the driver where to take us.

"Where are we going? Is that where Nikki is? We've got like 45 minutes," Slash says seeming fidgity.

"This is going to buy us some time baby, just trust me."

He takes a deep breath and nods. The taxi drives for a while. I catch myself looking behind us to see if any car keeps making the same turns as us. I don't see a car, but I do notice a guy on a bike. I hope he doesn't figure out where I'm going.

When the taxi stops I see iron security gates and fans hanging their arms thought it. I scan the area.

"Duff, where are we!" Slash asks.

Mandy answers, "This is Tommy's house."

"Duff we don't have time for this! We have to get Mandy to Nikki!" Slash panics.

"Just trust me Slash, shits gonna turn into a Mexican standoff. Tommy's our trump card. We're gonna get in this fuckers house, we're going to hijack his ass, and we'll be prepared for any tricks Nikki might have up his fucking sleeve."

Slash sighs but nods ok. We have the driver drop us off one block over. We then stalk like cats through the back yards of rich assholes.

"Wait wait," I say as I stop slash and Mandy. From taking another step. "They have motion sensors. See the red light?"

"How do we get past?" Slash asks.

"Back wall," I nod.

"Are you crazy, that's a fucking cliff back there!" Mandy snorts.

I grab her hand, "Yeah. Well don't fucking look down," and I drag her, crouching beneath White Oleanders as Slash follows.

We get to the stonewall boundary and I admit I suddenly feel chicken shit. But this had to be done.

"OK, Tommy's house is two down. Just keep your toes, hands, and noses to the wall. Whatever you do. Don't fucking look down."

They both nod doubtfully at me.

Then we begin. Very slowly and very carefully.

"Duff I'm scared," Slash squeaks, scared to talk too loud.

"Me too baby boy, we're almost there, you can do this."

Then we reach Tommy's stone fence. Slash goes over first, then I help Mandy over. Then I jump over myself. I grab Mandy and pin her to the wall.

"You breathe one word to tip that motherfucker off and I'll fucking Kill you!"

I guess I scared her pretty good because she nods with a gaping mouth. We crawl in the shadows to the nearest window. Slash pulls out Hus knife and proceeds to jimmy the lock. When it opens he smiles in surprise. "Thank you Izzy."

We quietly slide the window open and slither inside. The room us dark but we bar a TV not too far away. I exit the room first and we quietly follow the sound of the TV. We finally come to a room and can see Tinny lounging in a chair with his back to us. I put an arm back to signal Slash and Mandy to stay put. I slowly creep forward. On a table I find a Grammy award. I puck it up. Its heavy. Then within a few steps I'm in arms reach if Tommy. I raise the Grammy above my head and swing it with all my might at the back if His head. He just slumps over, out cold.

"I'm gonna find something to Tie him up with, Slash, take Mandy and find his keys."

Slash nods and grabs Mandy by the arm dragging her off. I then look around for something to Tue Tommy up with.
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