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Izzy needs a doctor

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I wake up tied to a bed in some shithole in the dark. There’s a sliver of light coming in from the hallway and I can see paneled walls around me and dirty sheets on the mattress where I’m laying on my stomach. I’m laying there in my boxers and a t-shirt but nothing else and I’m in so much FUCKING PAIN! Tommy ripped my asshole open six ways from Sunday in the limo on the way to some back water airport but something had gone terribly wrong. Besides tearing the outside of my body open he had to have done something to the inside; there’s a horrible pain deep inside me that won’t go away. I can hardly even fucking move or breathe it hurts so bad.

Suddenly the door flies open and a tall shadow fills the door; Tommy. Please don’t tell me he’s back for more. “Tommy, I whisper, can I please have some water?” I’m so thirsty from the dry air on the plane and the smack. The blood loss probably isn’t helping either.

“Yeah, I guess, hold on,” he drunkenly says and walks away. He comes back with a glass of water and holds my chest up enough that I won’t choke with one hand and holds the glass to my lips with the other. I down the water like I’m dying of thirst and I start to tell Tommy again that something’s really, really wrong with me but of course at that second Nikki comes strutting into the room.

“Well well, look who’s awake,” he snorts. I just look up at him and refuse to speak. “Haven’t heard from your friends yet. You’re getting pretty sweaty and shaky; dope sickness kicking in yet?”

“I’m not just dope sick I’m dying you moron,” I hiss.

“You’re not dying, not yet. I told Tommy he could have seconds so I came to watch. Seeing you scream because you’re his bitch makes me hard, in fact, I think you can suck my dick while he fucks you,” Nikki says with a gleam in his eye and starts to unlace his pants. I’m done not begging, fuck this.

“No Nikki please no! I’ll suck you off if you want but please don’t let him fuck me again, I’m bleeding inside, he tore something, please don’t let him fuck me again! I need a doctor Nikki!” I plead.

“Yeah right, like I’m going to take you to a hospital Stradlin so you can tell on us; I don’t think so! You’d think after bending over so many times for music execs you’d be used to being somebody’s fuck toy by now. What, did nobody ever do to you what those guys from Avi did to Duff? Nobody ever beat you over the head with something and rip the hell out of you? That’s hard to believe, I can’t believe you set Duff up for that and don’t try and tell me you didn’t know what he was in for; you just couldn’t stop it.

Then there’s that curly headed kid you all fucking protect. I sent Duff a telegram telling him I was going to get his precious little baby and I will. Why do you guys protect him so much? Is it because he’s so young? Tommy will have him, it will just be when he’s least expecting it,” Nikki chuckles evily under his breath. I just give him a hate filled look. “What, was he the last piece of innocence in your whole band? Was Duff trying to keep him safe from the ways of the world? Duff was the first guy he was ever with wasn’t he? Kid seemed straight when I knew him before, maybe like he didn’t wanna always be but he was a fucking pussy magnet; sex rolls off of that kid you ever noticed?” Nikki asks as he finishes unlacing his pants. But I guess he’s a dick magnet too, didn’t take any time for him to be stuck to Duff, then I heard your little Fireball slept with him in front of some guy from Virgin who was jacking off and that the kid was fucking terrified but he did it anyway. Then you let the kid get pimped out to two more guys from Virgin but hey, it got you a contract offer right? He just got lucky that they saw Duff on the street corner and wanted him too or they would have torn him apart the way those guys from Avi did Duff. I heard you fucked him too Stradlin while Duff was in Vegas marrying my little drug mule. Everyone seems to think he’s a sweet little piece of ass, is he? Think Tommy would like him as much as he likes you?”

I just glare up at Nikki, I’m afraid if I say a word it’ll make him want Slash even more. “I know the last record company that got something out of you was mine Stradlin; those pricks at Electra fucked your throat good didn’t they?” I don’t answer. “You ready T-Bone?” Nikki laughs and Tommy nods, even if it’s a little reluctantly; he knows he’s already done some major damage but he’s drunk as fuck so I’m not sure how much he really cares. Nikki unties my hands so I can sit up on my knees; I barely have the strength to hold myself up. He pulls the shirt over my head and Tommy rips the boxers off of me from behind. Nikki’s hard and his fucking cock is right in front of my face “Don’t worry Izz, I won’t stick it into your mouth until I hear you scream first,” Nikki laughs darkly. I hear a plastic bottle flick open, thank god Tommy’s going to use actual lube this time. I can hear him dripping it on himself and then he pulls my cheeks apart and squeezes some onto me.

“Sorry Izzy, well kind of, but this is really going to fucking hurt but god do I want it!” Tommy says from behind me.

“No Tommy, don’t, something’s torn inside please, don’t, please you’re gonna kill me!” I beg but it doesn’t matter, he shoves his dick in anyway. Not quite as hard as he did the first time earlier but hard enough and I shriek and claw Nikki’s thighs where he’s sitting in front of me. Nikki hisses and backhands me, his silver skull ring busting open a cut in my face and my lip starts bleeding again.

It feels like a red hot poker is being shoved into my ass and I can’t hold myself up anymore. Tommy’s huge arm wraps around my chest and pulls me up a little and Nikki pulls my hair and moves my face towards his hard cock. He pushes it towards me a little and says “Suck it you squealing little bitch, the guys at my record company tell me you’re good at that. I clench my jaw shut but scream again when Tommy starts thrusting harder and faster and Nikki takes advantage of it and shoves his dick into my mouth. I gag as it slides down my throat which earns me a punch to the side of my ribs. It’s not the punch that hurts so much but the jostling of my body which is already damaged internally somehow. My muscles stiffen up in pain and I moan but I begin to suck Nikki’s dick the best that I can considering my rather limited range of motion. This doesn’t satisfy him however and he grabs my hair and just outright skull fucks me.

I can hardly breathe; Tommy is thrusting away behind me smacking my ass but I notice that he’s careful to hold me up by my chest and not move his hand down over my abdomen; he so knows what he’s done; he’s perforated my bowels and ripped a hole through my abdominal wall muscle and if someone doesn’t get to me soon I’ll either bleed out or die from infection. Suddenly I feel a hot liquid running down my throat and I realize that mercifully Nikki came and that part at least is over with.

Nikki smears his cum and saliva covered dick all over my face and I gag and start to heave and Nikki quickly moves away as I puke on the bed. The dope sickness is starting to kick in which makes all of this 100 times worse. The spasms in my stomach from vomiting send waves of pain through me and causing me to shriek and moan. Finally the vomiting stops and Tommy moves a little, never stopping thrusting in and out of me and makes sure that his dick is hitting my prostate hard. I feel myself get stiff even though I don’t want to and he reaches around and starts jerking my cock while he thrusts. You might not want to but you’re gonna cum with me you little bitch!” Tommy growls and I realize he’s right. I might not want to but I am gonna cum, it’s just my body’s natural reaction to sex and usually it’s over pretty quickly after I cum because the other person gets off from my inner muscles squeezing down on their dick. A quick image of Slash’s face and the blissed out look that came over it when that happened to him when we were together runs through my head and I feel so guilty but Axl and I have pretty much learned to keep a poker face when having sex I don’t get to see that surprised look of pleasure on his face much anymore, at least not the surprised part.

My body contracts hard with the unwanted orgasm and Tommy growls behind me. This is almost over thank god! "Fuck yeah!" He howls behind me but I don’t know what else he says or does; things start to get fuzzy and dark and the pain in my belly is worse than ever after the muscle contractions that came with me getting off.

I pass out for a while I guess because I wake up again alone in the dark and I groan, I’m gonna puke again. I push up on my elbows a little and start to heave. There’s really nothing in my stomach but bile but the contractions in my stomach go both ways setting off my bowels too which also let loose with a torrent of liquid shit and stomach acid.

Nikki must hear me because he walks into the dark bedroom and I can hear a girl’s voice talking to Nikki’s dealer in the living room, almost sounds like Erin? Nikki quickly shuts the door and presses his hand over my mouth. "Scream and I’ll blow your brains out got it? Then your little red head and your curly haired little pet are next, understand me" I nod but he keeps his hand clamped down on my mouth. "Looks like you made quite the mess here Stradlin,"22222221111111111 he says, nodding down to the puddle of liquid shit underneath me. Let me help you clean yourself off, wouldn’t want infection to set in too soon, have to let your knight with flaming red hair a chance to get here don’t we? I heard they found Mandy and are on their way back to LA.; now all they have to do is figure out where you are, shouldn’t be too hard! Without any warning Nikki flicks the light on, curls his nose up in disgust at the mess on the bed, spreads my ass open and pours half of his bottle of whiskey all over my open wounds. All I can process is pain. I scream into a pillow he shoves at my face and then pass out again. I’m going to die here is my last thought before the dark overtakes me again.

When I wake up again I don’t even bother opening my eyes, it just hurts too much. I just want to die, I am dying. Somebody’s talking to me but I can’t really understand what they’re saying. They move my body and I realize that they’re untying my wrists. No, please, don’t let anybody fuck me again! But then my feet are untied and I’m rolled into somebody’s arms. I moan in pain. Then I hear a familiar voice next to my ear begging me to wake up and yelling for an ambulance to be called. Axl? He found me? I force my eyes open and sure enough there he is, rocking me in his arms, looking absolutely terrified but promising me it’s going to be ok and begging me to stay with him. I knew he would find me. I try and whisper “I love you,” but nothing comes out and my eyes roll back in my head and everything goes black again.
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