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At Deaths Door

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Does Axl make it to Izzy in time?

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Erin called around to all of Nikki's usual haunts. She eventually found him by inconspicuously going by one of his dealers places and buying an eight ball of coke. Nikki was there, smacked out. Erin of course couldn't ask about Izzy. However she says she heard moans in the bedroom. Both Nikki and the dealer played it off as somr random couple fucking. Eventually the sounds grew louder and Erin didn't believe them to be sex noises at all. At some point Nikki excused himself. When he returned to the room the distressed moans were now almost silent. She stayed a while and observed Nikki's behavior closely. He kept leaving the room. She was pretty sure Izzy was in that bedroom, and he was the source of the moaning. (She would after all know what Izzy sounds like when he moans.) Then Erin returned to clue me in.

I naturally wanted to go directly over there. Somehow Erin managed to convince me to wait for Slash and Duff. But I didn't even know where they were or how long they would be. The minutes drug by like milliinas. Every one left me with a new tragedy to dream up. The worst part was knowing that no matter what I thought of, Nikki was capable of being even sicker.

I was terrified of what he might have already have done to Izzy. I couldn't fucking relax and I didn't know how much longer I could wait. I just knew Izzy was sick as a dog now. And nobody knew better than I did how Izzy got when dope sickness set in. I was so fucking scared for him.

Then a call finally came from Duff. I quickly took the phone from Erin. "Duff, where the fuck are you? Did you get Mandy to LA?"

"Yeah, we're here."

"Then what the fuck is the hold up?!" I shout.

"We fucking kidnapped Tommy," Duff informs me.

I smile.

"And we found a gun at his place. Did you find out where Nikki is keeping Izzy? We already tried his place."

"Yeah, Erin tracked him down at some dealers house. She seemed pretty sure Izzy was there too."

"Wanna meet up there then? If we show up with his drummer maybe he won't do anything stupid."

I look down to the knife in my hands. It was Nikki's knife, the one Izzy had taken from him. I give Duff the address and hang up. I turn to Erin. "I gotta go... Listen... Thanks for everything you've done. I really can't thank you enough. I'll call you soon, OK?"

She just looks down nodding, "You should hurry."

So I left. I beat Duff and Slash by about fifteen minutes. I stood there at the curb and eyeballed the place. I could feel Izzy's presence. I knew he was here. I wanted to bust in by myself, but I knew having Tommy would insure that no one further hurt Izzy.

Duff and Slash arrive. They pull Tommy out of his car and lead him up the sidewalk toward me. Duff pulls out Tommy's gun and puts it to the back of his head. 'Fucking move," he forcefully instructs as he pushes him.

"Fucking OK dude, I'm going," Tommy complies.

We all get to the door and I knock.

"Yeah who is it?" A voice asks from behind the door.

Duff nudges the back of Tommy's head with the gun. "'s T-Bone dude," Tommy answers.

I hear the door unlock. I take a step back and wait for the seal to crack. The second it does I kick the fucking door in. The guy flies backwards and I force my way inside.

"Don't fucking move motherfucker," Duff warns with the gun pointed at Tommy's head. The dealer cowers like a bitch and Slash flies for him and punches him.

I make it to the living room and find Nikki on the couch about to shoot up. I fly at him so fast he barely sees me coming. I plunge his knife down into his fucking thigh. "There's your favorite knife back you piece of fucking shit! Where the fuck is Izzy?"

With a six inch blade buried in his leg this motherfucker looks at me and cackles like a madman. "Fuck you!"

Then Duff pushes Tommy into the room. 'Fuck dude, are you OK?' Tommy asks seeing the knife on Nikki's leg.

Duff shoves the gun back into the back of Tommy's head, "Where the fuck is Izzy!" He shouts directing his question at Nikki. "You have three fucking seconds to answer or I'm fucking redecorating the goddamn wall in Tommy's brains!"

Fuck, even I was inclined to believe Duff.

"He's in the fucking bedroom," Nikki hisses as he pulls the knife from his leg.

"Duff tie these fuckers up," I say and storm off in search of the bedroom.

When I crack the door open all I can smell is shit and vomit. I quickly flip on the light. I almost drop to my fucking knees at the sight I see. Izzy's face down on the bed. He's naked and his wrists are bound to the bed. The sheets covered in blood and puke and shit.

"Oh god," I rush to his side and quickly start to untie one of his wrists. "Izz...Izz, wake up darlin, we're getting you out of here right now." I go to the other side of the bed and finish untying him. "Izzy, baby wake up," I shake him, but he's not moving.

I flip him over and pull him onto my lap. "Darlin open your eyes! Come on," I slap at his face. Nothing. His body is burning up. He's soaked in sweat. "Come on Isbell, open your fucking eyes and look at me!!"

Slash is soon in the doorway, "Hey Axe..." He stops mid sentence when he sees Izzy in my arms. "Holy fuck."

Tears spill from my eyes as I look down at Izzy and move his hair from his eyes. "Call a fucking ambulance!"

Slash rushes from the room. I cradle Izzy's body and lean over him sobbing like a baby. I rock him and I curse Nikki and god and anyone else I can think of. I press my head to his chest and barely hear a heartbeat. I let go with another series of sobs as I hold his limp body tightly to mine. 'Please baby please, " I beg as I rock him. "Please don't leave me Izz. Please wake up. Please!"

I look down to his white lips. He had two black eyes and a swollen jaw. Then my eyes travel down and can't help but notice a fresh puddle of blood accumulating under his ass. My stomach drops because I know what is causing that kind of bleeding. I sob some more and try to pull him even closer to me. "Please wake up darlin...don't you fucking die. Its gonna be OK now. An ambulance is coming. Just hang on baby. You've been so brave, just a few more minutes. Fuck! Please wake up Izzy!"

When my shrieks die a little bit I look back down at him as I rock him. His eyes slightly flutter open. I'm pretty sure that he sees me. "It's gonna be OK now, I got you baby. I got you."

Then his eyes slowly roll back in his head. I keep talking to him until the ambulance comes.

Duff and Slash tie up Nikki and load him and tommy into Tommy's car and drive them back to Tommy's place. I never for a second leave Izzy's side.
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