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All Jacked Up

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Duff and Slash hold the hostages

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I backed Tommy's car up his driveway and hit his remote for the garage door. I waited on the slow fucker to open and backed in halfway. I killed the car and looked over at Slash. He was sort of just blankly staring at the dashboard. His brows were creased in a confused state of worry.

"Slash? You OK babe?" I ask and touch his hand.

He blinks but doesn't look at me. "Duff...I saw what they did to Izzy...and..."

"What? Tell me." I soothingly ask and rub his shoulder a bit.

Slash shakes his head and looks down, "He was all covered in blood and beat the fuck up...sweating...bed all covered in puke and shit...and he was naked..."

I feel rage begin to boil in my gut. "He's getting help. Axl's with him, just try not to think about that right now baby."

He nods. "So what do we do with them?" He motions to the trunk.

"Find someplace to tie them up in the house." I pick up Tommy's gun from off the seat. Slash opens the glove box and pulls out Izzy's gun we retrieved from Nikki.

We both get out and walk back to the trunk. I stick the key in and unlock it. Nikki and tommy were bound and balled up together like a Greek and Italian pasta. They were mumbleing, maybe yelling from behind their taped mouths.

"Grab Nikki's feet," I tell Slash and stuff Tommy's gun down the front of my pants.

Slash shoves Izzy's gun down the back of his pants. He grabs Nikki's taped ankles and lifts them out of the trunk. I grab him under his arm pits and walk backwards to the door. I drop my half of Nikki... Yeah, it brings Mr a little satisfaction when GE hits his back and head on the concrete and moans. I fumble around trying to find the right key on Tommy's key ring. I finally get it and push the door open. I puck nikki back up be his arm pits and we go inside.

"Where should we tie them?" Slash asks, struggling to hold Nikki.

I look around for something sturdy to hold them. "The banister on the stairs," I motion with my head to the stairs.

We tote him closer to the stairs. "We need more tape or rope or something," Slash comments as we drop Nikki to the floor.

I look around a little. I reach over and grab a lamp cord. The lamp falls to the floor and busts and I jerk out the cord. Slash sits Nikki up against the railing. He kicks me with his bound feet Luke a fucking rabbit in the goddamn shin. I rare back my left hand and back hand him across the face. His head goes to the side for a second. He slowly moves it back to look at me. I sware to fucking Christ that I can see that smug smile of his from behind the tape.

I spit on the asshole while Slash ties him up with the cord from the lamp. "Fuck you Nikki. Smile all you want because no, that's not the best I've got. That's a love tap compared to what I'm gonna do to you you motherfucker. I got your little telegram." I ball up my fist and really punch the shit out of him. He raises his head to just stare at me with lifeless eyes. The whole cheekbone us red and quickly darkening.

Slash finishes tying him and crosses around to stand in front of him. "How could you man? I saw what the fuck you did to Izzy!" And then before I know it Slash is punching him too. He grabs Nikki by the hair and jerks his head up to meet his. Nikki has a trail of blood running from his nose. He pulls Izzy's gun from the vackvof his psntsvand presses it to Nikki's chin. "I should kill you for everything you've done to us!"

I had been enjoying the show. My baby boy is usually not to assertive. It was kinda turning me on a little bit. But I couldn't let him kill Nikki. "Baby boy stop."

He looks over his shoulder at me.

"I know you wanna kill him. Believe me, I do too. You have no clue how fucking bad I want to...but...its not our place."

"What do you mean? He forced you to marry her, he glares at Mandy, " And he threatened to do to me what he did to Izz! "

"But he's never physically hurt either of us. He hurt Izzy. If any body had the right to kill this miserable fuck its Izzy or Axl babe."

He sighs and looks back to Nikki. He unlocks the gun and let's go of Nikki's hair.

Slash stands up glaring down at Nikki as he ponders my words. I see Izzy's gun hanging in his hand at his side. Its quivering. I don't know if its his nerves OE if he's in need of drink or drugs.

"We should probably get Tommy out of the trunk," he says lowly as he passes me, stuffing Izzy's gun back down the back of his pants.

I follow him back outside. But when we get to the car the fucking trunk is empty. What. The. Fuck. But fortunately I look down the driveway. Somehow Tommy's managed to get out of the ducking trunk and slither on his stomach Luke a fucking snake halfway down the driveway. Slash and I can't help cracking the fuck up.

We approach and he tries to move faster but cone on, it's pointless. I grab his ankles. "I know your not abandoning your precious Nikki."

Slash grabs his wrists and we haul his ass up the driveway and into the house like a pig ready to roast. We tie him to the banister next to Nikki. This time we use cord off his VCR. Tommy's eyes are wide with fear because he sees we banged Nikki up a little.

Then I just can't help but punch him, just because I didn't want him to feel left out and because I'm still pissed. Slash quickly punches him too. One of us has split his eye.

"Oh don't worry, that's just a taste of what's to cone for you two," Slash warns.

"Yeah, you just wait til Axl shows up, it'll really be gave fucking on then," I laugh.

Slash looks at me seriously. "We should have heard something from him by now."

"He'll call," I assure him and cross over to Tommy's liquor cabinet.

"You didn't see Izzy..." He says softly as his words trail off.
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