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You just don't want to fuck with Axl's heart

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I was right by Izzy holding his hand, being loaded on a gurney, oxygen strapped to him, rolled outside, loaded into an ambulance, while they stuck him with needles and stuck leads on his whole torso, started IVs, asked me a thousand questions, unloaded him and rolled him into an ER. I stayed to the bitter last second they would allow me. Believe me, I made a bit if a fucking drama queen out of myself. They had to literally pry my hand loose from Izzy. Izzy may not have opened his eyes but just the once back at that house where I found him, but still somehow I know he knows I'm here. I didn't want to leave him. What if he woke up and I wasn't there? He won't want to wake up alone. He would be so scared he'd just run. That's just what he does. And I don't think he's in any sort of condition to do any running for a while.

We were gonna have no choice but to delay touring with Aerosmith. Unfortunately it would have to be fucking Steven who dealt with that. Hopefully not before Doug returns. Right now Doug has to deal with Izzy's hospital shit and the press and Geffen. I get to fucking sit and wait. I was good at that for my own reasons, but when it came to others reasons, I got real damn impatient. My head is reeling. It bounces back and forth between worry for my dark angel and how I will avenge my him. I had Nikki and Tommy. They wouldn't be going anywhere. But right now being here is the most important thing. I've gotta find out what the doctors say. Izzy and I were each other's 'in case of emergency notify' 'next of kin' 'this person has my permission to know details of my condition' person.

But once I know Izzy's OK...I have something real special planned for Nikki and Tommy. Nikki had gone too fucking far this time. And I know Tommy fucking helped him. I think its pretty safe to say that Tommy is responsible for all that blood that pooled under Izzy's ass when I rolled him over. Yeah, I'd have to go that extra mile and plan something really extra special for Tommy.

I know this isn't the first time this has happened to him, to either of us, but there's never been this much fucking blood, not even the one time we both had to get stitches because some sick fuck fucked us with a fucking baseball bat. But not before having to turn that bat on us and beat us until we couldn't fight him anymore. Luckily he used the smaller end. He took Izzy first. He left me bleeding from the head on the floor. I kept slipping in and out of consciousness. But every time I opened my eyes I opened them to Izzy screaming and begging while that asshole fucked his ass with that bat. Tears come to my eyes when I think of how Izzy must have cried and begged with Nikki and Tommy to stop.

God it seems like I'm waiting for an hour before I notice a guy in hospital blue scrubs and a white coat walking toward me. He looked younger than me. Please god, don't tell me Doogie Howser is Izzy's fucking doctor. He introduces himself as doctor so and so, thankfully he's an assistant to the real doctor. The real doctor was still with Izzy.

"Mr. Isbell is being prepped for surgery," he eventually says after all the insignificant bullshit.

"Surgery?" I say and feel my knees starting to shake. "Why?"

"He has what's called a Gastrointestinal Peferation. What that is is a puncture inside the body that causes things Like blood, bile, waste, or acid to get inside of the Peritoneum. That's the sack like membrane that cases of he bodily organs. When its punctured and bacteria gets inside infection sets in and it can be life threatening. That's called Peritonitis and Mr. Isbell has a pretty severe case of it. The tear is where the large intestine and rectum meet. Mr. Isbell's blood loss was pretty significant, most of it pooling and clotting inside the Peritoneum. Feces was also present and..." He looks down and I notice his ears growing red.

"And what?" I press.

"Semen... I'm sorry to be the one to break the news to you sir, but Mr. Isbell has been savagely raped. Beyond the most severe issue right now are several anal fissures or tears. Many will require stitches. Also, due to the damages and in an attempt to keep that area as bacteria free as possible, Mr.Isbell will have a colostomy bag."

I fight off my tears, my fears, and my anger and try my best to think clearly. I try to be like Izzy and keep my head. "How long will recovery be?"

"Several weeks."

"And the colostomy bag?" I ask.

"About a week, maybe two, it just depends on how fast his body heals," he answers.

"Is that all?" I skeptically ask feeling that there was more.

"Actually I was hoping you could answer a few questions."

"Probably," I nod.

"Is Mr. Isbell an introvenious drug user?"

"Heroin," I almost whisper with a nod.

"Do you know how long its been since he used? He seems to be exhibiting withdrawal symptoms that are complicating matters."

"A few days. How long will the surgery take?" I ask.

"A while. His insides have to be flushed out and sterilized. The damages have to be fixed. We're going to have to remove the torn section of the colon; it's not reparable and then reconnect healthy tissue to his recutm. The surgery will take a few hours. I'll come out with word just as soon as the doctor finishes the procedure to tell you how it went."

"Thanks," I nod and watch him walk aaway

I sit down and fucking wait. A few minutes pass before a nurse is bringing me a bag of Izzy's personal effects. It was nothing but his jewelry really. My eyes lock on the ring I had put on his finger and they flooded with fucking tears. I fucking loved him so much it hurt. Our 11 year anniversary was just around the corner. 11 years is crazy for two guys who were only 25. That was over half of our lives already. I felt so fortunate in that moment. I met my best friend and fell in love and now we were as married as we could get. Yeah our love was fucking bipolar but fuck; look at all we had been through together. But we endured all of it. Nothing ever came between us permanently. I knew without a doubt that we would love one another until our dying breaths.

I went outside a few times to pace and smoke. Then I'd return and sit some more. I made a few phone calls. One to Stevie and one to Duff and Slash. Alan had shown up asking questions. Somehow dumbass Steven told him there was a sickness with a close friend, that they were dying in a hospital in Phoenix Arizona and we all went down to say our goodbyes. It worked apparently. For now.

Duff informed me that Nikki and Tommy were both not going anywhere. He said that Slash had told him how I found Izzy. He asked me if he was raped. I answered even though Duff knew the truth, and he knows who did it. It would seem as if waiting wasn't one of Duff's strong points either. He tells me he untaped their mouths fishing for answers. Nikki just laughed at the questions. He even laughed when Slash put Izzy's gun to his head demanding answers. So they re-taped his mouth and focused on Tommy. Duff said he hit him a bunch and got a few answers. A gun to his head earned a few more. He tells me that Tommy confessed to fucking Izzy twice. Nikki even held him down the first time while Tomny did it. He tells Duff that Izzy was complaining about stomach pains and telling him he hurt him. But Nikki told Tommy not to worry. Then on the plane Tommy got drunk and loaded so when they got Izzy to that dealers house Tommy fucked him again. He confessed that Nikki made Izzy blow him at the same time. He said that Izzy said he would suck Nikki's duck without complaint if he didn't let Tommy fuck him. But it did no good, they fucked him from both ends and Nikki knocked the shit out of him every time he made a noise. Tommy even admitted that Izzy said he couldn't be unfaithful to me because we made vows to one another. Duff also told me that Izzy had only had one hit since we saw him last, right after he disappeared. I wanted to fucking kill them.

Exactly 2 hours and 17 minutes later Doogie Howser returned to tell me that the surgery went well. Izzy was in a recovery room and I was finally able to go back and see him. I stood next to a drawn curtain. On the other side was my dark angel. All it took was a small series of movements to move back the curtain, but I was so scared. I was scared to see how he looked. I was scared because I knew so many details now. What could I say to him when he woke up? There's no words when this kind if shit happens to you. In the past we just never talked about these things. But when we were out in the desert and Izzy and I actually talked, I knew silence wasn't the right thing. Izzy needed me to be strong for him. Stronger than I have ever been before. Strong for him like he's always so brave and strong for me.

Finally I try to take a deep breath but my lungs feel like lead. But I reach up and clench the curtain. I find the courage and pull it back. And there he is, all black and blue and hooked to machines with shit all over him. I have to grab the bed rails to keep from falling to my knees. After regaining my composure I reach into my pocket and pull out Izzy's ring. I take his hand. I work it onto his finger as tears spill down my face. I kiss the ring and rest Hus limp hand next to my cheek and look down at him in agony.

After a while a nurse tells me they are moving him to a room. She tells me he's sedated and would sleep peacefully through the night. I nodded. I bent down over my dark angel and softly kissed his forehead. I brushed the hair away and whispered into his ear. "Ill be the first thing you see when you open those beautiful eyes darlin. I love you so much."

Then I left the hospital and got in a cab. I gave the driver Tommy's address and told him we'd be making a few stops first. I needed to pick up some things. One being a bottle of fucking whiskey. I needed to be drunk. I wish I had coke, but all I had was Izzy's smack.

The taxi finally delivered me to Tommy's place. Slash and Duff buzzed me in. I grabbed a black plastic bag off the seat. My head was spinning I was so fucking drunk. But I was just pissed enough to function. I pay the driver and stagger up the walkway. Slash and Duff both greet me looking worse for wear than I was. Guess they had been depleting Tommy's liquor supply.

"Why don't you two go get a room for the night," I suggest.

"No way dude, we want a piece of this too," Duff shakes his head.

"Is Izzy OK?" Slash asks.

"He's out of surgery and sedated so he sleeps through the night. Now where the fuck are they?"

"Staircase," Duff points over his shoulder and steps out of the way.

I go in and both if them look at me. I look down at Nikki's leg and notice its barely bleeding now. "I wish I hit your fucking femeral artery so you'd be dead by now." I reach out and jerk the tape from his mouth.

He glares up at me with a demented smirk, "So how many stitches did it take to put your angel back together again?" Then he starts to laugh.

I kick him in the fucking face and blood comes pouring out of his mouth. He spits a tooth out and loses the fucking smile. I grab a nearby chair and drag it over. I sit down and look Nikki over as he continues to spit out blood on Tommy's white fucking carpet.

"So I to understand correctly that you drugged Izzy, knocked him out, kidnapped him, held him down while Tommy fucking raped him, hit him every time he begged you to stop, took him to LA, took his clothes off, strapped him face down on a bed, let Tommy fuck him some more, and you shoved your dick down his throat. That about cover it?"

"Other than the fact of how hard I came from that talented mouth of his. And his crying kinda got me off too. Tell me Axl, did you teach him to suck cock like that?"

I just reach out and give him my best right hook. "You know Nikki, for a supposed straight guy you sure do have some gay ass tendencies. But hey, its cool, I'm not one to judge. In fact I hope you do have those secret little desires. Know why? Because you're going to suck Tommy's cock. I know Tommy's got a thing for you, it shows. Plus he helped you out with your fucking plotting and raping so I think he deserves a but of gratitude from you," I huff.

"I ain't sucking his dick; I'll bite the fucking thing off first!" Nikki snaps.

"I could care less what you do with it, but its going in your mouth. What's the big deal, we all know you've sucked a cock before. I'm sure if you do it right it goes quicker."

"Fuck you," he hisses at me.

"Duff, Slash, would you pull Tommy's pants down for him?" I ask as I pull out my knife and cut away everything holding nikki to the banister. I grab him by his hair and drag him to Tommy's lap. Duff and Slash hold him in place.

"I'm not sucking his goddamn dick!" Nikki yells.

Sticking out of the back of Slash's pants I see a familiar object. Izzy's gun. In one motion it seems I grab it, cock it, aim it at Nikki's ass cheek and pull the trigger. Nikki screams.

"Dude you fucking shot him!" Slash seems shocked.

"And if he don't get to sucking the next one will be up His asshole...maybe his balls, I haven't decided yet," I say still holding the gun on Nikki.

"I don't think he's bullshitting bro," Duff says.

"Fucking suck him!" I shout. I cock the hammer once more and press the barrel between the cheeks of his ass.

"OK! OK!!" He shouts.

"Looks like Tommy's just about hard for you, wrap your mouth around him. Taste his cock covered in his dried cum and my boyfriends shit and blood. Fucking savor that shit," I smirk as Nikki opens his mouth and takes Tommy in. Tommy's eyes roll back in rapture.

I grab Nikki by the back of the hair and push his head down. He gags as Tommy's huge cock goes down his throat. I hold him like that knowing he can't breathe. I hold him until his body language panicked. I finally let him cone up for a quick breath before I shove his head back down. Using that hair of his for leverage I Bob his head for him. Tommy's moaning from behind his taped mouth.

"I bet you didn't even give Izzy the option of spitting out your nasty cum did you? Bet you made him choke on every last fucking drop and suck you dry. God I hope Tommy cums like a fucking horse. And if you spit that shit out or make yourself throw it up...well then, you're just gonna keep on doing it til you get it right...I'm sure Tommy wouldn't mind."

A moment later Tommy's bucking his hips upward. He's cumming. Nikki gags but he keeps doing as instructed because I shove the barrel of the gun to his ass again. He finishes Tommy off and backs away. He's quiet. He just rests on his knees with his eyes looking at the floor.

"Tie this motherfucker back up," I instruct Slash as I reach into the black bag and pull out rope. I toss it over. "Duff, flip Tommy over. Keep the pants down."

Duff gives me a strange look but does so.

"Get him on his knees," I say and reach back into the black bag. I pull out a dildo. I open the package and pull it out. I stand up and stroll over to Tommy. His eyes are huge. I jerk the tape from his mouth and he doesn't utter one fucking word. "Now Tommy, I'm sure even a dumb drummer like you knows what I'm about to do to you. I got the biggest one they had. I think it has you beat a little."

I come up behind him and spread his ass. No way was I lubing it up. I wanted this to be hard to get in. I wanted it to hurt. I wanted it to tear him. I wanted him to bleed. I hope I tore into his guts just like he had Izzy's. I hope he passed out just so I could revive him and start all over again.

"This is gonna hurt. Be sure to scream and beg all you like, it'll keep me motivated."

I start to shove and twist and work that huge rubber dick up Tommy's dry asshole. He begs. He pleads. He screams. He cries. And all I can do is think of Izzy. It makes me work that thing as far into him as I can get it. I fuck him long and hard with that thing until the screams have left him. He's so exhausted and in pain all he can do is shake and whimper. Slash and Duff are having to hold him up. I fuck him with the huge blue glitter dildo/vibrator until my arm gives out. I notice blood gush out when I finally pull it out of his gaping ass.

I smirk, "Was it good for you too honey?" I nod at Duff, "Tie them up together, tape their mouths. You know where I'll be," I say and hand him Izzy's gun.

I return to the hospital just after dawn. I go to Izzy's room. He's still asleep. I gently let down the rail on one side of the bed. I climb onto the bed next to him. I lay my head on the pillow next to his. I smile and brush his hair from his cheek.

I see his eyes twitch. Then out if nowhere they pop open wide. Hus body goes stiff and he tries to jump up. I throw my weight across him. "Darlin its OK, you're safe. You're in a hospital. I'm here with you."

He looks at me Like he's half way stuck between reality and dream. Then I see tears flood his eyes. His arms wrap around me and he cries harder than I have ever heard him cry. I wrap him up in my arms as well and cry right along with him.
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