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I Love Coke

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Duff and Slash find Tommy's stash

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Tommy's bedroom was fucking awesome. It was huge. His bed had red satin sheets. He had mirrors on the ceiling. White shag carpet. Yeah, you could tell Tommy fucked a lot in here.

"Wow," Slash says looking around in awe.

I pull him to me and give him a deep kiss. "One day I'm going to buy you a house like this baby boy."

Slash growls and pulls me to him. His lips seize mine ferociously. There's so much coke coursing through us that every feeling is intensified. I'm lost for a moment until Slash shoves me into the wall. He approaches me with another kiss. His hand snakes down the front of my pants. He grabs my dick and it grows instantly. I don't know if it's his assertiveness or if I should blame it on the coke. Whatever it is its boiling on the brink of explosion.

In the heat of the moment I bite Slash's lip drawing a groan from his throat. I grab his arms firmly. Rolling my back from the wall I spin him and slam his back into the wall. I press my lips to his. Our tongues cross one another as they slip into each others mouths. My fingers grasp his wrists and bring them above his head. My lips ghost down his neck. I suck his salty skin into my mouth and leave my mark on him. His groans grow as I continue to hone in on his neck. I lick, kiss, and sick it until its no longer salty.

"I fucking want you. Now." He pants and rolls his head to the side allowing me better access.

Since I still have his wrists I jerk them from the wall. I hurl him by them and he lands on the bed. I rip my shirt taking it over my head. Slash gets his off too as he crawls up on his knees. I give him a sideways smirk and start to work my pants off my hips. Slash in turn does also. He stands up at the side of the bed and gets them off the rest of the way. I lean my naked ass up against Tommy's dresser. I fold my arms over my chest and cock my head taking in the scenery.

"Get over here and let me show you something," he says as he takes himself into his hand.

I huff, "Make me."

"Make you my bitch," he growls and comes at me.

He slams into me. My back presses into the dresser. Slash crawls up it to be taller than me. His hands tangle into my hair for balance and leverage. His tounge goes deep into my mouth.

"Get your ass on the bed McKagan." He whispers over my lips.

I wrap his legs around my waist. I lick my index finger and slip my arm around his back, over his round ass, and lightly brush over his hole. I slide my long finger into him.

"Mmmm, fuck you," he pulls my hair and forces our mouths together again.

"Is that an invitation or a statement?" I smirk.

I take a few steps to the bed and fall down on it on top of him. Again our lips collide. I run my finger across his prostate. He squirms and moans my name. God I want him so bad. I slide s second finger inside him. He arches his back, pushing against my fingers making me slide in to my knuckles.

"Mmmm I want you on your hands and knees," he smiles at me.

"Do you?" I ask trailing kisses down his stomach. I run my tongue up the shaft of his dick like an ice cream cone. He draws in a hiss. "Still want me on my hands and knees?"

My lips wrap around him. I slowly take him in. Deeper and deeper. Past my gag reflex and down into my throat. He draws in a deep breath and let's it out in a breathy moan. I hum on his cock and I feel it twitch. His rands run through my hair.

"You feel so fucking good," he groans, "you better stop before I like...ugh..."

I raise up and smile at him devilishy as I let my fingers slide out of him. He pulls me to him and kisses me softly. His hand finds its way down to my dick. He slides past it to my balls.

"I'm gonna make you cum so hard," he says as he rolls us over.

He quickly crawls down my body. His lips take my purple throbbing cock. He goes along my length a few times before I feel him working his fingers in my ass. His free hand wraps around me and strokes as his mouth does too. Within minutes he's moving at a coked out pace.

I moan and can't keep my head from thrashing. "Fuck," spills from my lips as my toes curl and my dick erupts. "Oh...fuck... Mmmm."

As soon as my dick quits pulsing Slash is removing his fingers and pushing my legs open. He drags me to the edge of the bed and lines himself up. I push as he pushes. He buries himself inside me and thrusts hard. After maybe a dozen times I can feel his cock pulsate deep inside of me.

"Holy shit," he cries out and collapses down on top of me. Coke is so fucking awesome.

We stay like this until our breathing returns to normal. "I need a drink," I announce.

Slash nods, "Yeah, me too. I'll go downstairs and get them."
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