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On Plotting Evil

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Did you think Nikki was done??

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They were upstairs going at it and me and Tommy are tied up and bleeding all over the fucking place. Tommys gonna have to recarpet the whole place. There's a bullet lodged in my ass and I feel feel it every time I move. I try to keep my weight shifted to one side but my fucking hip is going numb. All things considered I figured being shot would hurt much worse than this. Its really a burning sensation. Annoying as fuck, but bearable. I actually imagine Tommy's hurting worse.

I wasn't lying about the LAPD. They really did do all that stuff, but I didn't have to go to the hospital or anything. I've never been ripped open. Not even by the record industry. I've always been perfectly clear to those fucks. I always told them that if they hurt me I'd kill them. I guess I came off pretty convincing because I had never been too physically hurt. But my mind... Well that's another story.

I know I'm not of sound mind, but my mind still functions perfectly. I might be cold, calculating, self serving and bordering on evil, but at least I'm nobody's fucking fool. The gunners thought they had me. That's what I want them to think. But this shit ain't over, far fucking from it. No one makes a fool of Nikki fucking Sixx. No one humiliates me. No one fucking shoots me and gets off scott free. Ain't happening on my fucking watch.

Yes, I'm an arrogant son of a bitch. Yes, my shit is odorless. Yes, I'm a fucking rock god. Yes, I'm a goddamn genius because my IQ is bordering on 130. Yes, I'm selfish. Yes, I'm greedy. Yes I'm a liar. Yes I'm a whore. Yes, I care only about myself. Yes, I'm pissed off. Yes, I'm spoiled. Yes, I always get my way. And yes, I will always win the last fucking word.

No. I'm not done with them. At every turn they're going to see my smirking face. I may not ever top this genius plot, but the little things matter too. I get them for three whole months when they come on tour with us. I'm going to be like their personal little broken mirror or the black cat that crosses their path. The ladder they walk under and the crack that broke they mammas backs.

I look over at Tommy. He's pale. I don't care about much in this fucked up world, but Tommy was the only person who had been truly loyal to me. I know he loves me in a forbidden kind of way, but he loves me. And no one has ever been able to do that. I make it impossible. But Tommy was blind to my sick nature. He was impervious to any pain I dealt. Tommy mattered to me. Not like he wants and I'm sure he enjoyed the fuck out of that blowjob, but that shit won't be happening again. Bet that.

"T-Bone, you OK man?"

He looks at me and mumbles behind the tape. Like I can fucking understand him.

I have to get the tape off. "Can you lean over here to me like you're going to kiss me?"

He nods and shifts around. I can see the look of pain on his face. His face meets with mine. I tilt my head and use my teeth to grasp the tape. I pull on it until I've gotten it off.

"Thanks," he nods and looks down. "Listen...about what they made you do..."

I quickly cut him off, "Don't. Just...are you ok? You're kind of pale."

"So are you," he moans.

"Well of course I'm pale. I'm a junkie who's dope sick."

"But you're shot," he says briefly glimpsing at me before turning away. "You're sweating real bad."

"No organs in your ass T-Bone. I'll live. What about you? How's"

I watch a year roll down his cheek. "I'm into dudes and all...but I've never been at the receiving end you know? I never had to to get us signed, I just sucked cock's and they always wanted me to fuck them...cuz my Dick's know."

"So that was the first time?" I ask in bewilderment.

"Yeah," he sighs.

Really? Wow, wouldn't have figured that.

"There's only one person who I'd ever let..."

"Tommy stop." I quickly say before he can finish what I know he was saying. "Look, we gotta play nice till we get out of here. They'll let us go once I start puking and shitting all over the place...and its close. So we back off them for a while. When they get comfortable we strike."

"We strike? Nikki... What the fuck?"

"I haven't hit them where it hurts yet. This was merely an attention getter. I know what will destroy them," I smile through my pain.

"What?" Tommy asks.

"Their precious little baby boy. Slash. He's the one person they all do their best to protect. Its his innocence they fight so desperately for. That's something that they all lost a long time ago. He's the only one who ever had any, to some minute degree he still does. At least to all if them, that's what counts."

"So what are you gonna do?"

"First we're going to do to him what we did to Izzy. Then I'm calling every record exec that ever wanted him and turn his ass out."

I was so caught up in my plotting that I didn't notice we were no longer alone. Slash was standing on the stairs.

"You would do that to me?" He growls.

"No," says another voice. Duff comes down the stairs. He states at me with dead eyes. "He won't get the chance."

Oh fuck.
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