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I feel a little guilty about kissing Izzy while Duff and Axl were out of the room but he looked so small and I don’t know, I know it sounds weird but like a little broken bird. He’s so skinny right now from using and hiking all over the desert with Axl that he’s just skin and bones with this thin layer of hard muscle stretched over it all. To me he always looked delicate which was strange since I’d seen him throw down with Axl and other dudes a number of times but seeing him like this just made it worse.

It was just Duff and I who left the hospital, Axl stayed; we’d brought a suitcase to him with some of his and Izzy’s stuff in it and Duff and I had helped ourselves to Tommy’s washing machine and a few t-shirts since ours had blood on them and were now on our way to a hotel. On the way Duff stopped at a payphone and had a random girl make a call to Doc, Motley’s manager and tell him where Nikki and Tommy were. When he got back in the truck I moved across the seat to snuggle up to him. We had ditched Tommy’s Corvette and picked up Duff’s beat up truck from where he had it parked at a friend’s house. He slid his arm around my waist and asked if I was ok. “Yeah, Duffy he just looks so…broken. I swear to God I thought he was dead when I saw Axl holding him when we found because there was so much blood and he was so pale but this is almost just as bad.” I nuzzle my way into Duff’s neck and he squeezes me around the waist, about all he can do while watching the road. Since we have no real place to live in Hollywood anymore at the moment we check into one of those long term hotel suites with the little kitchenette. It has a King size bed and a pull out sofa for when one of us can convince Axl to leave Izzy’s side long enough to come and crash for a while.

Once we get settled in Duff flops down on the bed and starts flipping through the TV channels but I straddle him and block his view so he has no choice but to look at me instead of it. “Feeling needy much?” He jokes and gives me a soft smile.

“Yeah, what did Izzy say to you in the hospitital?” I ask him.

“He told me to stay close to you and that you would keep me safe. He cried a little. I hate seeing him that way, it’s hard; he’s the one who always takes care of us, not the other way around, it was kind of scary to see that even he can be hurt. I always sort of looked at him as untouchable, you know?” I tell Duff.

“Yeah, our super ninja, unstoppable and untouchable, like he could never be caught. Knowing Izzy I’m really afraid he’s going to be suicidal, we’re really going to have to keep an eye on him and give him as much support as we can, show him that we love him and need him and that our band needs him, give him something to live for. I hope Axl is there for him because that’s what he really needs; for Axl to shower him with affection and love, he’ll die of a broken heart or a smack overdose trying to kill the pain otherwise. But with Axl who knows. But promise me baby boy that you won’t sleep with him again trying to heal his pain this time; if you ever cheat on me again like that it’s over between us, no matter how much I love you. I can’t deal with the heartbreak. Once I can forgive you for given the situation but never again. Understand?”

“Yeah Duffy, I understand, but for me can you not be with Mandy anymore, like anywhere? Rumors have already started in the press that your marriage is on the rocks so no one is expecting you to be seen in public with her anymore and I don’t care what Nikki says I don’t want you spending anymore nights in her room when we’re on tour with the Crue. It hurts too much and I’m safer if you’re with me. Nikki will make good on his threats given the chance and I’m scared Duff; the things that they did to Izzy, I mean they ripped him up inside and didn’t even care and I don’t even get why I mean they were supposed to be our friends; I don’t get what changed do you?”

“No baby, I really don’t get it at all; I stopped understanding when he started blackmailing us, I mean what was the point? Was it a control thing? Why did I have to marry his drug dealer? Was his management going to ban her from touring with them or something? I didn’t really get it I just didn’t want him to something to you as revenge if I said no and he would have too because he knows that you’re my weakness; he knows that you’re the one person I love more than anything in the world,” Duff says quietly.

“Duff, are you really going to keep me safe? I mean do you think you can? Even with the body guards? I’m really scared. I try and block out what happened with Axl and those two guys from Virgin but honestly I remember every detail of it. If I think about it I try and concentrate on you holding my hand and looking into my eyes but I can’t forget that guy saying my ass was even sweeter than my mouth and the other guy tearing me open right before he came and how much that hurt. I can’t even imagine how bad Izzy’s hurting. You heard what Axl said, they perforated his intestines and he was bleeding out inside and was full of blood and Tommy’s fucking cum! Do you think that Tommy knew he had done that to Izzy? I mean wouldn’t it feel weird and, different?” I ask.

“I really don’t know how it would feel baby; I would imagine that it would have to feel a little different, I mean the angle had to feel different and not as tight but I really don’t know. But Baby Boy I’m going to do my best to make sure you’re safe at all times. I’m not letting you out of my sight if I can help it and the rest of the time there’s going to be a guard posted on you. But you need to be careful, don’t take drinks from anyone you don’t know; if some random girl buys you one don’t drink it. If Axl buys you one don’t drink it. If you leave one on the bar and walk away to go to the bathroom or something don’t drink it. That’s how they got Izzy, they roofied his drink. I love you so much; if you got raped again I would kill whoever did it and anybody else involved. I’ve already seen too much happen to you and how it took your innocence away little by little and if what happened to Izzy happened to you that would be it baby boy, it would destroy everything you are; it’s going to destroy Izzy, only somehow I think it would be even worse for you. Izzy’s got this internal gritty toughness that you don’t have; you’re softer than that. Your heart doesn’t have that hard shell around it and I don’t want it to. You’re perfect just the way you are and I want to love you and keep you safe and make sure you stay the way you are. Just please be careful; you’re going to be sick of me hovering over you by the time the Crue tour is over,” Duff jokes but I can tell he’s serious.

I smile him softly. “Duffy, I’ll never be sick of you, I’ll always love you. In fact will you love me right now?” I ask him with pleading eyes.

He gives me a sweet smile. Who could resist those eyes?” he chuckles and gently takes my shirt off before pulling me down into a soft kiss. He puts his arms around me and gives me a soft kiss before gripping me around the waist and flipping us over. His kisses are soft and sweet and we take our time undressing each other. His caresses are light and he plays with me for a long time; touching and kissing all of those spots on my body that he knows drive me crazy. I try and reciprocate but he won’t let me, he tells me that I asked him to love me and that’s what he’s going to do.

When he opens me up to him his fingers play until I’m riding his hand and cum squirts across my belly which he promptly licks off and then whispers in my ear “I love the way you taste before biting my earlobe and tugging on it making me whimper before moving down to work the spot behindmy ear that makes me want to scream in pleasure when it’s touched. As he does this and I’m panting and squirming underneath him he holds my hips still and I feel him slowly slide into me and I groan and arch towards him. The next hour or so is filled with kisses and soft caresses and gentle lovemaking. When we’ve both finished shuddering through our climaxes he leans down and whispers in my ear “I love you baby boy, you make me happier than anything in the whole world.”

“You make me happy too Duffy, I’m not sure I could live without you,” I respond.
“I don’t think I could live without you either sweetness and I don’t ever want to try,” he replies feeding me another soft, sweet, kiss. He coaxes me into the shower and then back to bed where I doze on and off in his arms for some of the afternoon feeling completely content and secure in our love.
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