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Back In Action

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Erin takes care of nikki

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He was in the hospital a night or two. They wanted to keep him longer but withdrawal kicked in and he checked himself out. They made him sign this wavier since he left against doctors orders. He was shaking so bad he could hardly sign his name on the line. They wheeled him to my car. A nurse helped him to stand and I take his special pillow and lay it in the front seat. After several minutes he's plopping down on the seat. He hisses in pain and tries to adjust himself in a comfortable position. I go around to the drivers seat and get in.

I nervously smile over at him as I crank my car.

"Axl call?" he dryly asks.

"Yeah," I sigh.

"Is he letting you come back?"

"He is," I nod, "but he wants to wait for Izzy to get out of the hospital."

He huffs and let's out a devious chuckle. "And how is Izzy?"

"He had to have surgery. Izzy came close to dying."

He looks at me and his eyes squint. "You almost sound remorseful. Not getting soft on me are you baby?"

"No," I shake my head, "I'm just curious about how he got so...messed up. What exactly did you and Tommy do to him?"

"Tommy fucked him," he nonchalantly shrugs, "you know what Tommy's packing."

"And that's it?" I question.

He just looks out the window.


"I might have hit him a couple times."

"Axl made it sound like you guys really really hurt him."

"And Axl's all up on Izzy's dick. And what's it to you? You falling for him?" he looks at me sideways with a raised eyebrow.

I smile and lean over to kiss him. "I think you already know where my loyalties are."

His hand twines into my hair. He grasps it in his fist and jerks my neck to face him. "I can never be for sure. You're a beautiful liar and more manipulitive than I am. I know not to trust you sweetheart. You just better hope Axl and Izzy do. They don't know anything, do they?"

"Nikki, you're hurting me," I wince and try to watch the road.

"I'm sure Axl knows about the times with Izzy by now. That means you have to win them both over. They are accustomed to threesomes with a girl. Should be easy enough since you've already had them both anyway. Just don't show favoritism. I know how much you like to fuck Izzy."

"Izzy hates me. He's never going to be as comfortable with me as Axl is."

Nikki let's go of my hair and sort of pushes me away. "You goddamned well better make him. If you can't fool him you're just wasting fucking time. You need Stradlin to care about you to some fraction of a degree. He can't see you as competition."

"He already does," I sigh.

"You can change that. Blow jobs work wonders. Plus those two were once in a relationship with the same girl. She introduced them to smack. So they know how to share."

"How do you know?" I ask him.

He just smirks at me, "I'm the Devil baby, I know everything."

"Izzy isn't as open as Axl. He's always on guard."

"You better find a way. If he sees you as the threat you are he'll remove the threat."

"What? Like kill me?" I ask in shock.

"Hard to say. He deals with fucking junkies, Mexican cartel, and record company perverts. He's hard Erin. He's smart, angry, and untrusting. If you can convince him everything will go smooth. If not...then everything will turn to shit. You have to make Izzy care. That won't be easy, but you have to do it."

"But Nikki...why do I have to get pregnant? Can't we tear them apart some other way? I mean we're talking about a life here."

"And I told you, I got you, no matter what happens. If you have it I'll pay for all the bullshit like doctors and school and shit."

I sigh, "I know, I just don't know that I like the idea of not knowing who the father to my own child is."

"I'm sure it'll be obvious when it comes out. Besides, it could always turn out to be mine."

"And what do we do if they want to be part of its life?"

Nikki smirks, "We'll worry about that one when the time is right. Right now you just focus on being someone that neither of them want to live without."

I pull up to Nikki's gate and type in the security code. The gate opens and I pull up to the house. "I don't know how to get to Izzy. I don't know what he likes. I don't know how he thinks. All I know is that he doesn't want me in the picture. How do I change his mind?"

"Don't underestimate your talents my dear, I taught you everything you know," he smiles and traces his fingertips across my lips. He leans forward and kisses me like only Nikki can. "I love you," he whispers velvet soft and eases all my worry. Nikki always has had a way of erasing my mind. Most people don't get the chance to know him like I do. Nikki was the only man who has never lied to me.

"But the baby...will you be able to love it too...even if it's one of theirs?" I cautiously ask.

"How could I not love something that comes from you?"

"You promise?" I look at him seriously.

"Of course baby," he sighs loudly, "Just stop worrying about things. Just go with the flow. Mind helping me out of the car? I need a fix like yesterday."

"Oh I'm sorry baby, of course."

So I help him out of my car and he limps inside. He rushes to hid room and I start dinner.
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