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Hells Gates Open

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Axl solicits a Threesome

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I hauled Izzy's lanky ass down the hallway and outside to the bus. He grabs the the door for support and leans over to hurl. I wanna fucking kill him, but I just move his fucking hair and help him up on the bus. I drop him in a seat and slowly start to pace in front of him.

"Fireball, you're really making me dizzy with that shit."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I yell and turn to him. For his benefit of not puking on my shoes I quit pacing.

"What? I drank a little too much?" He shrugs.

"That's the best fucking excuse you have?!" I scream at him and grab him by the collar of his shirt.

Izzy gives me cold eyes, colder than winter in Alaska, "Back the fuck off me," he growls.

And since I know how drunk he is, I do. Do. Not. Cross. Drunk. Izzy. "Well Izz, lets break down today's drunk events for you, shall we?"

Izzy drunkenly rolls his eyes and slouched down. "Fuck fucking Rolling Stone, ain't like we get the cover."

I take a deep breath and place my hands in a prayer pose as I rest my indexes against my lips. "Rolling Stone aside Izzy,...we will completely omit the fact that you fucked up our first interview in a real magazine. OK, that's gone, out the window."

Izzy just stares at me with this look of boredom I'd love to slap off his drunk ass face. He finally swirls his hand for me to continue.

"Did you notice the way your amp kept cutting out tonight? Yeah, not technical difficulties. The sound guy who got fired...wasn't because he couldn't keep your bass working, was because the incompetent fuck didn't move quickly enough to plug in your tech's guitar to play your fucking parts. Slash kept having to do your parts. Do you have any clue how fucking awful you sounded?"

"So what, they came to see Aerosmith," he frowned and pulled a cigarette to his lips. "Got a light darlin?"

I jerk the cigarette from his lips and grind it under my boot. "You dumb fuck! Those people might be here for Aerosmith, but they have no goddamn choice but to listen to us first! We sounded like fucking shit out there, one of the largest crowds we ever play and we sound like SHIT because of YOU!"

"Mmmm, Duff did sound pretty good from the stage floor...and the way Stevie kept losing drumsticks, I can only imagine how well he would have sounded with them...and Slash," he giggles, "he kept playing my parts."

I run my hand slowly down my face. "Izzy I'm trying real hard with you right now. Im trying to be understanding. You went through something awful and I know you need time...but I can't take this shit. I don't even know who the fuck you are. Would you rather be with Slash? Is that it?"

"No," he smirks and pulls out yet another cigarette.

"Are you forgetting I saw you with him today?!?! I saw you try to kiss him! I saw him push you away! What the fuck were you trying to do!? Wanting another taste of him, is that it!? And you aren't being real goddamn subtle about the shit! Duff notices!! Do you just want him to beat the shit out of you again?! Once wasn't enough?! Or is Slash's ass worth it to you?! Worth losing this band?! Worth losing me?!"

Izzy just stares at me with the unlit cigarette dangling from his lip, "Do you have a fucking light or what?"

I huff and throw my lighter at him. It's an act of endurance and skull he lacks at the moment, but he manages to light the fucking thing.

"Fucking answer me Isbell!!" I scream.

He drags from his cigarette with a squinted eye, "Answer what?"

I jerk his lit cigarette from his lips and throw it at his bare chest. "You fucker!" He shouts and jumps trying to get it off him. He only accomplished getting it further Down his shirt and burning himself more. He jumps to his feet and lands on his ass wrestling to get his shirt off. When he's finally gotten it to land on the floor beside him he glares up at me. Tears are streaming down my face. "Why the fuck are you crying?! I'm the one who got burned asshole!"

"You want Slash, admit it," I almost whisper.

He sighs and drags himself back into the seat. "No...I...I just wanted to kiss him."

"Why?!" I cry even more.

Izzy just shrugs and can't even look at me. "Because he never judges me."

"He never judges you? You try to fucking kiss him because he doesn't judge you? Tell me, please, who the fuck has been taking care of you? Who's been getting you out of puke covered clothes? Who's been shooting you up because you're too wasted to get yourself off? Who holds you while you sleep? Who talks you down from the nightmares? Who makes sure you eat? I do you fuck! I love you and you're supposed to love me. We're supposed to be married and I find you trying to fucking kiss Slash!"

"I didn't though," he shrugs.

I grab a glass ashtray and throw it right at his fucking face. It hits his temple. His hand quickly goes to his head. "Ouch!"

" I don't get it? I go out of my way to give you time...I...I move slower than molasses in January when I try to touch you...but you push me away every time. You want nothing to do with me except when you sleep or have bad dreams. I'm trying here Izz. I'm really fucking trying, but I don't know what you want from me. I'm so sorry I can't morph into Slash for you. Do you have any idea how much it hurt to watch that?!"


"Save it Izzy. Save you fucking lies and your broken goddamn promises. Look... Erin's coming in later tonight."

"I fucking knew you wouldn't wait!! I knew you'd have to get laid eventually!" He yells.

"Looks like you would have been more than happy to not wait either you cheating fuck!" I see fit to point out.

"Nothing happened!"

"Because he said NO!"

"Fuck off and go eat the pussy that is probably dripping with Sixx's cum!" Izzy shouts at me.

"Would you like me to see if i can sweet talk Duff into letting Slash blow you?" I sarcastically ask.

"Leave me the fuck alone!"

"Is that really what you want?" I ask.

Izzy growls. "At this moment."

"Oh I get it, just until you're ready to go to sleep huh? Then it's all cuddles and calling me Fireball again?"

"Don't you have a girlfriend to go pick up and fuck?" He sighs.

"I'd rather fuck my partner, you know, the fucking drunk asshole wearing my ring?"

Izzy just glares out the window, "He's not here right now."

"Any clue when you expect him back? I was really hoping to have a real conversation with him when Erin gets here."

"I know the drill Axe, disappear for the cameras."

"No," I snap, "that's not the topic I planned to bring up!" I pull coke out of my pocket and lunge it at him. "Will you please, for the love of God, sober the fuck up?"

"Fine," he sighs and dumps coke out onto a magazine. He sticks his face in it Scarface style and inhales. "Holy fuck," he says holding his nose when he comes up.

"Again," I point at the coke.

He obeys and comes up with a white nose. "Happy?" He smirks.

"Titillated. Now wipe the shit off your face and come with me to the airport."

"Please don't make me," he sighs.

"Izzy...I'm so close to kicking your ass all over this fucking bus right Duff would like to also. So get the fuck up and come on!"

He grumbles a bit but follows me to an awaiting limo. We get in and head for the airport. If Izzy wasn't coked out, I'd say he were as sober as a judge.

"I can't believe you're doing this shit to me," he huffs staring out into the dark.

"And you get to talk," I frown and stare out the opposite window.

We're silent the rest of the way to the airport. When I he cheauffer opens the door for Erin to get in she seems confused to see us both there. "What did you bring him?" She frowns at Izzy.

"Give it up Sweetheart, he knows about us," Izzy tells her.

"There is"

"Save it Erin, I believe Izzy. He told me," I calmly say. "But I also made a promise to you for his life. And I made promises to Izzy. And I can't fucking get out of any of these goddamn promises."

"Axl, what are you talking about?" She gives me a confused look.

"Erin. For all purposes that matter, Izzy and I are married. I love him, not you. But I promised that you and I could be together again if you helped me find Izzy and save him from your sick boyfriend. I'm a man of my word Erin. We can be together as long as you understand that it's just for show. I love Izzy. I belong to Izzy."

"And she belongs to Nikki," Izzy hisss.

"I do not!" She shouts at Izzy.

"Look!" I yell, "the point is, if you want me...Izzy's part of the deal. Shouldn't be much of a stretch since you've been fucking him behind my back all this time."

"I'm not following," she shrugs.

'Allow me to clarify darlin," Izzy snarls, "Axl expects you to become our little bedtime fuck us both. In his mind it takes away his guilt and thinks he's not cheating if we're one happy little threesome."

Erin glares at me and Izzy. "Are you fucking serious? You want me to be with both of you?"

"You already have you fucking whore," Izzy snaps at her again.

"Just no sneakers ng around this time," I sigh, "you wanna fuck Izzy, fine, I like watching."

"What the fuck have you two been smoking?" She looks back and forth between us. "I'm not fucking Izzy and letting you watch!"

"I never just watch," I smile, "I always end up joining in."

"You mean you two have done this before?!" She asks in shock.

"Plenty," Izzy sighs seeming bored.

"But just once in a situation quite like this. Normally we just do the girl and not each other. Theres only ever been one other girl who knew about us. She was technically Izzy's girl." Izzy glares at me for mentioning Desi.

"You two have lost you fucking minds," she chuckles.

"No that's all Axl. This is all his idea. I didn't ask him to ask you for shit. You could have left me with your fucking boyfriend to die. I would been fine with that," Izzy scowls at her.

"In what delusional fantasy do you ever think I would say yes?" She cuts her eyes over at me.

"In the one where Sixx thinks it would be a great fucking idea," I smirk.

"Fucking cunt," Izzy mumbles under his breath.

Erin is silent. She eventually looks over at Izzy. "Did you agree to this?"

"I'm not being given the choice since you helped Axl save my life. But its not like I've never been inside you," he shrugs, "would be nice to not have to sneak around."

"But you hate me," Erin points out to him.

"But I like angry sex," he shrugs.

Erin looks back at me, "You're fucking insane. Both of you."

"What? Sixx never thrown you in a threesome before?" Izzy asks.

"Absolutely not!"

"Lucky you," he sighs and stares back out the window.

"It's a good deal Erin, just take it. Izzy and I aren't going to hurt you or make you do anything that you don't want to. I just thought it would be nice if we were finally all honest with one another. I love Izzy, and I won't agree to this unless you accept him too " I explain.

Erin looks back to Izzy. "How does this shit even work?"

"You could start by kissing Izzy. He's been wanting to kiss someone besides me lately, maybe you'll do," I motion at Izzy.

"Fuck you, why don't you just bust a nut and end this fiasco," Izzy rolls his eyes at me.

I straddle his lap and rest my arms around his neck. "Angel, I love you and I don't know what else to do. You won't let me touch you. Fuck you won't even touch yourself. You said you like angry sex. She's Nikki's darlin...get it out. Let her blow you and cum down her throat."

Izzy shakes his head, "I want you to be the one Fireball...its been a long time and I've been being an ass. I'm sorry darlin."

"I love you," I say as my lips take his momentarily. Then I slide my head down between his legs and jerk open his belt.

Izzy looks over to Erin and gives her a nod to tell her to come here. His mouth takes hers as my mouth takes his cock.

To be continued.
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