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Hells Gates Open 2

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This is what Nikki wanted I kept telling myself. He wanted me in the middle of Axl and Izzy. For fuck sake he wanted one of them to get me pregnant. I don't get his logic, but I abide. Nikki's always looked out for me, and the sex is phenomenal. I guess I loved him, I mean I did anything he asked, even something as fucked up as this. Nikki had a power over me and I just couldn't explain it.

Izzy moans into my mouth from whatever Axl was doing to him down there. It's weird, I'm straight, but watching the way Izzy responded to Axl was fucking sexy as hell. I liked watching two guys go at it. I'd never seen such before tonight. But how does this even work? This isn't Butch Cassidy and The Sudance kid. How the hell can I be with them both at the same time? And let's not forget, Izzy hates me and is jealous of Axl. I just don't know how to do this. This is fucking twisted.

Izzy lays his head back. One of his hands snakes into Axls hair and grips tightly. His other runs between my thighs. "Just feel it,' His long fingers slide past my panties and slip into me with ease. His thumb circles my clit. "Mmmm, her pussy is so wet Axe," he groans and rolls his hips into Axls mouth.

"You wanna fuch her darlin?" Axl asks him as he looks up at him holding Izzy's cock. Axls chin is dripping wet from his saliva.

And suddenly Nikki slips from my mind. I did want this. I wanted Izzy. I wanted Axl. They both felt so good and were multitasking. They were doing each other while not leaving me feeling like some third wheel. Desperately they were good lovers, Izzy was phenomenal...but combined...I've never been more turned on. I felt like the shit. I was in a bed wiit Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin. They knew I belonged to Nikki, but they showed me no partialism. They were considerate lovers.

Izzy wraps Axls long hair around his hand a few times and forced him to look at him. ",I want you first Fireball, it wouldn't be right any other way. You should be the first after....but I gotta do you, is that OK?" Izzy asks in such a soft tender voice.

"Of course Angel " Axl whispers at him and sits up on his knees. He moves his hair from his eyes and kisses him.

Izzy moves to behind Axl on his knees and starts working his pants down. Axl grabs me by the hips and slides me over in front of him. With both hands he spreads my thighs wide. He grasps my panties and jerks then loose with ease. His tongue brushes my clit and I moan as my eyes roll back. I soon feel Axl jostle. I look and can see Izzy seductively grinding into him from behind.

"Stroke his dick," Izzy tells me.

I grab it, hard and throbbing and stroke it teasingly. Axl bucks in my hand a bit, Rolling in time with Izzy. Should this be turning me on?

"Fuck," Izzy hisses as he stares out the window, "We're back to the bus."

"Goddamnit," Axl hisses wiping his mouth.

I quickly press my legs together.

Izzy grabs Axl and kisses him hard, "we gotta move this little party." He licks his lips and looks at me, "I taste you baby. You still want us on the bus?"

I can only nod and pant. Axl and Izzy redress quickly and we file out of the limo. This was my chance, my only chance to run. If I was going to back out it was now or never. Nikki would be so angry if I didn't do this. And trust me, Nikki's temper is so much worse than Axl and Izzy's combined. I should run, I just know it. Instead I'm led by Axls hand into the back lounge of their bus. The other guys aren't here, luckily. We get inside and Izzy locks the door. He turns to me with a predatorial glare. He slowly crosses to me. His hand takes me by the back of my neck and he kisses me while Axl tears the thousands of throw pillows off the bed.

Axl is soon behind me kissing my neck. His hands go around me and unbutton my blouse. Izzy pushes it off my shoulders and slides it down my arms. His touch is light and the look in his eyes looks like he really wants me. I then feel Axl unclasping my bra. I reach forward to take off Izzy's shirt which consists of shoving it off since it isn't buttoned. I run my hand down his smooth chest. He clasps one of my breast as his mouth lowers to my other one. He gently flicks it with his tongue. Meanwhile Axl starts to undress my bottom half. He shoves my pants down to my ankles and I'm completely naked before them. They cross in front of me and kiss so passionately, nothing like when they kissed me. Izzy quickly shucks his pants.

"Can I fuck her a minute darlin?" Izzy pants with pure lust to Axl.

"Axl strokes his cheek with a loving and understanding expression, "Whatever you need Angel."

Izzy's eyes turn black as he turns to me. He grabs the back of my thighs and flips me back on the edge of the bed. With his hands firmly planted behind my knees he jerks me closer to the edge. He teaches for his dick and slides it in me with shut eyes. "Mmmm."

His thrusts are desperate and needy. His breath races. I can't really see what Axl is doing, he's on his knees behind Izzy. I think his tongue is up Izzy's ass because Izzy seems to be in pure ecstasy; he can't be quiet, alternately panting and emitting soft cries.

"Axl,," he says with just one word.

Axl quickly rises onto the bed. He takes me under my armpits and scoots me up to the head board. His face buries into my wet pussy.. He laps at it like its honey. Izzy grabs Axl by the hips and slides two fingers into him. He reaches around and strokes him at the same time. A moment later he moves his hands and grips Axls hips in a clench. Axl moans as Izzy slides into him.

"I love you Fireball...I'm so sorry." He whispers as he fucks him slowly. "Baby Ill always want to be with you like this."

"I know darlin," Axl says before returning his mouth to me.

A moment later Izzy groans and his movements slow, he's cum. He collapsed next to me breathing heavily. Axl quickly moves between my thighs and starts to fuck me. Izzy pins my hands above my head and kisses me.

"Her pussy is so tight," Axl moans.

Then I feel Izzy gently work a finger into my ass. "Relax sweetheart, I'll be gentle." And then he works in a second finger. It hurts a little but when Axl starts circling my clit with his thumb it doesn't hurt so bad. "You gonna take it like we do? Take us both inside you?" Izzy pants across my neck.

I say nothing because I'm not sure what it is I'm getting myself into. Axl rolls me to face Izzy. .Izzy kisses and caresses me softly. He hoists one of my legs over his hip and makes me get lost in the passion of his display. He distracts me so that I don't notice Axl stroking his dick around my ass at first. And then I feel it. Intense searing and throbbing pain.

"Shhh, relax," Izzy whispers to me and quiets my whimpers.

Axl remains still until I no longer wince. Then he starts to thrust slowly in my ass.

"See it just hurts a second," Axl pants in my ear.

I look into Izzy's eyes. "Can you take us both honey?" He asks stroking my cheek and kissing my forehead.

"I..,I don't know," I admit.

"Just relax, take me baby," he whispers and I feel him fill my pussy. "Does it hurt? Can you take it?" He whispers across my lips and kisses me.

I nod and try not to tense up. Izzy rubs my clit as they take me slowly from both ends. I never dreamed I would do this, much less enjoy it.

"I feel you Angel," Axl moans and takes pleasure in gliding his dick across Izzy's inside me. I'm amazed at how good it feels to have them both inside of me.

They develop a rhythm and soon I'm moaning and gripping Izzy's back and Axl's hip. "Gonna cum for us baby?" Axl pants into my neck. Izzy thrusts hard into my my g-spot.

"She's tightening up," Izzy smirks

I can only give a nod at Izzy. And then my insides explode around their cocks they both pick up the place. Axl cums inside me and I heightens my orgasm. Izzy thrusts a couple more times and pulls out. I feel his hot cum shoot across my thighs. Jesus Christ, Nikki can't do that!

The boys move away and grab cigarettes. They draw each other together and kiss softly. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. They did love one another. A pang of guilt twinges in me. Why would Nikki want to destroy this? Axl and Izzy truly loved each other. Their body language spoke volumes. I guess I'm blown away by watching them make love.

Axl takes Izzy in his arms and lays him down as he cradles him. "You OK Angel? Better!?

" I love you," he barely whispers as he drifts off to sleep in Axls arms.

Axl pulls me to him too. He whispers to not wake Izzy. "That's my heart right there," he looks to Izzy. You tell Nikki he can't fuck with this kind of love "

I lay my head on his chest and wonder if he's right. Soon all three of us fall asleep like nude pretzels and I have never felt more pleased.
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