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Happy Anniversary Beautiful

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Sluff celebrate

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“Slash, come on, it’s time to wake up!” I groan and pull a pillow over my head to block out the voice of my lover who seems to want me to come out of my happily comatose state and be a part of the real world.

“Come on baby boy, rise and shine! I know you’re fucking hung-over but you gotta get up. Time to eat something and get ready for sound check,” he tells me matter of factly and takes my pillow off of my head.

“No Duffy! Give it back, please!” I beg him but he won’t. He does lean down and give me a soft kiss on the cheek though.

“I’d let you sleep if I could sweetness but I know you and you’re going to take forever to get ready because you’re tired so come on, I ordered us some food. Here, they still have pancakes in the middle of the day and I got you some. They’ll be easy on your stomach and you won’t puke them up.” I eye the pancakes warily and poke them with the fork Duff hands me. “Eat! You’ll feel better!” he tells me sternly. “Besides, today is a special day!” When I hear those words my face lights up; it’s our two year anniversary and it’s been a hell of a year but we made it! I look up at him and grin pushing the pancakes out of the way so that I can move to straddle his lap and I grab him in a joyful, sweet, loving kiss. “I’m taking it you didn’t forget then,” he laughs.

“Of course I didn’t forget, how could you think that?!” I ask him. “Happy Anniversary Duffy! Some horrible things have happened these past two years but you were always there to help me through them and I love you so much for that and for so many other reasons so despite all of the shit that’s happened these have been the happiest two years of my life so far! I love you more than anything and you make me so happy; thank you for everything you’ve done for me and making me so happy. Despite all of the bad things that have happened I wouldn’t trade these past two years for anything because I spent them falling more and more in love with you every day!” I exclaim and cup his face and kiss him again trying to convey all of my love and happiness to him through my kiss, my hangover and headache forgotten.

He kisses me back happily and smiles into the kiss before pulling back and looking into my eyes. “Slash I love you more every day and you are my joy and the light of my life. I wanted to be with you the first time we met and I heard you play; I realized what genius you were then and as we got to know each other I realized what a sweet person you were. That night in the club when we met up again I was so afraid you would get angry and punch me when I squeezed your ass; I was honestly a little surprised when you went along with it. I was pretty sure I had seen you checking me out when we were playing together in Road Crew but I wasn’t 100% sure but I had to try and find out. I thought you were so handsome and just so awesome to be around and talk to that I had to take the chance. I’m so glad I did or I would have missed out on the love of my life. You’ve been there through everything. You held me and comforted me the night I was raped and you never once asked me sex, you just waited until I was ready. You loved me through getting married to Mandy and forgave me for it and you’ve been there through all of the crazy ups and downs of the past couple of years and have loved me unconditionally through it all. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

“I couldn’t ask for a better lover either Duff. You helped me through detox and cared enough to go through that shit with me. You’ve picked me up out of the gutter and dealt with me overdosing more than once. You literally gave up your body for me so that I didn’t have to through being raped alone, you were there holding my hand the whole time even though you’d been attacked only a few weeks before. I couldn’t believe you did that for me; love took on a whole new meaning that night for me. I also couldn’t believe that you forgave me for sleeping with Izzy. There’s no excuse for what I did no matter how bad I was hurting and I know I broke your heart and it’s something I’ll regret for the rest of my life. The look in your eyes when I told you what happened is something I’ll never forget; I’m so sorry I hurt you Duff,” I whisper.

“Hey, Baby Boy, none of that, today’s a happy day and all I want to see on your face is a smile. Can I get you some ibuprofin for your head and your hand? How is your hand anyway can I see it?” Duff asks gently taking my bruised and swollen hand in his. “Shit baby, how are you going to play tonight?” he asks turning my hand over in the light to get a better look at it.

“I don’t know I’ll just numb it up with some smack later or get the doctor that travels with Aerosmith to inject it with steroids and cortisone,” I answer.

“I think the second idea is the better one and maybe tomorrow on our day off you should get it x-rayed, can you move it ok?” Duff asks, ever the mother hen. I wiggle my fingers and rotate my wrist which makes me wince but I’m pretty sure that’s just because it’s swollen. “Good enough but you should still have it looked at, I don’t like my baby hurting. Let me get you that ibuprofin and then I have a present for you!” he says smiling I grin and bounce on the bed and Duff chuckles and shakes his head. “I’ve never seen anyone as ridiculous over presents as you are Slash; you’re like a little kid!”

“I love presents!” I laugh excitedly. “Last year we were too poor to buy each other any anniversary gifts so I’m doubly excited! I have something for you too!” I tell him and jump up and run over to my suitcase and pull a badly wrapped box out from under my clothing. He does the same thing only his box is wrapped perfectly. “Do you want to open yours first?” I ask him.

“No, I want you to open yours!” he says. “I love to watch the look on your face when you get gifts. “

He hands me two small boxes and I tear the paper off of the first one. He laughs at my glee and I take the lid off to find a huge silver shark tooth necklace. “the point unscrews from the base so you can hide coke or smack or whatever in it to get through airport security!” he tells me excitedly.
I laugh happily. “Duffy you think of everything! I love it!’ I tell him excitedly and loop the leather cord around my neck and kiss his sweet lips.

“Open the second one Baby Boy, that’s the one I’m the most excited about!” Duff says exhuberantly. So I tear the paper off of the second gift and find a black leather bracelet witn onyx and black opal beading strung through the middle and a matching necklace strung on a leather cord.

“Duff they’re amazing thank you! I’m wearing them tonight! I love you baby,” I tell him and lean over and kiss his lips.

“I love you too my sweet Curly Sue,” he says and returns the kiss.

“Ok now open yours!” I insist excitedly thrusting the package into his hands and bouncing up and down where I’m sitting on the bed.

Duff laughs at how happy I am to give him his anniversary gifts but he doesn’t know how long I thought about what to get him and that it was pure luck that things worked out the way they did. He tears off the messy wrapping paper to reveal the shoe box that my new converses came in and looks at me quizzically. “What? It’s the only box that I had!” I laugh.

He opens the box to find two things wrapped in brown paper and an envelope. “Open the envelope last ok?” I say quickly as he’s reaching for it.

“Ok…” he says and reaches for the smaller of the other two packages. Inside is a new padlock necklace like the one Sid Vicious wore. He has one that he wears all the time but the chain’s getting rusted and it keeps leaving rust stains on his skin. This chain won’t rust and the lock is shiny and silver plated.

“I thought you could use a new one,” I explain quickly and the chain’s stainless steel so it shouldn’t rust so easily and look at the back of the lock. I had it inscribed!”
He turns it over and reads the inscription out loud “S & D August 14, 1985.” Then he looks at the key that’s inserted into the lock and sees that the top of it is heart shaped

“I’m gonna have to pretend some girl bought me this with a girly heart shaped key!” he teases me.

“Mmm pretend it’s the key to my heart,” I joke and lean over to kiss him. The kiss is long and deep and full of feeling.

“I love it, thank you, but I love you more,” he tells me and kisses me again. The kiss grows and deepens and I groan into Duff’s mouth and pull away.

“Open up the rest of your gifts before I can’t stop myself and I have to have you,” I growl. “I’m going to get up and brush my teeth while you open the second one so I can cool down for a second!” I watch from the bathroom while I clean my teeth as he pulls the second package from the box and opens it. He unfolds an old, soft, but barely worn t-shirt that says “The Fastbacks” on it with a picture of the band. Duff’s in it, shaggy-haired and sitting on the bumper of a car smiling. ”That’s a pretty cute 17 year-old drummer sitting there in that picture.”

“Where’d you find this?” he asks looking at the t-shirt in disbelief.

“Well, we are in Seattle and when you did that interview the other day I asked around and I found a music store that also sold old Seattle band paraphernalia so I went down there to see what I could find. I asked the guy if he had any Fastbacks stuff and he said he had a couple of t-shirts and this one was less beat up. Open the envelope."

He does and pulls out a piece of paper that says “Tomorrow night, you and me dinner at 7 in the restaurant on top of the Space Needle.
He looks at me gleefully. “For Real? I’ve never actually gotten to eat there! I could never afford it when I lived here! Slash thank you! Slash I love these gifts, they’re wonderful but I love you more. Two years ago I knew I wanted to be with you, then after the truck driver thing I realized how much I was starting to care for you, starting to fall in love with you and then we slept together on that trip and I realized I was done for. I’ll never forget you looking up into my eyes when we had sex for the first time with this mixture of fear and trust on your face and how that made me want to make it good for you. I didn’t want to disappoint you and I didn’t want to scare you or hurt you, I just wanted you to feel good and afterwards I felt so close to you. I’d never felt like that before, even my first time with a guy was just a quick, hot, fuck at a party but with you it was so different. You were so innocent and you just trusted me to show you everything; I could have really hurt you but that didn’t even seem to cross your mind even after what happened to you a couple of days before with that truck driver you didn’t seem to be afraid and that meant a lot to me.

It’s no easy thing to give your body to someone that way when you’re a guy. Women grow up knowing that they have no choice in the matter if they want to have sex but we do and you could have asked me to let you top that night so you had more control over what was happening to you but you didn’t, you wanted to give yourself to me and I wanted to make it a good experience that you would always remember. When it was over I could have happily just lain there and held you forever; I was so in love with you then, I didn’t know it was possible to love you even more two years later. You’re my everything baby, this band, the money, the fame, it can all go to hell as long as I have you.” He’s made his way over to the bathroom and picked up his own toothbrush but he hugs me tightly for a long time with his face buried in my curls. I wrap my arms around him and hold on just as tightly as he's holding me.

When I finally lets go he quickly brushes his teeth and looks down at me and I smile. Duff, I wanted you from the first moment I laid eyes on you but I was afraid you were straight and I’d never been with a guy so I wasn’t really sure what to do to let you know I was interested without making a total fool out of myself. So that night in the club when we were waiting on Axl and izzy I tripped and landed on you on purpose because you looked really bored watching the chicks on the poles. When you held onto me and didn’t let go and then grabbed my ass I was so fucking excited I thought my hard on was going to bust out of my jeans! Then you kissed me in front of god knows how many people and didn’t care who was watching and I loved it, you weren’t embarrassed or anything; it was awesome. If you had ground into me much more instead of taking me into the bathroom and given me a hand job I probably would have cum in my pants that night and I was kind of embarrassed that I came so fast,” I confess feeling the blood rush to my cheeks at the memory even though it’s been almost two years.

“Why? You were just excited! I didn’t expect some kind of super long performance and we didn’t have time for that anyway and god damn the sight of your huge cock spewing all over my hand and your belly was fucking sexy. I fucked quite a few guys before you and I had never in my life seen anything as beautiful as you naked, or as big. Then those beautiful soft lips wrapped around my dick just about blew me away. I still can’t believe that was the first blow job you ever gave!” Duff says shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well it was and I was terrified you wouldn’t like it!” I laugh.

“Baby Boy who wouldn’t love that sweet, soft, mouth wrapped around their cock?” he asks and kisses me; his tongue exploring my mouth and his tongue tangling with mine.

I pull away breathlessly and look up into his hazel eyes. I love those eyes and how they shine, how they’re always full of love for me even when he’s angry at me. He tries to kiss me again but I back away a little and tell him “You got to talk, so do I. I started falling for you when you held me and cared for me and talked to me until I felt safe and fell asleep the night that trucker attacked me. I loved how you just told me stories and played with curls and rubbed my back to take my mind off of things, that was really sweet. If you hadn’t been there I would have drank myself to sleep and been a wreck the next day. But I knew I was in love with you when we had sex that first time. You’re right, it took a lot for me to give myself to you that way. I wanted you but fuck I was scared. Thanks for taking it slow with me and not just shoving it in. You were really gentle and sweet and you felt so good inside of me Duff, I never knew I could feel things like that until you taught me. I loved every second of it and I loved laying in your arms and falling asleep afterwards. I felt so safe and so happy.

Then after all of the shit with the record companies happened and it didn’t drive us apart, it just brought us closer together and I knew you were my soul mate. I couldn’t believe you would get in the car with me and offer yourself up along with me so that I didn’t have to take it up the ass from those two fuckers alone after you had just been attacked so savagely a month or so before; nobody else would have done anything like that for me, nobody. Then you didn’t leave me after I slept with Izzy…”

“Well you didn’t leave me after I married Mandy and fucked her either,” he reminds me tipping my chin up so I have to look into his eyes.

We just look at each other for a long time until I break the silence and tell him “Duffy I love you more and more every day and every time I think I can’t fall any further something happens and I do. You’re my whole life. I wrap my arms around his neck and lift myself up a little to kiss him. It’s a deep, sensual, loving kiss but not overly sexual; I want to make love to him not fuck him. I gently walk him back to the bed and slowly push him back down onto it. We’re only dressed in our boxers since we hadn’t been up that long and I straddle his waist and sit up looking down at him. To me he was beautiful; smooth white skin, long limbs, bleached blond hair, and eyes that always sparkled with mischief. “What?” he asked.

“You’re just beautfiul, that’s all,” I sigh.

“I think you’re beautiful too, I always have, all those curls and tan skin and those pretty eyes and lips and god your cock is so fucking big!” Duff says and his own cock twitches on his belly.

“Yeah well yours is pretty nice too and it feels damn good inside of me!” I tell him. I let my fingertips graze up his arms and down his chest and then lightly run them over his cock. He sucks in his breath and his cock twitches again. I bring my lips down onto his and kiss him softly at first, letting the kiss build slowly. His hands are running softly through my hair, down my back, over my ass and up my crack, teasing my opening. My mouth moves down his jaw and I nip my way down his neck and he moans quietly. I kiss and lick and bite my way down his chest and stomach, swirling my tongue around his navel and then dipping it in making him giggle a little. “Turn over,” I whisper and he rolls over onto his belly and I rub the tight muscles in his back and I smile when he groans in ecstasy at the soreness being rubbed out of his muscles. I let my lips and tongue trail down his back until my tongue dips teasingly into his ass crack. He sucks in his breath in surprise and I lick him a little more. I get more gasps in response so I part his cheeks and give him a long lick starting behind his balls and going all the way to the dimple at the top of his ass. He fucking keens! I give him several more long, slow, licks; relishing every high pitched sound that comes out of his mouth. Then I start to work on his ass hole itself; running my tongue over and around it, giving it quick, short licks the way I would a girl’s clit and then switch back to long licks up his crack.

The amount of high pitched shrieks and moans coming out of him tells me that he’s enjoying this immensely so I keep it up and then push my tongue a little ways inside the tight ring of muscle and he groans and pushes back against me. I wiggle my tongue a little inside of him and then push more of it into him and I get a raspy “holy fuck!” in response. Finally I start to actually fuck him with my tongue and he starts babbling. “Oh fuck Slash, oh god yes, Baby Boy I can’t believe you’re doing this it feels so fucking good!” I squeeze his ass cheeks hard while my tongue fucks him and he almost screams raising his hips up off of the bed and towards my thrusting tongue. Finally I stop and replace my tongue with my fingers and his hole is more than wet so I don’t have to lube them .up. He’s so turned on that the second my two fingers enter him and glide over his prostate he cums hard, shooting his load into the air and spilling it onto the bed sheets. “Yeah baby, that’s it, cum for me when I touch you inside.” He groans and whimpers his way through a hard orgasm and as soon as he stops clamping down on my fingers so hard that I can’t move them I start to stretch him out and continue to tease his prostate. His dick never even goes down. “How do you want me Duffy?” I whisper in his ear.

“I want to be on my back, I want to see those beautiful eyes and I need more of your sweet kisses,” he pants, still coming down from the orgasm that had just wracked his body. I gently turned him over and then grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels next to the bed and took a long swig of it so that my mouth didn’t taste weird and then I lowered my lips to his and kissed him softly and gently. “Please Baby Boy, I need you inside of me, I’m so hard again or still hard maybe?”

“Whatever you need gorgeous,” I say quietly and reach for the lube beside the bed. I pour some over my cock and Duff watches, mesmerized as it runs down over my dick and my hand comes up to smear it evenly around. I lean back and line myself up with is opening and look at him silently asking for permission and he nods. I enter him in one long, slow, push and he arches his back and groans loudly. It’s fucking beautiful to watch. I start out by fucking him slowly but my own cock is craving release too and he knows it so he tells me to speed it up. I start to move faster and a cry escapes my lips. “Duff, your body feels so good, so tight around my cock,” I pant as I continue to thrust into him picking up speed and thrusting harder. I can tell that I hit Duff’s prostate when he lets out a yell so I keep fucking him hard aiming for that spot. I’m so close and I can tell he is too. Suddenly his breathing picks up and he sucks in several short, quick breaths and then pulls in one deep breath before yelling out my name and clamping down hard around my cock which causes my own dick to erupt deep inside of him. We ride each other out and then I collapse down onto my elbows kissing him and nuzzling into his hair while does the same thing and twirls one of my curls around his finger. “I love you so much,” I whisper.

“I love you too baby boy, happy anniversary. I hope every anniversary is this good,” he replies.

“Me too Duffy, me too.”
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