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Monster Or Not

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Slash is on Izzy's side

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Duff leaves the bus and goes back into the hotel to shower in his and Slash’s room. I don’t want to use my room because Erin is in there with Axl, I’ll probably just go crash in Steven’s room, he’s got two beds and I don’t give a shit if he has a chick in there. I’m still sitting in the back lounge staring out the window and crying and feeling sorry for myself when I hear someone come in the front door to the bus. I take a deep breathe to stop my tears and yell “Who’s there?”

“It’s just me man,” Slash’s soft voice calls back. He walks down the narrow hallway and into the room where I’m sitting on the pull out and takes one look at me and knows something is majorly wrong. “Izzy what happened?” he asks and comes over and sits beside me.

I’m so glad he’s here, he’s the one person I can fully open up to. I mean I talked to Axl but it wasn’t like he planned on sending Erin away and I had talked to Duff and he had more or less told me he thought I was going to rape Slash given half the chance when I was drunk. That really cut me to the bone, Slash is probably the one person in the whole world that I would never hurt in any way. I can’t believe Duff thinks so little of me, that really hurt. Slash reaches over and takes my hands and looks me directly in the eyes and I just let loose with huge, heaving sobs. Slash lets go of my hands and pulls me towards him so that I’m facing him sitting between his legs with my own legs draped over his. He wraps his arms around me and I bury my face in his shoulder and cry so hard that I can’t even talk. He rubs my back and tells me it’s ok whatever it is that it’s going to be ok. Just the feeling of being held by someone who gives a shit is a relief and the fact that it’s Slash who knows so much about what’s gone down between Axl and I and what happened with Tommy and all the times before makes it better because I don’t have to do a lot of explaining. When my sobs die down some he asks me again what happened. “You know Erin’s here right?” I ask him.

“Yeah I know the whore is here,” he says angrily.

“Well last night was the first night I had sex with Axl since Tommy raped me only Erin was there, it was a threesome. Axl said that since she was fucking us both anyway we were going to treat her like the whore she is. I didn’t want her there Slash, I wanted my first time after everything that happened to be with Axl and only Axl you know? I mean yeah I was fucking turned on, more by Axl than by her but I fucked her anyway. I fucked her before I fucked Axl and then we took her from both sides, he fucked her up the ass and I fucked her cunt. I came from fucking her, not Axl. I started a fight with her this morning so she would go away and go back into the hotel room and then Axl and I were together alone and it was good Slash, I came so hard and fast, I told Axe that it was kind of like the first time all over again because it had been so long. I love him so much but why does he always have to do screwed up shit like bring Nikki’s whore back here, especially when it was Nikki who orchestrated everything that happened to me! I don’t care what he told her or promised her so that he could find me he didn’t have to actually do it. I know he knew that I wanted the first time to be just the two of us too but he brought her into it anyway, why?”
“I don’t know Izz, I don’t get why Axl does most things that he does to you,” he sighs and strokes my face with the back of his finger sympathetically.
“Then your boyfriend came in here earlier to get his bass and take it into the hotel and I told him I was sorry for acting like such a jerk and hitting on you in front of him and he told me that he was afraid that I’d get really drunk and force myself on you! I would never hurt you! I can’t believe he thinks that I would do something like that, especially to you! That hurt almost as much as the whole Erin thing! I love Duff, I love you, I don’t want you guys thinking I’m some kind of monster who would rape my best friend in the world besides my lover!” I start crying again and Slash wipes the tears away with his thumbs.

“He actually said that to you?” Slash asks and I nod. “I know you’ve been making him really angry lately but that was uncalled for, I know you would never hurt me Izzy. That really pisses me off that he said that to you. You know we had a great anniversary with an awesome dinner at the top of the space needle and I really, really, love him but right now I’m pretty pissed at him for saying that. I’m really sorry he did that,” Slash tells me quietly.

“Slash it’s not your job to apologize for him, you didn’t do anything wrong, you aren’t the one who hurt my feelings,” I answer.

“Yeah but it was about me and it shouldn’t have been said. If I was worried about something like that I’d tell you myself.” I just nod and more tears leak out of my eyes and a small sob escapes my mouth; this kid is so sweet and good to me. “Come here,” he says and pulls me into his body again and lets me cry myself out on his shoulder softly stroking hair and back and rocking me a little. “You’ve been through enough hell, you don’t need more shit from Axl and Duff and that bitch Erin, he quietly growls. When I can’t cry anymore I’m so tired, just emotionally wasted. I pull my head up off of Slash’s shoulder and look at his beautiful face and he smiles at me sweetly, not a silly grin; just a sweet, soft, smile. “Better?” he asks. I nod at him and raise my eyebrows and give him a longing look. “Izzy, you know we shouldn’t,” he whispers.

“Please? Just for a little while?” I ask pleadingly.

“Izzy it’s wrong but I can’t turn you down when you’re like this and besides now I’m pissed off at Duff anyway,” he says and leans forward cupping my face in his hands and kisses me gently. I kiss back almost desperately and he fels that desperation and puts one arm around my back holding me close and the other hand gets lost in my hair. I wrap my won arms around his neck and hold on for dear life. He doesn’t push, he doesn’t kiss me harder as the kiss grows; he lets me set the pace. Finally I prod his lips with my tongue and he opens his mouth and gently massages my tongue with hiss own. I moan quietly and slowly explore his mouth with my tongue. This all feels so familiar and good but it’s been so long and so much has happened that we’re both shy about it. But eventually we both relax and comfort flows into my heart and I feel calm for the first time since Axl left me this morning and I hadn’t really been happy then either because he didn’t cum and I know it’s because I came so fast but I would have finished him but he left shortly after that leaving me asleep. I woke up about 15 minutes later and he was already gonel

Eventually I pull away from Slash’s lips and look at him and ask him “Slash, will you touch me? I know I shouldn’t ask and I wasn’t even sure I would get hard, last night was the first time I did since you know…but I want you to touch me,” I tell him bringing his hand down to feel my hard cock through my pants.

He doesn’t say anything at first but he rubs me gently through my jeans. “Are you sure you really want that Izzy or are you trying to prove something to yourself?”

“Both,” I answer honestly. “I’m really hard for you and I want you to get me off but I sort of want to also prove to myself that I can do it and not be scared.”

“Well were you scared with Axl?” he asks.

“A little,” I admit but because he was inside of me, I just want you to give me a handjob and I’m not afraid with you. You’re the one person I know won’t hurt me physcially or emotionally and I just want you to make me feel good.

"He looks at me for a few seconds that feel like forever and then says “Ok,” and rubs me a little more through my pants and I gasp at how good it feels. He pulls my shirt over my head and then leans forward to kiss me again while his fingers deftly work on unbuttoning my jeans. “Sit up on your knees,” he says and I scramble to comply and he slowly slides my pants down over my hips. He licks his hand and wraps it around my shaft and his thumb circles the head of my cock, smearing in the pre-cum that’s leaking out. I groan and my eyes roll back in my head. His lips meet mine again as he starts to stroke me and I’m in heaven. It’s just a hand job but it’s the best five minutes I’ve experienced in a long time. When I cum I cum long and hard; quietly moaning Slash’s name as my cum shoots onto my belly and spills over his hand. He stops kissing me to watch and the look of fascination on his face sends a shiver down my spine and my cock pulsates a little harder in his hand and he smiles when he feels it. When I’ve finally regained my breath he looks at me and whispers “Did that feel good? Did you like it?”

“Yes, and yes!” I tell him laughing a little. It feels good to laugh. “Thank you for that, I really wanted YOU to touch me.

“You’re welcome, do you feel better about things now?” he asks, his hand still wrapped around my cock.

“Yeah, I do. Slash can I touch you?” I ask afraid he’ll say no. But he doesn’t.

“Sure,” he answers “but let me get you cleaned off first.” He looks around and sees the towel Axl dropped on the floor this morning and picks it up wiping his hand on it before gently wiping me off. He sits up on his knees and shimmies his pants down and I sit down in front of him and do the same thing he did and lick my hand before wrapping it around his huge cock. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” I tell him quietly before bringing our mouths back together. I run my thumb over his glans and we both groan, he’s been leaking for a while and the head of his dick is soaking wet. I start to stroke him and he moans into my mouth. He doesn’t take very long to cum either and when he does I can’t take my eyes off of his cock, watching the thick, white jets of cum shoot out of him and onto his chest and belly and I enjoy feeling the warm, slippery fluid running down over my hand. He pants hard through his orgasm but the best part is when he says “Oh fuck Izzy, you feel so fucking good. When he’s done he sinks further down onto his knees and leans his head on my shoulder as I wipe the cum off of him.

“That was fucking hot as hell to watch, everything about you is so damn gorgeous. I could look at you forever and never get bored. Why do I always want you so bad when I shouldn’t?” I whisper in his ear which is right next to my mouth since his forehead is still on my shoulder.

“For the same reason I want you when I shouldn’t, you make me feel safe and it doesn’t hurt that you’re sexy as fuck!” he says and I can feel him grinning.
“I really needed this, I just had to know that I could do something like that and not be nervous or afraid and that somebody still found me attractive enough to want, scars and all.”

“To tell you the truth Izz I didn’t even notice the scars; you’re just as beautiful as you always were.”

“Thanks for saying that.”

“Well it’s true,” he tells me. “We should get dressed before someone finds us like this.” I nod in agreement and we both pull our clothes back on. “Where’s your suitcase? I’ll walk you up to Steven’s room, I know which one it is.”

“It’s on my bunk,” I answer. “Let’s go, I need a shower, I’ve had sex three times in the past 16 hours.”

Slash laughs. "I didn’t get one this morning either, just last night after Duff and I had sex. I feel greasy as hell."

I grab my suitcase and follow Slash off of the bus locking the door behind us. “Was it good?” I ask him.

“It’s always good with Duff, from the very first time on it’s been great,” he says smiling behind his hair.

“Lucky bastard, your relationship is so easy and uncomplicated and you fuck like rabbits; I wish I had that with Axl again, we used to be like that.”

“What happened?” he asks.

“L.A.” I answer. He gives me a sympathetic smile. He gets it. “How come it hasn’t changed things between you two?” I ask.
“I don’t know, I guess we just know that we have a safe place to land where we know we’ll be loved. Duff is really good to me, he doesn’t play games with me with girls or hit me the way Axl does with you. He just loves me. I mean we argue, but we get over it. He’s easy to love and he’s the first person I’ve ever really been in love with and he makes me really happy.”

“Axl’s always been complicated to love even in the beginning because of his stepfather. But even after all the shit he puts me through he still has his heart in my hands. I just wish he would stop bringing that bitch around,” I grumble angrily.

“Do you want me to get Duff to say something to him? For some reason he listens to Duff.” Slash asks.

“Couldn’t hurt,” I answer as we step into the elevator. When the door closes Slash hits the number 10 and I lean over to steal one more quick kiss. “Thanks for listening to me kid and for everything else.”

“I’m always here to listen,” he says, doesn’t matter what time of day or night.”

“Same here,” I say as the elevator door opens.

He walks me down the hall to Steven’s room and bangs on the door. Steven answers, fucked up as usual. “Hey man, can Izzy sleep in your room in your other bed? Erin’s here.”
“Sure!,” Steven answers smiling like the idiot he is.

“Thanks man, do you mind sharing for a few weeks or however long Erin is here?”

“Nope, I don’t mind at all,” Steven slurs.

“Thanks Popcorn,” I say and clap him on the shoulder.

“Ok Izz, get some rest and try not to worry about Axl and his whore, he’ll get tired of her soon enough. I’d better get back to Duff, he’ll be expecting me,” Slash says turning to go.

“Yep, later kid,” I tell him as I enter Steven’s room.

“Later guys,” he answers and then the door shuts and he’s gone but I feel so much better about things. It’s our day off fortunately so I take a long, hot, shower and then crawl into bed and pass out almost immediately. Maybe I won’t have nightmares when I sleep this time.
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