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Titty Bar

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Fun with sluff

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I was in our room rocking out on my bass, tromping the bed with my boots on, waking the dead! I'm feeling pretty fucking good due to a few bottles of vodka and some awesome coke I scored about an hour ago. Fuck! I'm bored! I want to get out of here and raise some hell! I see the door open and Slash come in. He smiles at me and just nods.

"Hey there baby boy. You have to try this awesome fucking coke!"

"Hell yeah, just let me piss," he says heading to the bathroom to get a quickie with Mr. Brownstone.

I leap from the bed and my pick slams down over the strings in a kickass finale! I'm a fucking rock god! Hell yeah! I sit my bass down and return to the table. I start making out lines of coke; six fatties in all. As I'm finishing up Slash comes swaggering out of the bathroom. I roll up a hundred dollar bill and extend it out to him smirking from ear to ear. He takes it. I grab his curls and hold them out of his face as he bends over. He inhales one line up one nostril and a second up the other. He comes up for air pinching off his nose.

"Damn!" He says as his eyes instantly get wider. He leans over and finishes off a third line. "Holy fuck this stuff is like pure and shit."

"I know," I smile, "grab my hair." He does and I snort up all that's left. I slide my finger through residue and stroke it across my gums. I turn and look at Slash. "Let's get out of here. Let's go do something you know? It's fucking boring around here doing nothing. Let's go out. Let's get drunk and loaded. Let's party, just us. Let's...fuck...let's go look at some titties! You want to go look at some titties? We like titties. We haven't done that in a while. Want to do it? Want to go to a strip club and look at tits?" My words are a fucking mile a minute.

"Hell yeah, let's go look at some titties! That's what we're supposed to do anyway, right? I mean, not like we don't like a nice pair of tits. It'll be hot to do that with you. We should do it! Fuck yeah!" He nods and lights a cigarette.

"Fucking A," I nod. I grab his face and run my tongue across his nose. "Missed a spot."

Slash giggles and shoves me away, Tthat was mine asshole."

"Snooze you lose," I shrug and grab my wallet. Then I call Doug.

He picks up with a sigh. "Hello?"

"Dougie! Hey man, it's Duff. Me and Slash want to go check out some tits!"

"I'll arrange for a limo and inform security, give me about fifteen minutes," he grumbles.

"Thanks man," I hang up the phone. Slash is digging through his bags trying to find the shirt that stinks the least. It's hard as fuck doing laundry on tour.

He finally drops the last one and shrugs. "Everything I own smells like a fucking dumpster."

I chuckle. "You're always spilling shit on yourself, or puking, or falling. You need a nipple on your bottles!"

"Ugh!" Slash stomps his foot. "I'm big enough for a sippy cup!"

"Keep telling yourself that," I say as I smack him on the ass as hard as I can. He jumps a foot.

"Ouch! You fuck! That hurt like shit!" But he's smiling.

"Your spoiled ass has had far too few of those as a kid." I cock an eyebrow at him .

"I take it you didn't?" He asks looking through my clothes for a shirt.

"Oh I've had my ass whooped! But sometimes, like when we all got it, I was like the youngest and went last. After spanking fucking seven other kids they were pretty fucking tired." We both die giggling.

"We should do more," he made motions at the coke with a nod of his head, "shits good!

As we snort up even more we get hit with another wave of euphoria. This was some really good shit. Doug calls as we're finishing up and says everything is all set up. Slash throws on my least smelly shirt and we exit the room and head for the elevator. No one is in it so we take advantage of that and steal a kiss. Then the doors open and a black limo is waiting at the curb. We get in feeling like we're really something now. Limos, fancy hotels, seeing new places, this was the fucking life! This was our dream in action; we made it!

We climb in the limo and take advantage of the free alcohol, guzzling down in record time. We talk constantly saying nothing at all; this is some bad ass coke! As the limo pulls us up in front of a strip club we make out some lines of coke on the seat and consume them. I look at Slash and his wide black eyes; I'm sure mine look the same. I pulled him to me, reveling in the feel of his lips. But on coke shit tends to escalate pretty fast; we're kissing hard with enough fervor to set some shit on fire..

We finally manage to get a fucking grip as the cock blocking chauffer comes around to open the door for us. We file out, managing to hide and not injure our raging hard cocks. We get to the doors of the club and they usher us right in. I had them call out, "some gunners in the house, ladies show your love!"

We're lead to a room in the back lit only by red and black lights. Me and Slash sit in a booth next to one another. Then come topless waitresses bringing us drinks on the fucking house followed by the chicks, grinding on us, stroking us, working very hard for the hundreds dollar Bills stuffed in our wallets. Hells yeah! Such a perfect silicone enhanced wasteland.

I look over at Slash who is having his thigh dry humped by a blonde. His shy smile just watches her. But he's so fucking high he's about to slide out of the damn chair. He keeps trying to refrain from touching her, but I know this won't last; Slash likes to touch. Meanwhile the chick with me drops to her knees and parts my thighs, swooping her head in between them. Such lines to read between. Mmmm.

Some coke and vodka induced idiocy comes over me as I blurt out, "Hey Sweetheart, how much to get that for real? For us both?"

She snaps up in horror looking at me and calls for a bouncer. Shit! Our security jumps in but I don't want to go,I want my answer. "How much to blow us?" The next thing I know our security guys are throwing us across their shoulders and dragging us out of there. Slash passes out and pisses all over his security guy Ronnie. Despite being upside down over a dude's shoulder and hauled out of a titty bar I can't stop giggling; being a rock star fucking rules!
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