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So we’re shooting the video for “Sweet Child O’Mine” a song which I started writing the lead riff for by accident. I was just fucking around trying to make this carnival like sound with my guitar and of all the damn things for Axl to like he likes this one. I hate fucking playing the song and it’s a lame love song that we’re all pretending is for Erin from Axl but we all know it’s about Izzy. For the video we’re all supposed to bring our girlfriends but since not all of us exactly have any we have to make do. Axl of course has Erin the “Sweet Child, Steven brought in some girl he’s been fucking for a little while, Izzy ignored the order to find some girl to bring, I'm bringing some cute little groupie named Kerry I fucked after our last show when Duff and I had both felt like titties and pussy sounded good, and of course that bitch Mandy is fucking here. I hate that whore! I know exactly how Duff must feel about Izzy and I being around each other because I was insanely jealous of the blonde little bitch and Duff said he hated his wife! Made me feel even more guilty for making Duff feel bad.

Last night shit got even more weird between Izzy, Duff, and I. Izzy had been sleeping in Steven’s room taking a nap when I guess he sat straight up in bed and started screaming like he was being murdered. Duff and I heard the screams through the wall and ran next door to Stevie’s room and pounded on the door and I guess Axl heard the commotion across the hall because he stuck his head out of the door of the room he was sharing with Erin when Steven let us in all four of us surrounded the bed and Axl reached out and grabbed Izzy and pulled him into his body and tried to comfort him and we all asked if she was ok. I was standing next to Axl and Duff was on my other side and I reached out to pat Izzy’s shoulder and tell him it was ok when he shoved my hands away before I even touched him and he pushed me towards Duff telling me that Duff was what I needed to keep me safe, that he couldn’t protect me or anyone else and then he just started sobbing into Axl. We all just left Axl to it, Steven grabbed his bus key and went down to the hotel lobby to pick up some chick to fuck and Duff and I went back to our own room.

“What the hell do you think that was about?” Duff asked as soon as the door shut.

“No idea, must have been one hell of a nightmare, you remember those and how intense they were. The part about him not being able to protect me; I don’t know for sure but I feel like he thinks he has to protect all of us, all the time, he’s the one with the gun you know?”

Duff sits on the bed and holds his arms out to me and I move to straddle his lap. I’m happy to have his affection and attention right now since I know that whore Mandy is flying in later that night. I know he won’t go spend the night with her or anything but starting tomorrow morning they’ll have to be seen together looking somewhat affectionate even if it is rumored that their marriage is already on the rocks; they haven’t filed for divorce yet after all. “Baby Boy I’ll always protect you; you know that right?” he asks me.
“I know Duffy, you promised, just don’t let me down,” I whisper. It’s not that I don’t believe him but sometimes his idea of protecting me and my idea of being protected are two different things.

“I know you’re worried about Mandy coming but you don’t have anything to worry about in that respect. You know I love you and only you.” He leaned in and kissed me sweetly, his tongue massaging mine as his hand ran up under the back of my shirt and stroked my bare skin. “Come on, we had better go downstairs and do some of those press interviews because I don’t think Axl and Izzy are going to be showing up and we’ve gotta keep getting paid!” he chuckles and I groan in annoyance when he eases me off of his lap; I could think of much better ways to spend this morning and afternoon than doing interviews.

As predicted only Duff and I show up for the interviews and then Stevie stumbles in a little late, looking slightly disheveled but is quickly put back together by management and wardrobe. Doug was pissed about Axl and Izzy blowing the interviews off but backed off when Duff glared down at him and told him that Izzy had a bad nightmare and needed Axl with him and asked if that was a problem. I wanted to giggle at the look on Doug’s face but I didn’t. The interviews themselves are pretty standard but after we leave the conference room in the hotel and walk around the corner into the lobby where the elevators are we run straight into trouble in high heels: Mandy.

“Baby!” she squeals and runs straight up to Duff, drops her bags and throws herself at him. He instinctually reaches out to catch her and she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him full on the mouth. He has to kiss her back for the press that’s camped out in the lobby and a hundred flashbulbs go off. He wraps his arms around her tighter; smiling at her as he breaks the kiss. I angrily jab the elevator button and the fucking bitch turns to me and says “Hi Slash!” and hugs me lightly.

I can feel my skin crawl but I have to be polite “Hi Mandy!” I say through gritted teeth with a fake smile on my face. We get on the elevator and Duff looks at me apologetically and I give him a sad smile. He sighs and pulls his room key out of his wallet. He had never even set foot in his room since we arrived; he’d been in mine the whole time. When we get to our floor he hands Mandy the key and says he has to come in my room to get some of his stuff. When the door closes behind us Duff grabs me and pulls me close to him and I put my arms under his and hold him and bury my face in his neck.

He squeezes me hard for a few seconds and whispers “It’s alright Baby Boy; I’ll be back in an hour or less, you know I’m not sleeping with the bitch- literally or figuratively. Don’t worry at all; you’re it for me remember?”

“I remember” I whisper somewhere around his ear. He strokes my hair for a little bit and twirls one of my curls around his finger affectionately.

“You gonna be ok?” he asks.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine as long as you come back,” I tell him and pull back. You had better go before she comes looking for you.” He nods and leans down to kiss me and it’s one of those kisses that take my breath away because I wasn’t expecting the passion behind it for such a quick kiss. Then he backs away and opens the door and is gone, closing it behind him. When he does my face crumples and I let the tears I was hiding behind my hair run down my face. I try and wipe them away but they just keep coming so I move into the bathroom and get into a hot shower and relax. I finally manage to calm myself down and get out of the shower, fix my hair, brush my teeth, and put on clean boxers and crawl into my empty, cold, bed when the door opens and Duff walks back in.

I feel my face light up but he’s grumbling. “I didn’t think I was ever going to get away from that stupid bitch. She kept wanting to touch me and kiss me and I can fucking taste her and smell her perfume and I fucking hate that he says and pulls his wedding ring off and throws it across the room! It’s funny but I don’t laugh; he’d be even more pissed!

I climb out of the bed and hug him but god he does smell like her. “Yeah, you’re right, you need a shower you smell like her,” I laugh. He cracks a smile but then trips over his own shoes on the way to the bathroom which causes another slew of curse words to come out of his mouth.

A few minutes later he walks naked out of the steaming room, apparently having had the shower on blasting hot and crawls under the covers and over top of me. “I’m sorry I had to leave you alone in here even for a half an hour to be around that bitch; I hate her! But I love you and I’ll show you how much if you’re interested,” he offers and kisses me long and hard. I don’t answer; I just pull his crotch down towards mine and grind up into him. He moans loudly and I laugh. “What’s so funny?” he asks.

“Do you know how loud that was? Half the floor’s gonna hear us!” I laugh.

“Good, maybe my fucking wife will!” Duff says bitterly.

“Baby, do you really want to top or do you want to be taken care of? Get you settled down a little?" I ask him

“Yeah, ok, honestly I want you to top,” he admits. “I just…arghh!” he growls in angry frustration.

“I know Duffy, calm down,” I whisper as I flip him over. I spend the next hour making love to him; kissing down his neck and his throat, biting at his nipples, licking down his hard stomach, taking him into my mouth and throat until he starts gripping my hair hard and then moving away and back to his lips as he groans in disappointment and the frustration of blue balls. “Oh hush now, like you’re gonna be left hanging” I tease him and bite his ear. He yelps and I kiss and lick the spot softly; soothing the bite.

I reach over to the bedside table and open the drawer and grab the bottle of lube. I slick my fingers up and push two inside of him softly. He moans and bucks his hips. I stretch him out and work my third finger into him and move in and out of him a little faster and he writhes under me trying to get me to touch his prostate and I finally do; pressing down on it and circling it with one finger and he’s so worked up that cum shoots across his belly before either one of us realizes it’s going to happen.

He moans his way through his orgasm finally gasping out “Oh fuck that felt good!”

“Well I’m about to make you feel even better,” I groan as I enter him. He throws back his head in pleasure and gasps.

“Goddamnit you’re big! I’ve fucked a lot of guys but nobody ever felt as good as you do with that huge cock! You feel so good! Fuck me baby, please!” he begs and I grin at his comment about my cock; I always love to hear him talk about how he loves how big it is. I can’t help but preen a little about that. So I give him what he wants alternating slow, languorous strokes with harder, faster, ones. After about 20 minutes or so Duff’s moaning like a maniac and I’m so close to blowing my load that I’m thinking about Steven’s nasty, sweaty, chest hair while he’s playing so that I don’t cum before Duff. I look down at him and his eyes are closed for a second; his hips moving with mine; he must feel me looking at him because his eyes open and he smiles a little. “Aim up a little,” he moans. I do and he blows his load almost screaming and the image of Steven’s gross, wet, chest hair is replaced by the thought of how hot Duff’s sweat shined chest is as he arches up towards my body so that my cock will hit his prostate even harder and the fact that he came completely untouched makes me hotter than fuck. When I feel him contract around my dick I totally lose it and spew a giant load inside of him. His ass gripping me like a fucking vise; sometimes I can’t even move to thrust he’s clamped down so hard. “I can feel you cumming inside me baby; it’s so warm and there‘s so much of it, fuck,” he breathes as he continues to spasm around me but he’s coming down.

“Well, I’m with you and I love you and your ass feels fucking amazing! Why would I not blow a ton of fucking cum up inside of you? I notice his dick still hasn’t gone down. I look down at it and eye him questioningly.

“Baby Boy, I’m still so fucking mad at that bitch; let me have you from the back? Hard?”

“Oh, so you want me to be your bitch is that it?” I growl at him from where I’m still balanced above him.

He reaches up a hand to my throat and squeezes lightly. “Damn right I want your skinny ass to be my bitch!”

“Only if you promise to pull my hair some and talk dirty to me and call me names while you fuck me until you’re not angry anymore!” I hiss.

“I might fuck your ass raw before I’m not angry and I feel better” he growls.

“Fine with me; playing rough with you is fucking hot,” I answer. Duff shoves me to the side and moves behind me grabbing the lube as he settles in behind me. He roughly shoves three fingers inside of me; fingering and stretching me quickly and then teasing the hell out of my prostate so I’ll get hard again. I moan as his touch feels better and better and he smacks my ass.

“You like it when I fuck you with my fingers you little slut?” he asks.

“Yeah” I breathe and he does it harder. It almost hurts but I fucking love him dominating me this way.

Then he jerks his fingers out of me and I hear him slicking up his cock and then he buries himself inside of me fucking hard and jerks my curls back at the same time and I let out a loud cry. “Shit your ass is tight you little whore! He shoves my head and chest down into the mattress so that he’s fucking me as deeply as he can. I can feel his fury at Mandy as slams into me. “You’re such a dirty little bitch. Who’s fucking slut are you? He asks as he twists my curls around his fingers and pulls harder.

“Yours Duff, only yours” I squeak out. He continues to jackhammer me from behind and above grunting and swearing and calling me every name in the book. His nails rake over my back and I can feel the sting of blood being drawn. I start to moan loudly as his dick rubs over my prostate at a fast pace. I’m gonna cum soon and there’s no way I’m gonna be able to stop myself. “Duff, I’m close” I say through gritted teeth.

“You had better ask me if you can cum bitch,” he growls and smacks my ass hard so that it stings and I whimper but not because I don’t like it; it just makes that much closer to letting go.

“Can I cum Duff? Please? Your cock feels so good!” I plead.

“Fine but only if you cum like a good little slut without being touched,” he tells me. That wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Keep…fucking me….hard like that!” I beg and then my body starts to spasm from the inside moving outward and my cock explodes into the air; my cum spraying onto the bed and my chest; mixing with the stickiness of Duff’s which I never had the chance to wash off.

Duff reaches around and strokes his hand up my cock once slicking his fingers up with my cum and then putting them in his mouth. “Oh my fucking god I always love the way you taste you little slut” Duff growls before he jerks hard on my hair causing me to yelp and I can feel the warmth of his seed spill deep inside me He curses at me, calls me a good little whore and a fucking bitch until he comes down and is just shuddering. He leans down over my body so that his chest is pressed to my back that's oozing blood in some spots but he doesn’t pull out of me; he knows I hate that feeling and that I don’t want to feel it until it’s absolutely necessary. “You ok?” he asks, still breathing hard.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Feel better? I like it when you’re rough with me sometimes like that,” I answer.

"I just needed to get that out! Thank you Baby," he whispers and kisses my shoulder. “Ok I’m gonna move. Stay still and I’ll pick you up ok? I know your legs get wobbly being in that position for a while; so do mine.” He moves backwards a little pulling his cock out of me and I whine at the feeling; I hate it. It’s like you were so filled and it felt good and you’re suddenly empty. Duff gently turns me over so that he’s spooning me and gently strokes up and down my arm and the side of my face while we get our legs under control. “Ready for a shower pretty baby?” he whispers.

“Yeah,” I whisper back and to my surprise he picks me up and caries me; stopping to kiss me a few times along the way.

“I love you Baby Boy,” he says in between kisses.

“I love you too Duffy,” I tell him and wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face in his neck; enjoying the closeness. I don’t know what just happened but it was something full of feelings even though the second time was rough. I think that’s what made the afterglow so sweet. Duff puts me down and gets the shower started and we both get in; each of us washing the other one tenderly. We have about an hour before the video shoot tonight so we lay on the clean bed for about half an hour curled up in each other just cuddling and kissing and petting and staring into each other’s eyes. Before we get up and get up and get dressed I lean over and kiss Duff deeply; pouring my heart into the kiss. “I love you so much; please don’t leave me for that bitch,” I beg. "I have no idea why I'm so paranoid about it but I am."

“Baby you should know better than that, I’d never leave you for anybody. You’re the love of my life and you always will be. How could I not love someone as beautiful and sweet as you? Come on, let’s get ready to go. Don’t worry, I love you so much,” he reassures me and I believe him because I haven’t felt this close to him in a while.

We get dressed and head down to the lobby and into the limo that’s waiting for us. When we get to the warehouse where they’re filming we see cameras everywhere filming everyone’s every move. All the girls have video cameras and are all up in our faces. Mandy is filming Duff and the pretty little brunette I met and fucked a few nights ago in the bathroom of a club is there. She’s a nice girl and fun to have on set.

I notice Izzy is protesting girls period by sitting with a dog that came from who knows where. Erin is filming both him and Axl and at one point while Axl is getting his makeup done I watch Izzy finger Erin until she cums twice with his hand pressed over her mouth to keep her from making any sounds. Then he wipes his fingers on Axl’s t-shirt and calls her a whore and walks off. Ok, whatever. Duff gave me free reign with the chick I picked up whose name is Kerry so I find an empty room with nothing but chairs in it and make out with her.

Making out though turns into major foreplay I’ve got her on my lap; hand inside her panties and she’s so wet. I push two fingers inside of her gently and slide them over her g-spot and she groans.

“How do you know exactly where to touch me?” She moans as I continue to finger her.

“Lots of practice honey; I’ve been doing this since I was 13,” I laugh. She responds with a groan and a deep shudder as her body contracts around my hand. I wrap my other arm around her to keep her in place so she won’t fall off of my lap. “Feel good?” I ask and she nods, still shuddering. She moves off my lap and kneels between my legs unlacing my pants. Her sweet mouth is soon wrapped around my dick and she licks and sucks the head; bobbing up and down it but it’s too big for her to take into her mouth

“Come here baby, take your panties off and ride me. Her panties are on the floor in no time and I move down onto some kind of old mat that was laying on the floor nearby. She stradles me and I lower her slowly down onto me; stopping at every tiny noise of discomfort until I’m finally buried inside of her tight, wet, pussy. “You alright?” I ask her, reminding myself of Duff earlier.

“I’m fine,” she says and starts to move herself up and down my cock. I groan and reach out for her hips and thrust up into her as she slides down on me We move together for a while, the only sounds being quiet moans of pleasure coming out of both of us. It’s not long until I feel her body tightening up around me and I allow myself to start feeling her tight, wet, heat around me. “Slash I’m gonna cum,” she moans.

“I know, I can feel it, just let go when you want to pretty girl,” I moan thrusting harder up into her. I bite my lip holding back and about fifteen seconds later she explodes; her pussy clenching tightly around my cock and I let go too filling her up and feeling my cum running back out of her and down my balls. I don’t do condoms and she never asked for one so I wasn’t going to bring it up. When we were both done she got up and put her under wear back on and I laced my pants back up. And we both headed toward the restrooms. “Hey, thanks for that,” I say and kiss her lightly.

“Yeah, anytime, I never mind fucking a rock star with a big dick,” she giggles.
“I’m not a rock star” I answer.

“Yeah you are, you have no idea how much people like your music do you?” she asks
I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know, I just like playing,” I tell her and smile. “Better go get cleaned up, I’ve gotta play soon. She smiles at me and we head into different bathrooms. This video shoot might not be so bad afterall.

I come out of the bathroom and run straight into Duff who pushes me back into the bathroom. “Did you just fuck that groupie?” he asks me with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, you said I could,” I say smiling. He pins me to the wall.

“Was it good?” he asks and leans down to kiss me.

“Yeah, she’d fuck you too if you go ask her; she’s all for fucking rock stars with nice cocks,” I answer.

“Mmm so am I,” he says and lowers his mouth back down to mine. “I love you Baby Boy.”

“I love you too Duffy. You can go fuck my groupie but promise me you won’t do anything with Mandy, not even a kiss.” I plead with him.

“Not even a kiss, I promise sweetness. I love you more than anything,” he whispers and kisses me again. It’s a long, loving kiss and I’m so in love and I know Duff feels the same way and I’m so fucking happy right now. “Come on let’s get this show on the road,” he laughs and pulls me by the hand out of the bathroom. I hate this damn song but I’m in a good mood so how bad can it be?
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