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Sweet It's Not

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Duff breaks his promise

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I'm sitting here in the back of a limo with Slash We're on our way to shoot the Video for Sweet Child. The filming crew met up with us on the tour. It was going to be a very busy day. It was barely daylight outside. Thank God for coke. Then after the shoot it's straight to the show. Then after parties. Management got Mandy to bring some friends to fill in as girlfriends and extras. We had an image to maintain. This being I'm married to the tramp.

I don't even want to do this fucking video shoot. I don't want to see her. Don't want to see her. Don't want to deal with this shit. I pull my bottle of vodka to my mouth and chug some. Gotta kill this feeling. No way could I do this shit sober. Another chug. I look at Slash. "Bust out some lines," I sigh. Fuck man. It's gonna be one long ass day.

"Sure thing," he smiles. he quickly starts to chop them out on a console tray between the limo seats.

If I weren't so trashed ID be a nervous wreck. I wondered what kind of Shit Axl might start. I had no clue how things were with him and Izzy today with their unpredictable bipolar love. I completely understand now why Axl has always acted the way he has toward Izzy. Izzy had put him through hell. And Izzy paints the same portrait of Axl. This really fucking sucks. I think of Mandy. I have to look like I like her for this video. At the same time I dont want to rub it in Slash's face. Shit. Its gonna be a long day.

"Here you go baby," he smiles and hands me with little straw.

I suck that shit down and feel my heart start to pound and my mouth and throat go numb. Then I pour vodka down my throat until the feeling comes back.

"I'm so fucking trashed," Slash smirks. His half lidded eyes and little smile give him away.

I just stare at him sideways. "Baby boy, you know that I have to do some acting with my cunt wife, right?" Time to get serious.

He turns his stare out the window and nods. But I know it stings.

"It's cool if you do whatever with the groupie friends of hers she's bringing. They're just chicks. No big deal." I say.

"Yeah, it's about GNR, right? It's our job and shit," he agrees and guzzles down a third of a bottle of Jack in one drink. But his tone clearly shows his disdain.

We are lit up like Fourth Of July fireworks when we get out of the limo at the set. We make our way inside. Stevie and all the chicks and crew is here. We're waiting for Axl and Izzy. God I hope they aren't fighting or Axl having a mood swing. Another gulp of vodka kills the thought. Mandy approaches me with a camcorder in my face. All the chicks have them, they're shooting this.

With all these cameras on me I decide to pull Mandy to me for a kiss. Slash tries to hide his watching behind his mane of curls. He walks to the other side of the room to plug in and tune his guitar. Axl isn't here yet, no big shock there. Erin is though. Izzy is glaring at her as he strokes a big Rottweiler next to him. Hey, where did the dog come from? Stevie gets my answer for me. He asks him.

Izzy's reply is, "This is my girlfrie...." He quickly looks between its legs, "boyfriend for the video. Think I'll call him Treader," he smiles and strokes the dog affectionately. I didn't even know Izzy liked animals.

"A dog likes Izzy, how cliche," Erin rolls her eyes.

He in return glares right back at her. "Treader....sick her."

Erin smirks when the dog licks Izzy in the face. Every one else goes about their business, but my eyes linger on Izzy and the dog. To me it made perfect sense. Dogs are loyal to their master. I could see it in Izzy's eyes. He knew that dog would never call him a junkie. It would never break his heart. It would never hit him. Never yell at him. That dog would stick by his side no matter what. It would love him in spite of everything. No judgements.

Erin grabs a camcorder and turns it on Izzy and the dog just as Axl wraps his arms around her waist. Izzy just looks down and pets his new friend.

"Axl, they need you in makeup," Doug comes up to him and says.

Axl nods and disappears. Izzy looks up at Erin who is still filming him. He pushes himself to his feet. He strolls over to her. He takes the camcorder from her and their eyes lock.

"Izzy," Mandy interrupts, "This is my friend Suzette."

Izzy checks her out a moment. She was hot. Blonde hair, skimpy clothes, typical groupie. "How's it going honey?" He nods at her taking his eyes off Erin.

And then I notice Slash getting acquainted with his stand in girlfriend. They were laughing about something or another.

"It's a while before they get the camera and lights set up," Mandy interrupts my thoughts. "This is so exciting. I've never been in a video before. Suzette has, she's the only one.

I look back over at this Suzette trying to come on to Izzy. Eventually he does what Izzy does and politely excuses himself. He disappears, most likely to get high. Then I notice that Erin seems to follow him. I guess Axl and Izzy were sharing a mutual girlfriend again. I wondered if Slash would ever be down for that shit.

"You maybe want to find somewhere quiet and do a few more bumps?" Mandy asks me.

I pull my vodka to my mouth and open my throat. "Why not?" I shrug.

So Mandy leads us some place quiet. The bathroom. I bet just as many drugs get done in bathrooms as does actual pissing and shitting...among other self gratifying activities. That's about the time that Mandy looks at me with a come hither stare and begins rubbing on her tits. Naturally I do a slight double take, let's face it, I'm human...and I like tits.

I tear my eyes away long enough to snort the Pixi Stix sized rails laying on the counter for me. I look back at her and now she's raising her shirt. And she would have to not be wearing a fucking bra. Shit. Have her tits always looked this good? Or am I really really fucked up? I find myself biting my lower lip and watching enthusiastally. I just can't seem to not run my hand down to my cock. Fuck, it's getting hard.

Mandy gives me a sideways smile as her eyes lower to my pants. "Looking a bit tight down there. Slash doesn't have to know. I won't tell him."

I stand there staring as I think long and hard. I had practically given Slash my blessing to bang chicks all day. I promised I wouldn't do anything with Mandy. How is that fair? Legally this is my wife. How is that cheating? I mean it's not like I'm fucking Izzy or Axl here. The way I see it, I'm owed a get out of jail free card. Why do I just have to take being cheated on and remain faithful when he's probably out there right now probably getting sucked off by some chick.

"Don't get the impression that this marriage is the real deal," I warn.

"Marriage-smarriage," she Huff's, "I simply meant fucking. I'm so fucking horny," her hands run down her stomach and between her thighs.

It makes my dick start to pulse. Shit, she was making me horny too. I try to convince myself the best I can that it's just the coke or vodka, maybe the wicked combination of both...But let's face it and be perfectly honest, it's the visual images that's getting the best of me.

"Mmmmm," she groans and shoves two fingers inside her pussy, "I still remember the way you feel inside me...don't you remember how you felt inside of me?"

Sure I did. Blackmailed. Guilty. Humiliated. Miserable. Trapped. Bored. Uninterested. But I tell her none of these things. I should, but I just don't. I should just leave now that I've gotten high(er). But I don't. I should be out there with everybody else. But I'm not. Then Mandy pulls out her wet fingers out of herself and brings them to her mouth. She takes them in with closed eyes and licks away her own juices.

She opens her eyes and looks at me lustfully. "Please," she whispers and takes a step closer to me.

"Why?" I find myself asking. "The two times we have weren't exactly me at my best."

Her arms drape up over my shoulders. She's all pressed to me and warm. Fuck, I'm not even entirely offended by her perfume at the moment. I have no clue what comes over me but my hands grab her tits and my lips seek hers. She tastes like Juicy Fruit gum and cocaine. I puck her up quickly and sit her on the counter top. I quickly start to unfasten my pants as she hikes up her skirt and I can see that pussy. I step forward and slide inside her. Mmmmm.

We're going at it a few minutes when I start to hear Mandy laughing in my ear. I pull back to look. She grabs my face and kisses me deeply.

"What's so funny?" I ask.

"Nothing, that just tickled."
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