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Slash needs comforting

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We’re on the set for that stupid Sweet Child video. None of us likes the song except Axl since he wrote the lyrics. Slash started the song and Duff and I helped finish it. It’s going to be in black and white with chicks filming us. I’m not bringing any fucking chick; screw that. I’m pissed off because I know Erin will be in my face with a camcorder so I decided to hit the nearest animal shelter on the say to the set and adopt a dog and bring him instead of a girl; my way of protesting. I think Erin’s a bitch so it’ll fit. Only the dog I want is a boy; oh well no one will know that when they see him on camera. I walked through all the rows of cages; the dogs barking wildly for release and my heart breaks for all of them. They all want homes and love; kind of like me. The dog I decide to get is one that I think is least likely to be adopted; it’s a huge Rottweiler. I bring the dog into the room on a leash and everyone looks at me funny. I see Slash cock his head and look at me and the dog and I can tell he wants to ask but Steven gets to me first and asks what’s up with the dog. “I didn’t want to bring a chick,” I tell him matter of factly. “So this is my girlfri,” but I look between the don’s legs and there’s a huge set of balls laying on the floor where he’s sitting next to me, “uh boyfriend for today. I think I’ll call him Treader.”

Erin of course makes some kind of comment about a dog liking me and how it’s so cliché. I tell Treader to sic her but he just licks my face instead. I push him off of my face and lap and pet his head. He’s a really nice dog and I love the way he looks at me like he’s already in love with me. He’ll always love me no matter what unlike my boyfriend who brought his girlfriend on set. I get up and walk towards Erin to shut her up but Mandy interrupts and introduces her friend Suzette to me who’s pretty fucking hot. She’s mine for the evening. I talk to her for a few minutes and figure out that she’s not stupid and I like talking to her but I need to shoot up so I excuse myself and had to the bathroom. I see Slash laying on the floor in the equipment room with his chick riding his dick; wonder if Duff gave him permission for that? Probably, because he has to be with his fucking wife all day and Slash hates her.

I come back from the restroom feeling like I’m floating on a cloud. Suzette is off talking to Mandy and Duff is smoking in his dressing room getting his makeup done and pointedly ignoring her. Erin is still in Axl’s dressing room and I feel my hatred for her consuming me despite the drugs. I walk in and don’t even bother to pull the curtain shut or tell the makeup artist to leave I just go straight up to Erin where she’s sitting on a table and say “Spread your legs bitch.” She doesn’t say anything back she just leans back a little and does what I say. I pull her panties to the side and shove two fingers inside of her hard. She squeals a little and I put my hand over her mouth and finger her until she gets off twice. Axl never even looks up which makes her furious I can tell which I think is funny. I call her a whore when I’m done and wipe my fingers on the back of Axl’s shirt. I walk over to Duff’s booth and see that Mandy is filming him getting his makeup done. I ask him where Slash is although I already know and he tells me that he’s somewhere with the girl that came to be with him for the day, Kerry. He tells me that he told Slash that he could do whatever he wanted with her since he had to be with his bitch of a wife all day. He said that right in front of her and I smile and then she tells me to fuck off.

I just laugh and go back to Axl’s dressing room. The makeup girl is done with him and I tell her to get out even though she says she needs to do my face next. I tell her she’ll have to wait. I thought maybe Axl and I could fuck Erin together but Suzette comes back and she’s fucking beautiful and smart and nice; unlike the whore on the table. “Get the fuck out of here Erin,” I growl.

“Fuck you Izzy!” she replies but she gets up and leave. Axl turns around the chair and I give him a pointed look and he nods and smiles.

“Hey honey, you want to have some fun with us for a while?” I whisper in Suzette’s ear and she laughs and says “Why not.”

I start kissing her and kneading her ass and Axl comes up behind me and brushes her hair out of the way and starts kissing down her neck and pulls her dress and bra down so her chest is exposed and he runs his fingers over her nipples and they harden and she groans; arching her back, pushing into me and towards Axl’s hands. Together we get her undressed and then kiss and undress each other and Suzette stares in wonder. “I didn’t know you guys were bi,” she says in awe.
“Yeah, well, we try not to let the world know that, like ever!” I tell her and Axl and I move back towards her. This time I’m behind her and Axl’s in front and while she’s not looking I reach up and grab a tub of Vaseline off of the table behind us. They use for something when putting on or taking off makeup or something I guess but I know what I’m going to use it for. Axl keeps kissing the girl and then lays down so that she can straddle him and ride his dick. I rub her back and her shoulders and lick up her neck and she throws her head backwards and to the side and moans when I bite down on her beautiful, white, skin. I open the Vaseline quietly and Axl starts to knead her ass suddenly spreading her cheeks so that I have better access and she gasps as I push a Vaseline covered finger into her. “You ok Sugar?” I ask and she nods.

“I’m good Izzy; are you going to fuck my ass while he’s fucking my pussy?” she questions hopefully.

“Yeah I am if that’s ok with you Darlin,” I whisper in her ear.

“Fine by me she whispers back as Axl thrusts slowly up into her. I push another finger in as she moves up and down Axl’s shaft. I scissor my fingers back and forth and play with her g-spot from behind and she just about freaks out. “Oh shit Izzy! That feels good! Do it with your dick!”

I spread the Vaseline onto my cock and line it up. “You ready honey?” I ask and Axl is still and I hold her by the waist to keep her from moving.

“Yeah I’m ready; I want to feel you!” she moans. I give her what she wants and push into her slowly. She gasps and I groan as the tight muscle ring opens up to let me inside. Axl and I start moving together so that we can feel each other through the thin wall of flesh that seperates her her holes and she moans and cries out, looking desperately for something to hold onto so I put my arms around her and hold onto her tightly and she grips them with her hands as Axl and I really start to fuck her.

Suzette pants and moans quietly as we move inside of her and pretty soon I can feel her tighten up around us and I smile down at Axl and he grins back. “You gonna cum for us baby?” Axl asks.

“Yeah, soon, really soon,” Suzette pants. “Just keep fucking me!”

“Not a problem Honey,” I groan. “We don’t have a lot of time or we’d take you for round two.”

I’m so close to cumming myself and Axl groans underneath her; his cock feels so good rubbing against mine inside of her. “Now, oh my god you two I’m gonna cum she says as her body starts to pulsate around our dicks.

“Holy shit!” I groan as expload and deposit cum deep inside of her ass and Axl cums hard and silently; I can feel him shuddering underneath me. When all three of us have stopped shuddering I slide out of Suzette and help her stand up. When she’s on her feet Axl scoots back and stands up as well. “Thanks Darlin,” I tell her.

“Mmm I should be the one thanking you two. I’m gonna go clean up in the bathroom,” she says.

“I’ll follow you there, I just need to wash my hands first," I say as I clean the Vaseline off of my hands in the makeup sink so I don't get it on my clothes when I take a piss. Axl just grabs a t-shirt and wipes himself off; whatever man. I walk with Suzette towards the bathrooms and she disappears into the ladies room which is a couple of doors from the men’s room and as I walk towards the door I see Slash standing and holding the door open just a little. He’s absolutely frozen. No movement at all. I walk over towards the bathroom and I can see what he’s looking at over his shoulder and it’s no wonder he’s frozen there; what he sees, what we see is Duff fucking Mandy on the sink. Duff doesn’t turn around but Mandy sees us and she laughs. Duff starts to turn
but Mandy grabs his face.

“What’s so funny?” he asks

“Nothing,” she answers. “That just tickled.” She gives us a malicious smile over Duff’s shoulder.

I slowly reach out and cover Slash’s mouth with one hand and grip him tightly and hold the bathroom door so it closes silently. Slash doesn’t move; he doesn’t fight me, he doesn’t do anything. I don’t let go of his mouth and he doesn’t fight, he knows it’s me. When the door’s closed I whisper in his ear. “Come on Pretty Baby, let’s go somewhere quiet.” I pull him towards an exit door and go straight to our bus and open the door and let Slash go in first before I close it and lock it behind us. He didn’t say a word all the way across the parking lot and he’s still totally silent. I nod towards the back lounge and he heads that way and I shut the door and lock it behind us.

I pull him onto the couch and sit beside him and pull him sideways and backwards so I can cradle him in my arms. He looks up at me with huge eyes that are full of tears and whispers “He promised; he promised me last night after we had sex twice. He picked me up and carried me into the bathroom and he promised me he wouldn’t touch her. He promised me again this morning he wouldn’t touch her. He LIED to me Izzy; I don’t think he’s ever really lied to me. Why Izzy? Why would he do that? Why would he want her? Why did he promise me he wouldn’t fuck her if he was going to do it anyway?” The tears finally start flowing down his face in a steady stream.

“I don’t know kid; he’s drunk and high on coke, I saw it cut up on the sink. I’m so sorry Slash,” I say quietly.
“I’m drunk and high and I’m not cheating on him! He told me I could do whatever I wanted with that girl so I did but he knows that Mandy is the one person I don’t want him touching just like you’re the one he doesn’t want me around.”

“Funny how he promised to be there for you and take care of you but I’m the one doing it again,” I comment dryly.

“It’s almost always you Izzy. “You’re the one who takes care of me. He says he loves me, he’s said it over and over and over this week and reassured me since he found out Mandy was coming and he lied to me!” That’s when the sobs start to come out of him; deep, heart wrenching sobs like someone had died and in eyes figuratively someone had. Duff never cheated on him, he had never lied to him like this. Any lies he had told Slash had always been to protect him. What the fuck was Duff thinking? I know Slash had cheated on him with me last year but come on really? Has he been holding a grudge this long? Somehow I doubt it. I don’t know how she got him to do it but she had and I knew she had by the way she looked at us when we were in the bathroom.

She had effectively killed off Slash’s image of Duff. She had ruined who Slash thought Duff was. In Slash’s eyes Duff was more or less perfect; the perfect lover who would never cheat on him or hurt him for anything that wasn’t for his protection. Fucking Mandy had nothing to do with protecting Slash; it was just pure lust. I just hold him against my chest tightly and stroke his hair; there’s nothing I can say that’s going to comfort him. I can’t tell him it’s going to be ok because I don’t know that it will. I can’t tell him that I’ll keep him safe because I can’t; what’s done is done and he had already seen it. If I had been the one in that bathroom door first I wouldn’t have let him go in; I would have told him that Steven or Axl were fucking someone in the bathroom. There’s no way I can save him from this.

“I’m sorry Baby; I don’t understand why he would do something like that when he has someone as beautiful and sweet as you. The thing is I think he really does love you more than anything in the world; I think he honestly can’t stand Mandy so I have no fucking clue why he was doing her in the bathroom! Maybe it was the coke; you know coke makes you horny as fuck. Maybe it was a combination of the coke and something Mandy did to come on to him; I really have no idea. Is there anything I can do for you to make you feel better? You want some more dope? Enough to numb the pain but not so much that you can’t play. I can give you some more later.”

He nods. “After that will you just hold me like this?”

“Sure, I’ll hold you just like this until it’s time to go and film. Then I’ll kick Steven out of mine and his room and he can come out here and fucking shoot you up again and then I’ll hold you just like this; sound good?” I ask him. He nods again. I go to move and stand up so I can grab one of ready-made needles I keep in my boot and pulled off his belt. I tie off his arm until I have several nice veins standing out on his upper arm. “Does it matter which vein beautiful? I ask.

“No, just pick one that doesn’t look like I’ve been poking at it recently,” Slash sighs.
“He has beautiful, strong, biceps with veins that stand out when he flexes his arms so I have lots of choices and I slide the needle in gently and he doesn’t even flinch. Duff and I ought to be phlebotomists we’re so good at hitting Slash’s veins with needles. Now if only he could get that good; if Duff wasn’t doing it for him he’d look like he’d been pounding nails into his arms. Somehow even in his near constant state of drunkenness Duff does a better job of injecting Slash than Slash does himself. I gently untie the tourniquet from Slash’s arm and he throws his head back in pleasure and sighs. He relaxes back into my arms and the tears mostly stop. “Better gorgeous?”

“Yeah,” he half whispers half moans. He sinks back into my arms and wraps his own around my neck and I know what’s coming next and I don’t care if it’s right or wrong or fucked up; the whole thing was fucked up; it had been for months. Duff fucked Mandy, Slash fucked him better, Nikki taped it all and blackmailed us with the tape. So Duff married the whore to keep everything about this band a secret and destroyed Slash’s whole world and he came running to me. THE KID CAME RUNNING TO ME!!!! I told Duff that if he fucked up again there was no second chance I would give and take whatever Slash asked me to and right now he’s crying in my arms because he just saw Duff fucking Mandy on the sink in the bathroom and his heart is totally shattered again and for the second time he ran to me and he’s lying in my arms; his arms wrapped around my body, my shirt soaked with his tears because of Duff and Mandy and I’m not denying him and I’m not feeling guilty about it. But for right now I’m content just holding him and trying to take some of his pain away. But I know that nothing can ever fully block out the image of what he saw happening in the bathroom this afternoon. Drugs and booze might blur it and numb some of the pain but nothing can totally block it out and I hate that. Poor kid.
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