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Need Some Smack

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I stepped into the elevator and ran my hand over my face. I spent the past fifteen minutes making out with Slash and it was great; I’m happy as shit but I spent about 10 minutes after that beating the crap out of Duff which is probably going to cause all hell to break loose. Fucker deserved it though; might as well get back what he dished out. He didn’t even get that; if he had really gotten what was coming to him I’d have broken a couple of ribs to make up for the ones he had busted on Slash and me during the past year. I deserved mine I guess but Slash didn’t do anything last night.

It’s a good thing Axl had fucking taken my gun because I might have shot Duff for beating the kid. Where the fuck did he get off with that shit? Hadn’t he learned enough watching Axl and me? Even fucking Steven asked him that! Why would Duff want to hurt someone the way he’d seen Axl hurt me? I know he fucking knows better and I’d thought he was better than that’ he’d always been so patient with Slash and I knew he fucking adored him but tonight he went too far when he lost his temper and now he’s screwed himself. Too fucking bad Duff. I’m taking what I want and what I want is Slash.

Axl had been good to me for a while after what had happened with Nikki and Tommy but it killed me when I found out I’d only been in the hospital a week before he was trying to hook up with Erin. What the fuck was he thinking hooking up with Nikki’s whore no matter what he promised her? Promises were made to be broken to little cunts like her! What was I supposed to think or say? “Sure baby go fuck the bitch that belongs to the lunatic who kidnapped me and handed me over to his drummer to use as his personal fuck toy while he sat there and watched,”? After all that finding out that Axl was trying to get back in her pants was a devastating blow. On top of that was the fact that Axl, for some God unknown reason wanted that bitch there the first time we had sex after Tommy raped me! I wanted Axl and only Axl that night; he was my fiancé and I loved him but how could he really think I’d want a three way with that bitch the first time I had sex after that? He was bound and determined to do it though so I just got shitfaced and did it anyway. I haven’t forgiven him for that and I’m not sure I ever will.

But it went that way for all of us I guess; Duff was attacked and he gave himself up to those guys from Virgin so that Slash didn’t have to go through whatever they had planned for him alone. Slash’s first time after whatever you want to call what happened between him and Axl was with those same two sick fucks and Axl, well, too much shit’s happened to Axl that he didn’t want or deserve, Steven too. They all seemed to lok up to me like I was their protector or mother or something but in the end I hadn’t been able to protect any of them; not from predators, not from themselves, and not from each other or me. I couldn’t even protect myself from Nikki Sixx! The only thing I’d ever managed to do was get one or another of them in trouble. I let Duff leave with those guys from Avi, I pimped out Slash, and Axl had bent over beside me too many times to count. What the fuck kind of protector was I?

Thinking about Axl and Slash just makes me want to get high and not have to feel for a while. I loved Axl but sometimes I just couldn’t take his shit and I know he felt the same way about me; now would be one of those times for him. Then there was Slash; he was so soft-spoken and sweet where Axl was loud, masculine where Axl was feminine, and I liked them both exactly the way they were but they were polar opposites. I’d been falling for Slash for a while but hadn’t wanted to admit it to myself. Maybe now though I’d have a chance at something. I loved those soft, sweet, kisses he’d given me earlier. Just being loved in that way by somebody who hadn’t done screwed up shit to you was nice. I step out of the elevator and quickly make my way to the street. Fuck I wanted some smack. I didn’t want to think about the fact that Duff was probably upstairs in the hotel right now trying to sweet talk Slash back into their room so he could pamper and suck up to him until Slash forgave him. I hope Curly Sue holds out. I flag down a cab and get the cab driver to take me to the seediest part of town where I get two whores to hook me up with some smack. They ask me if I want more but just looking at them in their cheap lipstick and high heels made me shudder; the only person I wanted to have a good time with was the beautiful boy that I left asleep back in the hotel. I step into an alley and shoot up but I guess on top of what I did earlier it’s too much because everything goes dark.

I wake up to Slash’s voice saying my name and I smile, but then I realize he sounds worried. I force my eyes to open slightly and see him sitting above me in what appears to be an alley. Then I remember that I passed out here last night. I quickly pat myself down and miraculously the Smack is still on me. Pays to tape that shit to your underwear. “Got our smack,” I slur.

“I see that; you’re wasted. Come on, we need to get back to the hotel before you manage to get yourself killed. Duff told me that Axl had taken your gun and I fucking freaked when you weren’t back this morning!” Slash tells me.

“I’m ok, just had a little too much I guess,” I reply. Slash motions to someone and Ronnie, one of the bodyguards comes over and hauls my ass off the ground. Slash stands up and whimpers, clutching his side; he came looking for me even with that broken rib. Ronnie gets me into the car and Slash follows me. On the way back we stop and buy some ace bandage to wrap around Slash’s ribs and he cooks up his first hit of the day and shoots it into his arm. He slumps back against the seat and smiles. When we get back to the hotel Slash and Ronnie drag me into the elevator and then Slash helps me down the hall. For some reason he stops at Axl’s door, to tell him he found me I guess. Like Axl fucking cares. When the door opens I’m greeted by the sight of Duff’s lily white ass overtop of Axl. I just snort and walk out of the room. What the fuck ever. Now Curly Sue really was mine.
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