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All out Brawl

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Band fight!!

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Duff walks out of Izzy’s room and we both almost sigh in relief. Izzy turns around and looks at me; his teeth are chattering and his lips are blue he’s so cold. “Come on, let’s get you warmed up,” I say to him and start unbuttoning his shirt and then I push it off of his shoulders. It hits the floor with a wet sound and Izzy somehow manages to get his pants undone although I don’t know how he’s shaking so badly. I turn away from him and change the cold water to hot and help him climb into the steaming shower.

“S..s..smack’s in my pocket,” he tells me through chattering teeth. I dig through Izzy’s pants and come up with a few grams of smack and some clean rigs. I start mixing my hit and shoot it into a vein on my upper arm. The warm wave of relief runs through me and I sigh as the pain in my ribs dulls. “Any good?” Izzy asks from inside the shower.

“Yeah, pretty fucking good shit,” I answer.
“Thanks for going to get it.”
“No problem. Did it help with your ribs?” he asks me.

“Yeah, doesn’t hurt so much now. Izzy what the fuck did we just see? Do you think Duff and Axl have fucked before?” I question.

“Dunno, don’t really think so. I think what we saw was called desperation. Although all they did was desperately fuck shit up. Are you ok? That must have been a shock,” Izzy says softly as he climbs out of the hot shower. I stand up slowly and wrap him up in a towel. I pick up another one and start to gently dry his hair.

“I don’t know if I’m ok or not; but it’s not any more fucked up than anything else that’s gone down in the past few days. What the fuck happened to Duff? I just…it’s like some sort of fucking alien’s invaded his body. I don’t even know the person who beat me and fucked Axl; then he has the nerve to come in here and try and talk shit over with me? He tried to last night too and I made him leave then. Are you ok Izzy?” I ask him. He seems to be warm now and he tucks the towel around his waist.

“As fucking ok as I ever am; I’m more worried about you. I’m used to Axl’s shit but I don’t want you to ever have to be used to crap like that. You don’t deserve it; I might but you don’t. I’m sorry I kissed you last night and pissed him off; I didn’t know he’d seen us and I sure as fuck never figured he’d hit you,” Izzy says softly. I look up at him with tears in my eyes and he pulls me into him. “Don’t cry Pretty Baby, they’re not even worth it right now.”

“I know,” I whisper, “but it still hurts.”

“I know it does,” he replies and strokes my hair.

“Is it too soon to tell you that you feel good in my arms?”

I have to smile a little at that. “No, you’ve been telling me that for months. I like being in your arms; if I didn’t I would never have slept with you in the first place. It’s been confusing as fuck but here we are; guess they made a decision for us.”

“Yeah, I guess they fucking did,” Izzy huffs. “ I swiped some ace bandage to bind your ribs, want me to wrap them?” he asks to distract me.

“No, not until we have to get ready for sound check, don’t ask me how I’m gonna play like this but it’s not like I have a fucking choice,” I say and wince when I move.

“Stupid fucker’s lucky all he did was bust your ribs, he could have fucking killed you if your ribs punctured your lung.” Izzy’s grip on me tightens when he says this and he nuzzles his face into my hair. “Come on baby, let’s get you propped up in the bed; I know you’re hurting. No point standing around making it hurt worse. I let him lead me over to the bed and watch as he makes a nest of pillows for me. I drop my pants and crawl under the covers in my boxers. I pull Izzy down next to me and he gives me a soft kiss on the lips. I won’t let him pull away immediately though so he feeds me several more soft, sweet kisses. I groan quietly when his tongue slips into my mouth and I hear his breath catch. “Mmm, better watch out, you’re making me want so much more,” he growls.

“It’s not just you,” I gasp as his crotch grinds into mine.

“Yeah, but your ribs are fucked up; I don’t want to hurt you. Besides, you’ve been through too much in the past few days. Nothing more than kissing until you’ve had some time to process everything and your ribs heal up a little. I don’t want to be your mistake which is what I’m sure Duff and Axl are thinking about each other right now. I care too much to fuck shit up that way and honestly it scares the fuck out of me.” I huff in frustration and grab his hips and grind him into me and smirk as he tries not to out and out moan. “Settle down, you’re going to hurt yourself,” he hisses and smiles down at me. He kisses me again and moves to lay down beside me. I know he’s right but it’s not going to fix my hard on. It’s not just me that’s confused either and I know it although Izzy’s been putting up with Axl’s shit for a lot longer than I’ve been putting up with Duff’s. I really don’t feel like getting fucked over anymore either. I don’t think Izzy would hurt me on purpose but his bond with Axl was just as strong as mine was with Duff; stronger even, although I don’t know how you put up with somebody telling you what a piece of shit you are and beating you for years without just becoming numb to them. I’ve never seen anything so complicated in my life as those two and their relationship.

Izzy and I just relax until it’s time for sound check which I imagine is going to be tense to say the least. Izzy shoots me up again before sitting me up and tightly wrapping my ribs in the ace bandage that he stole. It does feel better and makes it way fucking easier to move around. Axl’s already there when Izzy and I walk in and Duff follows about 30 seconds later. Steven’s sitting behind his drum kit twirling his sticks and watching the four of us nervously. Nobody speaks but Doug but all he gets in reply to his greeting are sullen hellos; not that unusual for us though. We start to play but Axl stops us and snarls at me that my timing is off. It’s not but whatever. After the third time though I’ve had it and I don’t fucking mind telling his pissy little ass.

“My playing’s fucking fine; it would help if I could fucking stand up straight though and my rib wasn’t broken but other than that there’s nothing fucking wrong timing or otherwise.”

“Oh, poor pitiful you, the baby’s rib is broken, maybe we should cancel our shows for the next six weeks so it has time to heal. Maybe if you hadn’t had your tongue down Izzy’s throat your boyfriend wouldn’t have kicked the shit out of you!” Axl growls, his voice getting louder and louder.

“That’s enough Axl; I think it was you who spread your legs for Duff this morning so where do you get off bitching at him? You wanna bitch at somebody bitch at me and leave him alone,” Izzy hisses.

“Oh Izzy I want to do so much more than bitch at you; I should have shot your ass in the elevator yesterday when I had the chance! But I’m sick of how the little shit gets away with everything! Somebody’s always trying to fucking to protect him and sometimes I don’t get why! Yeah we’ve all fucked him over majorly but it’s not like he’s an innocent party here! Stop fucking babying him all the goddamn time! He needs to grow the fuck up!” Axl yells turning red. Then I’m suddenly on the floor and pain’s shooting up my side from my ribs and I vaguely realize that Axl pushed me and is moving to sit on me so he can beat the ever loving fuck out of me but then he isn’t and he and Izzy are rolling on the floor scuffling.

“Hey! What the fuck?!” Doug yells. Nobody pays any attention though; we’re all way too wound up in what’s happening at the moment. Steven comes over and helps me up and Izzy finally gains the upper hand and fucking wails on Axl. Blood sprays across the stage floor and Axl spits in Izzy’s face and grabs his hair and rolls him to the floor and punches back. “Goddamnit!” Doug snarls and he quickly moves up to the stage to try and separate them. “Don’t fucking just stand there somebody help me get the two of them apart before they fucking kill each other!” Duff and Steven quickly move to help drag Axl and Izzy away from each other but it requires some major effort on their part because those two are determined to get at each other. Steven gets an elbow to the face as he’s trying to help Doug hold Axl back and Izzy kicks and flails against Duff’s hold on him but eventually he gives in and just leans against Duff, panting and glaring at Axl who’s still fighting like hell to get away from the other two.

“Stop it!” Doug finally yells in Axl’s face and he stops struggling.

Axl and Izzy just stand glaring at each other while they try and catch their breath. “Axl I swear to god if you lay a hand on that kid I’ll kill you myself,” Izzy says with an eerie calm.

“You’d have to have your gun to do that asshole and you don’t have it, I do,” Axl spits back.

“Wrong mother fucker,” Izzy replies and lifts the front of his shirt up just enough to show the metallic glint of the pistol stuffed into the front of his pants.

“How the fuck did you get that thing back?” Axl asks, astonished.

“You left it on your night table dumbass, you were too busy getting fucked this morning to notice that I took it back.” Duff lets Izzy go but he doesn’t immediately lunge for Axl but Axl tries to get to him but Doug and Steven aren’t letting go.

“Enough!” Doug roars. “What the fuck is going on here?”

The four of us don’t say anything so Steven finally pipes up. “Izzy kissed Slash two nights ago but Slash was drunk and thought he was Duff but Duff didn’t believe him so he kicked the hell out of Slash and broke his rib and then Izzy beat up Duff and then I guess this morning he caught Axl and Duff together?” Steven half questions.

Doug just opens and closes his mouth several times trying to find something to say. “Whatever,” he finally sighs. “See if the four of you can keep your dicks in your own pants and not kill each other before the show tonight, can you do that? We’re done for now, everybody back upstairs. I’m sitting the bodyguards out in the hall so that nobody else gets hurt for right now.” He just looks at us all like we’ve gone crazy and walks out, dragging our red-haired singer behind him. Duff leaves next followed by Steven who looks at us anxiously as we follow him out of the room. Izzy takes my hand and squeezes it as we leave the room and I squeeze back but I’m nervous as hell. Tonight’s show should be interesting if nothing else.
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