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The Devil And The Whore

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Nikki Sixx, puppet master

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I was sleeping peacefully when the sound of the planes wheels screeched down on the runway with a jolt. Fucking pilots must be drunk again. I yawn, stretch, and start gathering my shit. The plane stops and they open the hatch door for us to get off. You'll never guess who's standing there among dozen of fucking reporters. Goddamn Erin. Stupid fucking bitch knows we can't be seen together. Why the fuck is she even fucking here?

I lower my eyes from all cameras flashing. Ignoring her i walk right past her. I halfway expected her to call my name or grab my arm. I approach one of our security guys and instruct him to bring her to my room at the hotel. I crawl into the back of a limo with Tommy and we take off. Tommy looks a me with wide eyes.

" Nikki, dude, what the fuck is she here for?"

"I have no clue," I shrug.

"Well you have to get rid of her! If she's spotted with..."

"I know, I know," I cut him off and hold up a hand, "but I might as well get some head," I smirk.

We get to the hotel and get checked in. I go find my room and go in. It's maybe 15 minutes before there's a knock at my door. I turn he knob and open. Erin smiles at me sheepishly. I reach out and grab her by the arm and roughly jerk her in my room. I slam and lock the door then turn to her.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" I quickly grab her again, this time by both arms and shove her back to the wall.

"I... I..." she stammers.

"You what?!" I shout so hard my breath moves her hair.

"They were supposed to be here tonight," she softly says.

"Fucking who?!" I ask and shake her.

"The guys...GNR...remember?" She practically whispers.

My lips curl up a little. I had completely forgotten about that. I suddenly feel like a giddy child. I needed some entertainment. "Where are they?" I ask Erin.

"There was a wreck outside of Cleveland, the bus's turned around and went back to their hotel. They won't be here until tomorrow afternoon," she explains.

"So what makes you think it's OK to just show up at the airport like that?! You know we can't fucking be seen together!!! You want all this shit to work out don't you?!" I shout at her.

"Of course I's just... I don't have anywhere to stay until Axl gets here. I didn't know what to do or where else to go. I mean...not like Axl doesn't already know about us..."

I sigh and let go of her. "You can't be seen around me because of the fucking press Erin, for fuck sake..."

"I know baby, and I'm sorry, I just didn't know what else to do," she softly says looking down.

I run my hand through my hair. "They'll be staying at this hotel anyway. I guess you can crash here. It would be too risky to try to sneak you out now," I say as my finger traces her bottom lip. "Have you been missing me sweetheart?" I coo as I stoop over and run my tounge across her lips.

"Oh god yes," she draws in her breath. I slide my tounge into her mouth and feel her hands slide into my hair.

I wasn't really in the mood, and not even 100% sure I cold even get it up, but I'd give it the sporting chance at least. I had to keep Erin on a hook. I had to make sure she stayed on my team. None of my plan would work without all of the carefully laid pieces of the puzzle. Erin was the most vital piece right now. But without control Erin starts forgetting her place. She's been in that fucking GNR camp too goddamn long. But at least they kept the bitch off my nuts somewhat. Still, it's necessary from time to time for me assert myself and to maintain the hold I have over her.

But Erin got off on that shit. She's a submissive. She gets off on being told what to do. And roughing her up a little seems to do the exact opposite to her what it does to other chicks. Usually they run out on you, but not this one. It just makes her hold on to me that much tighter. She is the most controllable of all my little puppets. Such a sweet girl to tumble into my web...but daddy should have thought of that and made sure she stayed a hundred miles away from musicians. As it is, he didn't teach her that. Erin liked rubbing elbows with the rich and shameless. She wants to be a member of the club.

Such as it is, the only taste of fame she had was being daddy's little girl, the child of somebody famous. She met me at some huge party. I was about as famous as she was at the time. I watched her talking to some guy. I knew who she was, because I know my music history. Who honestly hadn't heard the song Bye Bye Love? I remembered thinking how perfectly naïve she seemed. When she looked away I watched the guy drop something in her drink. I watched her drink it down, oblivious as to what was in store for her. And I thought, you know, if I played hero she would be so grateful that she would become an ally. I figured she probably had a bit of pull for getting me in doors i couldn't get myself in without a blow job or some shit.

So I let her drink that drink. I finished off my own and crossed the room to where she sat. Without a word or warning I grab the guy who spiked her drink I thrown him down own a table and punch him repeatedly until all he can do is moan and roll onto the floor. Then I turned to Erin and told her that her drink had been spiked. She looked pale for a moment. I told her I would help her home. I don't know what the fuck made her trust me, but she did. She started staggering and slurring about halfway back to her apartment. Luckily she told me where it was before she got too incoherent.

So I tossed her over my shoulder, held her by her thighs, and proceeded to her place. I got her inside and onto her bed. I remember sitting next to her on the bed and thinking of what an Angel she looked like. I took her clothes off. Back then I was a lot younger, a lot more sober, and my dick cooperated most of the time. I thought about fucking her myself and leaving, not like she was going to remember me, or me saving her from the guy who drugged her. But the human in me stopped me that night. I wasn't yet the finely tuned animal I am now. So I got undressed and climbed into bed with her. I wrapped her up in my arms and fell asleep.

When she woke up that next morning I was getting dressed to leave. I remember turning around and seeing her blue eyes piercing me. Naturally she assumed we fucked, and naturally, i let her think it for a minute before I told her what happened. I swear to god you'd think the bitch had cancer and I cured it the way she thanked me. So I asked her out the next night. She didn't really want to fuck me, but I found her little weakness when I told her she was gonna do it as opposed to asking her. And she was like a tiger being set free from its cage. I wonder if she had ever really been fucked before that night. And with that, she was hooked on me. And I used her for every fucking thing she was worth. And I still am.

I stoop down again and lift her into my arms. My lips cascade down on hers again as I turn and head for the bed. I drop her on it and crawl up on the bed and straddle her. I pin her wrists above her head with one hand and kiss her. With my other hand I reach down and start to unbuckle my belt. I pull it from my waist and sit up. I sneer and slip it around Erin's wrists. She draws in a breath and closes her eyes.

"Who do you belong to?" I whisper in her ear.

"I belong to you," she answers.

I sit up and rip open the front of her blouse. She gasps in delight. I pull my switchblade from my boot and click it open in front of her face. She draws in another breath and looks up at me. I trace her lips gently with the blade and slide it down her chin, down her neck, down her chest and stop at her bra. I hook the knife under the fabric and jerk up. It slices through the bra and leaves her tits exposed. Then I slide the knife down her stomach and watch the goosebumps forming all over her skin. My smirk grows as I toss the knife aside to cup her tits. I bend over them and let my tongue dance across one of her nipples. She shudders.

I smile and nip at her nipple. Hard. Erin groan like a whore under me. I start shoving the pants down off my hips. They bunch over my thighs as I slam my cock into her. I use the most animalistic pace I can find. She loves this shit. I rest my weight on the heels of my palms and move even harder. Erin tugs on her bound wrists and cries out orgasmicaly. I can feel her insides throb around me. I'm close. I think about pulling out, but hey, the point is for her to be pregnant, right? So I bust a fucking nut inside her. I grunt and look down at her.

"I love you Nikki," she whispers and I close my eyes because the truth is, I like hearing someone say it. No one says it but her. I almost feel guilty for not loving her back.
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