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I Hate Them All

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Axl is fed up

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I arrived at the venue by limo about half an hour after the rest of the band. However, when I get there I find Duff drunk and shouting at Slash, Steven, and Izzy for being high. Hello pot, meet kettle. But he abruptly stopped as soon as he saw me. Even the junkie section looks happy to see me. Surely they didn't really think I was here to be a referee. I just shake my head in annoyance and storm past them all. They file in like first graders following the teacher.

Soon I see our instruments come into view. I stop dead in my tracks and Duff slams right into my back. "Shit man, I'm sorry," he says apologetically but I'm not really paying attention.

"What the fuck?" I hear Slash mutter.

My eyes scan the display before me. I knew what I was looking at, it was Izzy's guitars, but something horrible had happened to them. Someone had taken black spray paint to them. Words were scrolled out over every one of them. I see things like Stradlin gives good head, Izzy took Tommy's cock, Izzy screams like a bitch, fag, bitch, and all those colorful homophobic slanders.

Izzy approaches them with a gaping jaw. I'm probably the only one here who knows what he had to do to own each and every one of them. He grabs the neck of his favorite black Gibson with gold trim. Then I see two words down the neck, 'Axl's next'. Izzy grasps the neck like a baseball bat and hurls it into the cabinet for Nikki's amp. The body breaks away from the neck and frayed strings make a noise as he drops the neck from his hands.

"Izzy..."Slash says and timidly approaches Izzy, "It's okay, you can just use my guitars."

"How the fuck can you say that?!" Izzy screams at him, "Look what the fuck that son of a bitch did!"

"I...I know, but there's nothing we can do about it, we're on in like ten minutes," Slash softly says with a shrug.

I reach over and grab a roll of gaffer tape. I extend it out to Izzy. "Cover up the easiest one to cover. Don't give Sixx the satisfaction."

Izzy jerks the roll of tape from my hand. He goes to work on making one of them presentable. I can hear snickering behind us. I look up to see Nikki taking a Polaroid of us all standing there pissed. Duff, who played baseball for ten years hurls a beer bottle at him. Nikki jumps out of the way as it crashes at his feet. "Ha! Fucking missed me!" Then a barrage of bottles from all of us go flying in his direction. He runs off cackling and fanning the picture he took.

"Fucking fuck him. We have a show to do," I fume and storm off.

And we did the show. Crue fans are just as fucking crazy as the band. They were throwing shit at us the whole show. Guess if we polished our faces in make up and teased our fucking hair up they would be more courteous. Fuck, for all I know, Nikki could have tossed out hundred dollar bills before the show to anyone who promised to make this harder on us. I swear to fucking God, not even one person looked even remotely into us. They just stood there with bored fucking expressions like they couldn't wait for us to get off the damn stage. Thank God they aren't dragging us with them to Japan next month. I honestly don't know how much more shit we can all take from them.

We returned to the hotel directly after the show, despite all of Nikki's efforts to keep us there with the fucking press. Free press just cost too goddamned much tonight. We split up the minute we reach our floor. Everyone just goes in their rooms and shut the doors. The second I walk into my room Erin is there, spread across my bed rather scantily dressed. She is the last fucking thing I want soiling my sheets. She even has the nerve to give me a come hither stare.

"Your efforts would be better spent on your sadistic fucking boyfriend. You realize he's knee deep in pussy right about now?"

Her eyes flutter to the bed. "I'm your girlfriend, remember," she says sounding distant. I could see the only thing on her mind was Nikki. Fucking cunt.

"Cut the fucking moonlight and serenade,"I huff and head straight for the minibar, "this is about as pleasant for me as it is for you." I grab the first little bottle of liquor I see. I could give a fuck as to what it is. 80 proof is all that matters.

"He's not my boyfriend," she sighs from the bed.

"That's right," I nod, "I forgot you have random sex with everyone."

She slides off the bed and prowls over to me, trying her hardest to be sexy and provocative. "Play nice," she smiles and touches my bicep.

I shrug her hand off me with a sigh, "I don't want to fucking play with you period. Fuck off to Nikki. We both know that's right where you would rather be. Fuck, it's where you belong. Maybe you can go play nice with him and whatever slut he's trying to fuck. I know you don't mind being in a threesome so fucking off and go be in one." I swallow a chug of alcohol and stare at her blankly. She's just standing there looking at me with this hurt expression. "Am I speaking fucking Chinese?" I ask her with a blank expression as I take another drink.

"We don't have to fight like this..."She says and touches me again.

Without a second thought I grab her by her fucking throat and push her away from me. She just stands there shocked with a hand to her throat. I just roll my eyes and take in some more liquor. "Spare me your wounded fawn look. I'm sure Nikki has done worse to you than that. How the fuck else can daddy make you obey?"

She narrowed her eyes a bit at me, "What? You and Izzy have another fight?"

That's fucking it! I grab a vase of flowers and hurl it at her. Fucking bitch! I watch glass shatter off the wall and water go all over her. "You don't get to talk shit about him you fucking whore!"

"I...didn't," She stammers.

"You're fucking him too! And if memory serves correct, you fucking loved fucking him, how you gonna talk shit now?! How bout I talk shit about Nikki and how he's a closet fucking fag who likes guys sucking him off?! He sure did suck Tommy off good!!"

Then she just lunges forward and slaps the shit out of me. Before I can even think about it I've pushed her into the wall hard enough to knock down a picture. But she seems pretty unfazed by it because she points her finger at me. "You don't say those lies about him!"

"Lies?! Honey I couldn't make this shit up if I tried! Your boy Sixx does some pretty questionable shit!"

"He wouldn't do that to Tommy!" She screams.

"Well considering I had a gun shoved up his ass and made him, maybe he wouldn't," I shrug, "Who the fuck can say?"

"Just shut up about Nikki!"

"Or what?! You realize we haven't even been here 24 fucking hours and he's already threatening to do to me what he did to Izzy! Fuck him! And fuck you too! You manipulated my love for Izzy to even be here! And to think...he tried to warn me about you from the very beginning! Now I'm fucking indebted to you! You think I actually fucking care about you?! You ain't shit to me but a fucking shadow! Why the fuck me, huh? Why did Nikki do all of this to us?!" I grab her by her shoulders firmly and shake her. "Why the fuck would he want us to replace him?! Why does he want to be out of the game so bad that he would do all this ruthless cruel calculated shit to us!?"

Erin squirms away with tears in her eyes, "Because it's killing him!!!"

"Fucking good! He deserves to be fucking dead!!"

Then the bitch slaps me again. By this point I'm fucking done. I've had it up to my fucking eyeballs with her! I back hand her across the cheek and her body flies back into the wall. I waste no time on ceremony. Grab her arm, drag her to the door, open it, and push her half naked Ass out into the hallway. Fuck that cunt!!
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