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Two Sluts In A Hallway

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Erin needs a place to sleep

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I can’t believe that jerk shoved me around and had the nerve to slap me when I make some comment about his precious Izzy! I’m supposed to just stand there and take it when he shit talks Nikki? He’s not fit to lick Nikki’s boots! But god forbid I state some sort of obvious about Izzy! So the son of a bitch shoves me out in the hallway in a bra, thong, garter belt with stockings and Stiletto’s. Not the best thing to be wearing on a floor of rock stars and crews. Where the hell am I going to go? I can’t just show up at Nikki’s room. The press knows I’m here to be Axl’s girlfriend. I’m broke so I can’t even get my own room.

Then I hear a snort behind me. I spin around. I don’t know how long he had even been standing there. Izzy was standing there with his arms crossed, shoulder resting on his door frame and his ankles crossed. He gave me a sarcastic sideways smirk. He seemed rather entertained actually. It always does bring a smile to his face when Axl and I fight. But he and Axl aren’t even together anymore. Yet, some bond still lie unbroken. That was far too obvious not to see, and it wasn’t just one sided, it came from them both. I saw the way Izzy snapped when Nikki made a threat towards Axl, and I say just now how Axl snapped over Izzy. Somehow, I think they always will, they are all that each other know. They had something very real, fucked up as it sometimes got, and I envied them.

“How long have you been standing there?!” I angrily shout at him.

“Hummm,” Izzy says looking down and tapping his index finger on his lips, “let’s see, I guess since shortly after the shattering glass. I’ll assume that was Axl’s handy work, he does love the sound of shattering glass.”

“And you thought maybe he needed your help?” I snidely ask.

“No,” Izzy shrugs, “Just like listening to shit that I can hear through two walls and across a hallway. But then,” he smiles seductively. He licks his lips and allows his eyes to scan my body. I suddenly feel flushed. “Then I get this view,” his eyes continue to prowl me.

“Izzy…can I please crash in your room tonight? I don’t have anywhere to go and Axl won’t give me my damn clothes…please…”

His smirk comes back and his eyes never come back up to mine. “Well I don’t rightly know sweetheart…see, I’m not exactly alone.”

“Please,” I saw even more desperately.

“What do you say Slash?” Izzy calls out to him looking at him over his shoulder, “You up for a little threesome? Maybe voyeurism? Hey, we’ve got Treader, maybe some bestiality while we’re at it?”

“Not if your dick fell off and she was the last bitch in the universe! Tell her to fucking fuck off!! I’m not a sharer! Tell her to go share with fucking Nikki!” Slash shouts from inside the room.

Izzy turns back to me with a smile, “’Spose that’s a no sweetheart, though I am quite interested in this little ensemble thing you’re wearing…Slash you reallllly should see what she’s out here wearing…”

“I Don’t care if the cunt is naked and dripping wet in Jack Daniels!!! Tell her to fuck off and get in here and fuck me!!!”

Izzy smirks with a shrug, “What can I say? Everybody loves fucking me,” his eyes prowl me once again as he bites his lip and grunts, “Mmmm, what a waste. Good night sweetheart,” he winks at me and closes his door.

I stand there and my bottom lip starts to tremble. I’ve never felt so unwanted. Nikki didn’t want me around. My supposed boyfriend hates me. His scorned lover hates me. His lovers lover hates me. Why am I so hated? What had I really done to hurt them so badly? I caused conflict between Axl and Izzy, but I couldn’t take all the credit for that. Slash was just as much to blame for their break up as I was. And let’s get real technical about their relationship. They needed time apart because they had forgotten how much they still loved one another. They were at a stalemate where everything just turns routine and tolerable. Nikki told me that in breaking them up, we would actually be bringing them back together. And they think he’s evil. That doesn’t sound at all evil to me.

I rest my forehead on the wall and let my tears silently fall to the carpet in the hallway. What was I to do? Sleep in some doorway? An alley? Just randomly knock on doors? I hear the ding of the elevator and hear the door open. I just stay put, what’s the use in trying to hide? If I’m lucky they will kill me and put me out of my misery.

“Erin?” Someone softly slurs my name. I slightly turn my head to see Steven. He can barely hold his eyes open. “Why are you chillin in the hallway…in your underwear…not very smart,” then, like all men, he can’t resist not looking me over. “Damn, I never realized how sexy you could be.” He seems to almost shock himself when he says it.

“Really?” I softly ask.

He nods still looking at me like a juicy T-bone steak he wanted to devour, “Oh yeah.”

I smile, “Steven…would you mind if I crashed in your room tonight?”

His eyebrows raise, “I think I’m supposed to say no…but fuck…” he’s looking me over again. “I’m not a gentleman Erin. If you stay with me tonight you’re getting fucked…fair warning.”

I turn to face him with a smile. I stroke his cheek, “Sounds like a win win situation then.”

“Fuck yeah,” Steven growls and crashes his lips into mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and tilt my head. He wraps my legs around his waist and pins me to the wall. He wasn’t a half bad kisser. He was pretty strong too for being so short.

His hands grasped at my ass and he began walking down the hallway toward his room. I feel him fumble in his pockets, never once retracting his lips from mine. He unlocked his door and opened it. At the end of the hallway I could see Nikki and Tommy exiting the elevator with about five girls in tow. Nikki cocked his head at me, but by then I was safely tucked in Stevens room.

My back hit the wall and I could feel Steven pushing my panties aside. His fingers entered me as his thumb circled my clit. Then before I knew it I was flat on my back and sideways across the bed. Steven was on his knees with his face buried between my thighs. My eyes roll back in my head. I’m lost in this moment which is by far the highlight of my day. At least somebody wanted me.
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