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Attack Of The Terror Twins

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Nikki Sixx, king of misdirection

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My night ended around dawn. I had been coming out of the elevator when I noticed Erin wrapped around Steven's waist, half dressed, kissing him, and going in his room. Apparently she was gonna fuck him for some unknown reason. Not as if I really fucking care as long as it causes problems. Hopefully somebody got pictures. I spent a good chunk of change on what she was wearing from Frederick's of Hollywood. I just ignore it and take a couple groupies in my room. Tommy's greedy ass takes three for himself.

I've barely exposed a set of fake tits when a knock comes to my door. It's someone I've paid to tail the GNR guys. I wanted to know their every whereabout and move. They inform me that Izzy left shortly after dawn. He had left his precious little Curly Sue nestled in their bed asleep. Naturally he left their security detail on Slash. Not a problem. I could pay them more to betray those they were supposed to protect.

So that is precisely what I do. They all expect me to go for Axl. And that's what I want them to think. But I haven't forgotten yet about the bullet he lodged in my ass or forcing me to blow Tommy and swallow his cum. No. I haven't forgotten by a damn sight. All my threats have been purposefully directed at Axl. My masterfully plotted misdirection that they always fall for. My precious precious predictable little puppets. I love watching them sweat.

I wonder if Izzy enjoyed our artwork on his guitars. He's gonna have to play them every night covered in tape. I hope he thinks of me every time he looks at them. Bastard. So now for my perfect little opportunity to hit them where they don't expect it. I smile at the disrobing groupies. "You beauties start without me, I'll be right back."

I grab my Polaroid and rush out the door. I first pay a grand to the security at Slash's door to go grab a cup of coffee. Then I go to Tommy's room and pound on the door. "Come on bro! Time for some revenge!" I call out.

He swiftly answers the door with a gleaming smile. "What's the plan?" He enthusiastically asks.

I smirk, "Stradlin left everyone's pride and joy all alone. I paid security a grand to fuck off...and I have my camera."

Tommy joins me in the hallway. We creep up to Slash's door. I hand Tommy my camera and turn the knob. I had had the security guy unlock it for me. We stealthily creep into the room. It's daylight so we can see just fine. We see Slash passed out on the bed with his mouth slightly gaped open. I smirk at Tommy. This was fucking perfect! I teach down and unzip my fly. I reach my hand in and pull out my cock and balls. I gently straddle Slash's face and rest my nuts on his chin. I nod at Tommy. He giggles and brings the camera upnto his eye. He snaps a close-up of Slash's face.

I take the picture when the camera ejects it and watch as the picture develops. "This is so gonna be his fucking tour laminate," I gleam at Tommy. Tommy cackles softly. I look down at Slash and smile. I lightly run my fingertips across his plush lips. He doesn't even flinch a muscle or bat an eyelash. He's comatose. "Mmmm, he does have a beautiful fucking mouth don't he T-Bone?"

Tommy gives a slight flare of a jealous Huff, "You think it's so fucking beautiful then stick your dick in it."

My smirk goes sideways. And my dick starts to get hard. I think I liked Tommy's line of thinking. "That might be the best idea you've ever had T-Bone. Hold his arms down," I tell him as I stroke my cock to make it harder. Tommy holds his wrists and he still doesn't even know we're here. I trace his lips softly with the head of my dick. They are so fucking soft. I gently work the head in and if you can believe it, he still doesn't wake up.

"Why don't you see how his throat feels while you're at it?" Tommy rolls his eyes and looks away.

"And the great ideas keep coming. You're on a roll today T-Bone," i smile. So I thrust my hips. My dick goes in his mouth and straight down his throat.

His eyes open as he realizes what's happening. "No, it's not Izzy " I smirk at him smugly and listen to him gag. I snap my hips back and do it again before he can even react. Then the little son of a bitch bites my dick. "Ouch!" I quickly pull out.

"You motherfucker!" He screams. "Get the fuck off me!"

Then I clamp my hand over his mouth and hover my face over his with a growl, " Be nice or I'll shove it somewhere you don't have teeth!"

Just then I feel someone tackle me. I fall on the floor and look up to see Duff on top of me. "You piece of shit!" He seethes. "Guess you forgot I'm the only motherfucker around who can take you in a fair fight!"

"How is it fair when I have Tommy?" I Huff. I look up and see that Slash has somehow flipped himself up to wrap his legs around Tommy's neck. He is punching him repeatedly.

Duff snorts, "Oh yeah, he's a big help I see," Then Duff's fist crashes down on my jaw and everything goes tweet tweet for a moment.

I laugh, "You might win this round but you won't win the game fucker!"

"Fuck you Sixx!" He screams and jabs me in the ribs twice.

I wince but laugh through my pain, " He deep throats Like a fucking pro, did you teach him that or was it Izzy?"

Then I take another blow to my jaw from Duff's left handed punch. I guess he manages to knock me out because the next thing I know somebody is pouring freezing fucking water all over me. I slightly raise my head. I'm on the floor. Izzy is holding me by my collar. His teeth gnash as he stares at me. "I've never wanted to kill somebody as much as I do right this fucking second. Did you plan to have Tommy do your dirty work again, or did you want the action for yourself this time?! I should cut Tommy's dick off and cram it down your throat! You are a waste of fucking space in a world this already fucked up enough. You think you can keep pulling shit like this on us?! We ain't your personal bitches!"

"You scream just like one," I weakly chuckle at him.

He stands up and kicks me right in the nuts. Fucking twice. "See if you can get that motherfucker up now!" He looks over at the bed. I catch a glance of Slash crying in Duff's arms as I curl into a ball. Tommy is beside me on the floor with a bloody nose and unconscious. Jesus Christ my nuts hurt. I think they went into my guts.

"I'll never cut you loose," I groan.

Izzy's cold eyes look down at me. He pulls a switchblade from his boot and snaps it open. "Then I'll do the cutting for you!"
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