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Nothing Left To Care About

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Duff plays hero and gets no props for it.

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I was alone in my room drinking and watching some lame shit on the TV when I heard Slash's distressed scream through the wall. Someone was on him and he obviously didn't want them there. I didn't know who or even give a fuck, impulse just took over and I moved. I knew something was wrong the second I noticed there was no security. My heart pounded when I flew through the door. I had no clue what I would find.

I found Tommy holding Slash's wrists while he flayed with Nikki on top of him. His hand was over his mouth and his pants were down. I saw blood red and again impulse took over. I fly across the room and tackle Nikki off him and fall off the bed with him under me. Luckily Slash is holding his own with Tommy while I beat Nikki's ass. And that crazy son of a bitch laughed at every punch I gave him. He goaded me and taunted me just begging for more like he actually enjoyed the pain. I finally manage to knock him out cold.

I then jump up and knock tommy out with a single punch. I shove him on the floor next to Nikki as Slash scrambles halfway up the wall. I reach for him and pull him to me. I grab his face in both hands. "What did they do? Are you hurt? Did they fucking hurt you?"

His tears fall like rain as he just buries his head in my chest and sobs. I wrap him up in my arms and sit us down on the side of the bed. I don't even notice when Izzy comes through the wide open door. "What the fuck?" Is all he says as he sees me holding a crying Slash and Nikki and Tommy bloody and out cold on the floor.

"I...i don't know... I came in cause I heard him scream. I found Tommy holding him... Nikki was on top of him...and...and his pants were down..."

Izzy quickly bends down in front of Slash and pulls his chin out of my shoulder. "What the fuck did they do Slash?!" Izzy sternly asks.

"He stuck his goddamn dick down my fucking throat!" Slash wails.

Izzy's weight falls down to his knees and his face goes completely white. His eyes lock on the carpet. He slowly starts rocking back and forth. Slash just continues crying in my arms. Izzy's eyes meet with mine. They are so empty. Colder than his harshest looks of anger. More void than any amount of smack could ever make him. He rises to his feet and just stares at me a moment. Then he turns and heads for the mini bar. A half melted bucket of ice is sitting there. He picks it up and walks calmly to Nikki. He throws the ice and water right in his face and pulls him up by his shirt. And Nikki had the audacity to push every button he could. Izzy kicked him right in the nuts. Nikki swore to never cut us loose from his sick fucking game. Izzy pulls out his knife and glares down at Sixx. I have no clue what Izzy will do to the son of a bitch but it's probably not half as bad as what I'd like to do to him.

I watch every catlike reflex izzy has come into action. Before I can comprehend what the fuck is happening izzy has Nikki's dick in a vice like grip and his switchblade pressed to the fucking base of it. he actually gonna cut off his dick? Inside I cheer him on. I wanted Izzy to do it.

"You should have stopped while you were ahead you sick fuck," izzy snarls at him.

Well he successfully managed to shut Nikki the fuck up. His eyes are like fucking saucers as he stares down at the knife pressing into his dick. From where I sit I can already see that Izzy has pressed the blade against his shit hard enough to make it bleed. Good. I hope this motherfucker bleeds to death right here. Let's see if all the kings horses and all the kings men's can put Nikki's junk back together again.

"Izzy no!" Slash shouts and startles me.

Izzy's dead eyes glare over his shoulder at Slash. "Are you fucking serious? You're just gonna let this motherfucker get away with shoving his fucking cock down your throat?! You think that's where he would stop?! Fucking trust me, this piece of shit never goddamn stops!? Next he would have Tommy's cock in your ass fucking your guts out!? Is that what the fuck you want?! Cuz as long as this FUCK has a dick he's gonna keep using it!? Do you forget he shoved this nasty motherfucker down my throat too?! Well he did and he fucking enjoyed it!! He says he's not gay but what straight motherfucker gets off on getting head from guys?! He fucking wants to fuck somebody that ain't Tommy because he secretly does wanna fuck him!" Izzy glares back at Nikki, "Don't you?!"

Nikki does his Nikki thing and laughs. "Maybe I want you Izzy...or maybe like you I have a thing for red heads. Maybe Slash's mouth looks too tempting. Maybe I wanna get rough with Duff."

"Fucking kill that piece of shit!" I blurt. And Izzy presses the knife into him even harder.

"Izzy stop!" Slash yells and pulls out of my arms. He grabs Izzy's hand with the knife. "It's what he wants! Don't do it! You're just gonna end up in jail or prison...please stop!" He begs.

Izzy shakes his head with his eyes locked on Nikki's. "I can't let him keep doing this to's gotta stop."

"Not like this...fucking please izzy! Give me the fucking knife!"

"You better hope it kills me," Nikki smirks at Izzy.

I can see Izzy start to shake he's so pissed. I'm not sure if he is hearing Slash at all. I'm not even sure if I can because i still want Izzy to castrate his ass. I guess Izzy finally listens. He lets Slash ease the knife out of his shaking hand. He rares his right fist up and gives Nikki that bad ass right hook of his. It's another knockout for Sixx. For a second I smile, but then Izzy and Slash are holding one another, both victims of Nikki's twisted making. While I might have understood it still hurt to watch. Just a minute ago he was in my arms like that. And it's where he belonged. It felt so good to be able to save him. I don't doubt one bit that things would have been very bad for Slash if I hadn't burst in. But who gets the credit? Izzy.

I don't think either of them notice when I just get up and leave. It's cool though. I know that for a moment Slash felt safe with me again. I know my arms gave him the comfort and protection izzy hadn't. Slash knows who came through for him this time. I will sleep just fine knowing that there's a glimmer of hope that he might forgive me. Let izzy have his little breakdown moment, it's justified. I just hope he realizes he couldn't save Slash this time. I fucking saved him. I'm the fucking hero for a change.

So I go back to my room, crawl in my bed next to my fake wife and pass out. It's about five when Doug comes to wake me up for sound check. Mandy busts me out some lines and hands me my Vodka. I head to soundcheck. I get plugged in and wait like everyone else. But two hours pass and Axl is a fucking no show. We blunder through with me and Izzy singing. We take a break and agree to give Axl another half hour. So I go do some lines in the head. I guess nobody realized I was gone because I hear Slash and Izzy come in. They're giggling. I can hear them kiss.

"Oh god I want you," I hear Izzy pant.

"I'm right here," Slash whispers.

Tears come to my eyes as I hear zippers unzip. I can hear one of them slam into the stall door I'm in. I should have said something. I should have got the fuck out of there. But I couldn't force myself to do anything but listen to Izzy fucking my baby boy. I bite my fist and squeeze my eyes shut trying my best not to sob out loud. The fucking door clatters with the same rhythm izzy is using to fuck my Curly Sue. And Slash moans just the same way he always had for me. But it ain't me that's making him and it's like a fucking stake to my heart.

I don't even know how long it takes them to finish but it seems like an endless eternity. My heart is pounding so hard my head hurts. They finally finish each other off with soft kisses and sweet blissful comments that make my stomach churn. They compose themselves and leave. I immediately drop to my knees in front of the toilet and waste about a fifth of good vodka by puking. My head was all fucked up. I thought maybe...maybe I had stuck my foot in some proverbial door between Slash and I. Who was i fucking fooling?

I just bail after that. I couldn't stand to look at them now. Axl wasn't going to fucking show up anyhow. And fuck him if he did. I don't know how I was going to do the show tonight. I couldn't stop hearing them in my head! I could fucking picture Slash all bent over for Izzy and I puke every fucking time I do. This isn't how things are supposed to be! He's supposed to be mine! It's supposed to be me!

I go back to our hotel on auto pilot. I get up to our floor and can see Nikki and Tommy arguing with Doc. I can imagine it's about this morning. I just walk right past them and ignore all their fucking remarks directed at me. The only fucking thing I can hear is Slash moaning Izzy's name and telling him how much he loves him. I then take note of Erin hiding around a corner listening.

"Duff...what did you do to them?" She whispers to me.

I unlock my door and motion with my head inviting her in. She quickly does so before anyone can see her. She looks at me with concern. It's most likely fake, but I can't bring myself to fucking care.

" don't understand...Nikki and Tommy will..." she instantly shuts up as I take a step toward her.

"Well, aren't you on their side?" I Huff and take another step closer to her. She takes a step back and is stopped by a wall in her way. "Maybe you can explain to me why it is a pretty sweet girl like you is stuck in the Eagles talons? Or maybe you can explain to me why Nikki does this sick shit to you? Why do you roll over for him every fucking time he asks you to fuck Axl or to fuck Izzy?" By now I'm towering over her and have her pinned on the wall. "Is the sex that good?"

"D...Duff, you're scaring me," she utters.

"Me?" I laugh. "Nikki makes people do sick shit to other people. He has them raped. He shoves his dick in their mouths and enjoys the degradation he inflicts...but I fucking scare you? I've never hurt people the way he has. What the fuck is so Scarry about me?" I can hear her breath hitch. I gently caress her cheek. "What would it take to make you turn on him? Do you think he gives a flying fuck how much he hurts you?"

"Duff... I think you've had a little too much to drink."

"Yes I have," I whisper as my eyes travel down to her perky tits. "I'm curious what you offer honey... Nikki...Axl...Izzy...fuck even Steven...what do you have down there that is so fucking good it can destroy everyone who touches it?" I run my hand between her thighs and can feel her heat. Her eyes close and she draws in a breath. I bend down and lightly brush my lips over her neck. "Show me what you got baby...give it to me like you give it to everybody else."

"Duff," she whispers my name.

And before I know it I'm fucking her doggie style on my bed. i don't know what the fuck I was trying to do except dull my sting of rejection. It could have been Erin, Mandy, or any random whore. It didn't fucking matter to me. Maybe I justified it by telling myself it was sticking it to Nikki. But deep down I know the sick fuck would probably gladly sit back with popcorn and charge admission to this shit. But I don't fucking care. I just don't fucking care anymore. What the fuck is there left to care about?
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